Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dawn's Eve

Dawn's Eve

For on the rise of day,
Came pictures swelling eyes,
Mine, yours, the proverbial ours..
Here were tears too,
For days of joy to follow.

A light breaking rules,
Knowing how to engage.
My little spirit flew so high,
Coming closer to you,
In mysterious silences.

The dawn brought here,
A courage without the fear.
Believing in strong hands,
A wild night to take away,
The desperate love betrayed.

Come again like Eve,
That rested all my hopes.
Telling of the way we go,
Falling ever into dreams,
You were my delight.

Brimming with the excitement,
Of what you knew could be.
Like I, singing softness,
Voices of the breeze,
Drawing my ears homeward now.

Cherish all we knew,
For I will not let go.
Damned the memory echoes,
The time away from you,
When I call out your name.

My Original Sin.