Saturday, September 29, 2012

Overflowing Cup

Overflowing Cup

One man walking,
So many people talking.
All that life can show,
Helping me a heart to grow.
But what I find here,
Becoming ever more than clear,
Is my tiny cup has overflowed.

The acts beheld,
Leaving me overwhelmed.
Are from all walks of life,
A simple man, a husband and wife.
The gifts they are sharing,
Proving that they love to be caring,
Even to a stranger in town.

And so I declare,
To continue walking everywhere.
Because of the kindness shown,
To talk and make it known.
And here you see it written,
What I've learned of Great Britain,
And these awesome people here.

Just a simple man,
Trying the very best he can.
To show the now, simple truth,
Is being revealed everyday as proof.
That our United Kingdom land,
Is filled with the very best of grand,
And caring loving folk.

So please see how,
This project is evolving now.
Across our beautiful and expansive place,
Where I wear a constant smile on face.
And your kindness increases the flow,
Of my appreciations that overflow,
Where I have loved you all......

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Masters Words.

My Masters Words.

Hey John,

I imagined your voice,

Echoing here, so very clear.

Strawberry fields forever sung,

An artists fingers scribbled on,

The heart inside of me.

A light to our world,

You came, you tried, you've died,

But you live ever on....

You have not gone,

Oh no, my friend, here you send,

Clear messages to be heard.

I shall herald you,

The friend I never knew,

Until our world, be as one....


Verily I Tell.

Verily I Tell.

When he hath said such,
Will I am who shakeths,
Pears and apples and,
Voteth words in hitherto laud.
Will he be a man revered,
Through time an space ?
Still we'd see his face,
As one who knew our hearts...

Cometh unto me, he says,
Thy wilt of days,
A heart displays,
When he had known,
To throw a crone,
An affable endearing light.
One that hateth none,
Lest he be left undone,
In folly of a cruel duel....

Thy Lord of wit and words,
Hath become unto us,
A Laird of some renown.
He gaveth joy, killed off a boy,
But showed a noble truth.
Love be thy friend,
When cared and pressed upon,
And fed with precious deeds,
Afore the dawn of hades come....

How very peculiar I feel,
Connected to him by steel.
From within a land unknown,
A distant sun risen from,
A place he never knew,
Where all his wisdom grew.
To show unto me thy truth,
And life sounded above the roof,
Where ever long, his song be sung,
To me and all who knew.

William Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare (26 April 1564 (baptised) – 23 April 1616) was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English history...



Here before me,
Naked to the light.
Is a truth I,
Cannot deny, no more,
Let alone try to fight.

I need love,
To fill my days.
For without it I,
Am surely lost to you,
And all your wondrous ways.

If I cry,
To show my intonation.
Would you give me,
The same said response,
And become my joyous revelation ?

Over the Boulby Head.

Over the Boulby Head.

Here before me stands a giant,
Behemoth of land in sky,
Facing here the sea,
As a warrior defending me.
But I must rise to challenge,
Before my day is through.
Haul my sack upon my back,
And fight till I turn blue.
At first his flanks are easy,
Then tiresome comes to call,
Better that I go around,
Than concede to him I'd fall.
Beast of overwhelming me,
I push on through the pain,
If I don't beat this hill,
I will never rise again.
Here arrives the summit now,
And god I'd love to scream.
That fearsome head of cold scarred rock,
Did not kill me, nor my dream.

House with a view.

House with a view.

Up on tree lined cliffs,
Where earth be scarred by time,
Is a house with a view,
Oh how precious, that she be mine.

Brushed by winds in winter,
In summer bathed in golden sun.
Days roll ever swiftly on,
But the view still feels like fun.

Ocean flat as millpond deep,
Before my eyes a pure delight.
And when the daylight runs away,
I'm settled completely under starry night.

Only one thing is vacant here,
I'd miss more than this view.
To keep this house as if in spring,
The view I have when holding you....



Greetings are a blessing,
A heart beat do they swell.
Giving me a blooming glow,
And a sense of peace as well.

Tranquil is the way of those,
Who share a pleasant word.
To build a happiness to share,
Leave sadness in the dark unheard.

Manners of a caring time,
When people knew your name.
And focused not on ignorance,
But on boosting all who came.

The best of friends united,
Are they that know a smile.
Breathe life into tired limbs,
And help you every mile.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Kept in the Dark

Kept in the Dark

Secrets do not tell tales,
when the blackness can cover all.
A fundamental error I know,
has been happily lost below.
Shade thy poor adherence to truth,
where others would see lies,
and spread rumour to shield,
the betrayals of all virtues.
Blackguards they spoil the wine,
vile with a taste of deceit.
They believe me a guilible fool,
don't they see in my eyes,
the clues of my ineptitudes.
Close me into a secret hole,
a mole without the sight,
no heart of how to fight.
Grow up and see the point,
no-one is beyond the grave,
it calls to you all your days.

A Stranger Came

A Stranger Came

From the south,
a lack of sunshine,
but a lot of brilliance,
strode along here smiling.

Old knees buckled,
beneath a weakened man,
I'm breathing to survive,
for looking into your eyes.

Did I intuit,
all your own desire ?
Pushing me onto the wire,
my senses set on fire.

And then surprise,
you kissed my lonely hand,
brought me to a wonderland,
the day a stranger came.