Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Castles Kings and Round Tables

Castles Kings and Round Tables

Guinevere, my Lancelot.
Arthur, My Liege.
When fighting seemed,
To hold a righteous test,
Many were slain for peace,
And many have risen again.

What have we lost,
To follow this staid ideal ?
Times are not so easy,
Where we had known this way.
Excaliber wouldst wield aloft,
All fable power of truth.

From the lady of the lake,
Came pronouncements of wisdom.
All round the table sat,
The wisest of the land.
A love of our law to defend,
With honour above all else.

Today we lose our way ahead,
I know not, the lack I see,
Has brought about peace at last,
When the greedy steal the show.
Be brave and fight as Arthur,
To rid us of these traitors.

Call your self an honest man,
What values have you shown.
Believing is not good enough,
We need to see the truth.
Actions are much louder than,
The empty words you choose.