Sunday, October 27, 2013

In Essence, I Am.

In Essence, I Am.

All that goes before me,
I have been of that, and more.
Nothing new has come upon,
No secrets revealed a higher score.

Void is filled with emptiness,
Just as time is with space.
Who would know, more abundance,
That could leave a lighter trace?

Both near and far are calling,
To show extremes of thought.
Love became the history sold,
And the greatest bounties bought.

Confidence to be this way,
Will make my walk of peace.
Bringing joy into my heart,
And wonders that do not cease.

Mountains climbed above the clouds,
Where air is thin yet pure.
Showed me my true nature more,
And hope left to endure.

Before the dawn my spirit,
Had known the trick of light.
Leaving me in love's paradise,
Where beauty could cleanse my sight.

Darkness was not my enemy,
For I welcome that as well.
Accepting both as part of love,
Where heaven could still be hell.

Colours of the rainbow skies,
Have come to fill my heart.
Spectacles of natures truest goal,
Is a beautiful way to start.

When the east wind blows again,
My dreams are brought to bear.
Shedding light on everyone here,
And love that's growing everywhere.

Feel the force of peacefulness,
In all I say and do.
Know the same is true of life,
In the actions that you do too.

All I am in essence,
Is a reflection of the 'one'.
The same in me, as in you,
And everything beneath the sun.