Sunday, January 25, 2015

Refuse them with non-compliance.

If they would bid you,
Please think carefully
But still utter your NO!
Time was once corrupted,
Where we should obey
The voices, a command to die.
Do not follow these liars,
Be of your own mind
And live as men who’re free.
Take no more your orders,
Go not to fight again,
For loss will carry ever on.

The essence of our freedom,
Shouldn’t come with a fight,
Sitting close beside us instead.
Do you obey alone,
The voices of mayhem uttered,
Those that fill an empty head.
Go lightly, never into war,
See how better we defend
The limits, boundaries, as before.
Curse not evil out ahead,
Be no-ones ‘lacky’
For you’ll only end up dead.
Camp besides the crystal streams,
And all joy this ultimately means.

Forget not hope for life,
As you’d interrogate truth,
Those words of feckless men.
Please my brothers, sisters too,
Dare to ask the question,
What does their fight mean to you?
Go no more blindly in belief,
To shoot and maim and kill
For spreading hateful grief.
No-one owns you friend,
You’re free to go,
Work only for that love defend.
Heap no comforts for this ill,
Boldness isn’t vindicated here,
When you follow orders to, KILL.!

How can power be wielded,
To gain what we
Cannot ever own my friends?
Better to be free of guilt,
And  leave the hatred
Behind us as we make amends.
Loss comes to us all it seems,
Where war and hate
Are the things of our dreams.
Life cannot be lived this way,
For death will find us all
And how will this be received?
Please my friends, use your defiance,
Say no to more wars,
Serve us all with, your non-compliance.

It is sweet and fitting to die for ones country.

Wilfred Owen.


Make it so !

              Make it so !

Do you not still see?
Love is in the heart of you,
And me and we and they.
All of us whom embrace
The day, the flow the love
And are prepared to let it go,
Can be the ones
That make it so.

Don’t hide your light.
Build a new portfolio of truth,
Give thanks to it whilst in youth.
We can move all obstacles
If we believe, share hope and love,
And care for it above all else,
Make not our goal
All about oneself.

Be the change, now.
Please don’t wait another day,
To fill this world to overflowing.
Each child is precious,
This heart you carry is made
Not to toil on hate and greed,
But to shine forth
Peace and love we need.

Bring out the sunshine.
Ours is the blessing to bestow,
Examples of how this could be known.
Love is a gift of abundance,
It doesn’t fail, it never leaves us,
And we’d do well to make it grow,
To fill our world,
And make it so..!

For Dean and Benjamin,
(My amazing brothers)

And in tribute to all the great songwriters.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Twin Turbines…

    Twin Turbines…

Parallel in rows,
Braided are the lines,
Something rushing,
Like windless air turbines.

Strapped down again,
Nothing risen from the plain,
Deftless the pressure,
In sordid pipes and veins.

Rocket on air,
Flying helplessly on the wind,
They hold me tightly,
But I shall not rescind.

Gale and Grace,
Billow softly on my face,
The heat of summer
Has filled up this space.

Bending low dividing,
The movement almost grinding,
Whir of pistons riding,
Exposing how we’re winding.

Passive or aggressive,
Feel how deep we move,
Thrust by invisible motion,
Forced into the duo groove.

Tides of love are rising, low…

Tides of love are rising, low…

Called by the breeze,
Ferocious breeze of winter,
The malevolent suppressor,
Spoiling for a skyward fight.
Alone not ever,
This dark wrench of might,
And on the morrow,
Behold the crimson tides,
Wrought for metal guns,
On squealing tracks
This monster evil rides.

To our ears the shrill
Fear that kills true hope,
Forced upon these innocents,
Maced and flailed
Cruelly humiliated for our peace,
One never coming,
The air still filled,
By all our choppers humming,
Raining down our bullets,
Bombs and vengeance
Nothing of our love becoming.

The east we bow,
Though unsaid our allegiance,
A devils pact,
We live in ways we act.
Owned by money,
Our actions prove the fact,
We cannot save ourselves,
For we are failing love,
When all is hate,
We are failing love,
We are still failing love.

Of the beautiful way,
Sold on comforts only,
Few shall own,
We lie to ourselves more,
And die inside
As we fail to shine
The light our hearts do own.
See how tides are rising,
But not of love,
But not for peace,
The tides of love are rising low……

If we want PEACE,
then we must be people who act peacefully.
Violence be-gets violence.
Those that victimise and harm children
do not deserve their freedom from recompense either.

Only when we learn to LOVE will there be justice for all.

Screw fitting.

           Screw fitting.

Copper or brassy
Pert, petite, lovely and sassy.
A socket need filling,
Who will be drillin’,
Or cat that I’m killing.
Slide into the fitting,
Stroke deep to the bottom,
Screwing or viewing,
Gripping, ripping and drippin’.
Building the movement,
All under pressure we see,
To hold the frenzy,
Make love for a fortnight,
Till everything feels right.

Called into light.

    Called into light.

Breath-taking is the fire
In her eyes,
As she wants me more
Than any other.
Corrupted by love unbridled
On spread divan,
Holds me close on breast
Exhausted this man.

Glowing in the silence
Of rapid breath,
As if my end arrived
At this last death.
Brought to be much bolder
Under love’s face,
She held my determination
Somehow this space.

Happenstance her eyes will
Dance on me,
Where lover’s rivers flow
Into the sea.
Filled of plump desired fruit
And carnal craving,
See the light of passion
Begin it’s misbehaving.

Somewhere her glowing smile
Was in bloom,
As all my wanton energy
Excited the room.
Begotten as one who’d dared
To bow to life,
She enchanted the darkness
As any wife.

Brilliance rained down upon
My beating heart,
Uncontrolled the special attentions
She would start.
Radiant beneath all clouds
This angel here,
Calmness ringing so awfully bright
I’m losing fear.

Changed and ethereal in essence
Feeding my desire,
Beloved by a greater meaning
Taking me higher.
Held to the power of
The rising tides,
She brings in the light and
Much more besides..!

Miranda x

As the winter draws near.

As the winter draws near.

Tombs of stone blow in icy chill,
Wonder of the time my earth stood still.
Caught from founding of ‘neath the stars,
A memory of this love be always ours.
Clouding with a milk white desperation,
I’m left bereft in a sea of pure damnation.
Bloodied, stark against the driven snow,
A way was closed, why do I go?

Shielding from the storms of procrastination,
Just where my grief won’t find cessation.
Lost for reasons known not to wisdom,
Has been the revenge so cold this kingdom.
Trodden ‘neath the pale path of motion,
Sucked in and drowned beneath the ocean.
S.O.S. would leave me wanting silence,
With doubts of love my endless violence.

Bleak this house with candles burning,
A moment left unsaid because of my yearning.
She could see my eyes were bleeding,
Once a god, left wanting and needing.
Fools would leave the cup of notion,
Beat drums of pain vexed by emotion.
Not for sanity I’d leave my place,
Wander the wilderness to heal smiling face.

Ignorance can be no defence of leaving,
As in my soul pure love is breathing.
Darkness hurries before awakened sight,
Tests the metal of my reasons to fight.
Seasons flooding a star of David come,
As if by prophecy or love’s redemption won.
I’m bound by fate to suffer this fear,
Overwhelmed as the winter, draws yet near.