Monday, January 30, 2012

The Emperor

The Emperor

I purvey all of my domain,
And see the wonders therein.
So many glorious adventures had,
And friends who bring me joy.
Days of unending laughter,
And memories of times gone by.
That keep me sure of my belief,
I've been blessed beyond my dreams.

Now, all I need to know,
Is the girl who'll share with me.
Be the Empress of my kingdom,
The one who knows to challenge me.
Add colour to the dreams I see,
Find comfort in my need to care.
Be a rock upon which to lean,
Whilst more glorious adventures we share.

And I can be her Emperor,
Believing in the love she shows.
The skies will not be our limits,
But maybe the heavens, who knows?
For this is more than a reason,
To be with, someone you love.
A person who responds, like for like,
With peace and harmony of endless love.

For I'd love to build this kingdom,
Where light penetrates to every town.
And with my loyal Empress's help,
We'd clothe the poor in velvet gown.
It would be my legacy left behind,
For earth to share in my dream.
And recognise and build this palace,
Where peace and love will reign supreme...



All done now, the show,
It comes a joy, the afterglow.

All preparations were rewarded,
Because of the acting afforded.

I have had so much fun,
Being one of the cast to run.

They made me more than welcome,
And helped my character, that I've become.

Surely I can feel the light,
That came from performing on the night.

When we all made our audience laugh,
With the jokes and humour, towards that path.

I won't forget this so easily,
The chance to let, my wild side free.

Where I could act in life, the show,
And bask once more, in the afterglow...

Dedicated to all the people associated with Stageworks Performance
And Aladdin 28/1/2012 @ George Ward Centre,Barwell.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Which, Witch...

Which, Witch...

Something most odd,
Ethereally strange has come.
Upon the heart of a weary,
Expectant mortal man.

As immortal as time,
The decision he faces now.
Two spirits, bright with light,
Angels from the dark.

Called forth in faith,
To minister to his lonely soul,
The mission of a loyal one,
Witches brew desire.

The purging fire,
As devouring as a hungry lion,
These pretty aliens come sweetly,
To carry him home.

Cauldrons brewing love,
To send out as a flighted dove,
And catch his spirit soaring,
Above this heaven.

Choice, but which
Witch is for only he to see ?
How could it be this way,
A doleful tune.

In golden sparkles,
A hue of all that he desired.
Taking counsull, Ivan the brave,
Has won him over.

Jewels were lost,
When mighty warriors had fought.
To win the hearts of women,
Alive with spirit....

Yet here and now,
His resolve has been appointed.
The life he was born to live,
A destiny made....

It's all go !!

It's all go !!

Busy, Busy, Busy !

Sometimes there needs to be,
More hours to get things done.
The hours are approaching,
Three more risings of the sun.

With tasks to complete,
A buzz of excitement in the air.
We close in on the day,
Setting scenes, costumes, make-up, hair.

Then before we all know it,
The day has finally arrived.
Whatever state of our nerves,
A spectacular show we will provide.

To be or not to be,
That is the question we ask.
To make an audience laugh,
Is our most urgent real task.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Romantic Elixir

Romantic Elixir

Like riding a mystery train,
Rolling down the tracks, to where?
A heart opened to all
The furtiveness of a new love.
Came the day, a day of light,
When nothing hidden, even dark night.

Displaying the character here,
Of a power to move me,
To move mountains
In its path of discovery.

The wine, your eyes, your smile,
Combined to create magic,
Pure magic of ancient ways,
When Sorcerers knew all.
Secrets kept only to be,
The elixir of life I see.

Bold as Brass

Maybe if I,
Would have been bolder.
You would have known,
And not left in ignorance.
Heinsight is a lousy friend,
I remonstrate again.

Doubts, fear, pain of losing,
All helped to immobilize me.
But what would you say,
If I could have told ?
I shall regret not asking,
Not having courage enough.

Why could I not be,
As bold as brass like you ?
The opportunity came and went,
And went, and went my heart.
Oh pain, oh regret, oh god why ?


Monday, January 23, 2012

To Kizzz You

To Kizzz You

Paradise would
Yet be,
Found upon this desolate land,
Were our lips to meet.

Palpitations come
I see,
A welcoming invitation now,
Sparkles in your eyes.

Perhaps together
We'd be,
Saved upon this desolate land,
When our lips would meet.

Pressure building
I feel,
The urge to taste your kiss,
Where heaven meets hell.

Possibilities become
For us,
To recover the ground lost,
Waiting for this one moment.

Privately, passion
Is here,
Forging a new belief in me,
And a spirit to go beyond.

Parted seductively
I see,
Your glorious lips are waiting,
Wanting this closing union.

Please don't
Ever stop,
Smiling the way that you are,
Here where I long, to kizzz you.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

A mighty warrior,
Six feet and ten.
Could be calmer than I,
Meditating like zen.

Wielding only might,
Of the words of men.
He has smiled so boldly,
Awakening me again.

Even if unsaid,
I felt the peace,
Such a mighty warrior,
Could yet release.

Setting fire to,
The lies of time.
Where the skillful Samurai,
Helped poetic rhyme.

Opening my eyes,
To things yet revealed.
And still to be seen,
Love being healed.

Many warriors fell,
To bring these truths here,
Where we can have hope,
And peace freer.

Especially the young,
With a courage to be,
Making the effort to,
Set mankind free.

A young warrior.

Obligated to be.

Obligated to be.

In mind if not in body,
Souls touching,
Kissing in passing,
Farewells held back to,

Develope for the way ahead,
Rough strategies,
Leaving the clue,
Of what I'm supposed to,

Tremendous hope risen in heart,
Seeing you,
Souls kissing now,
Along the path of time,

Feeling the potential thrust here,
Pure velvet,
Clothing my pulse,
In the heat from which I,

Talking to tell a noble truth,
Loving you,
Passionately with fire,
More ardently than all of my,

Keeping the obligations to be,
Yours only,
Dusk 'til dawn,
Despite an ever growing, green

Dawn of Time

Dawn of Time


A notion stirred.
A sound began to be heard.
Boiling hot lava,
Burning a path, going on farther.
Cries of pain,
Creation happening, evolving the same.
Deep in motions,
Darkness from below the oceans.
Early the dawn,
Everything being called forth, being born.
Filling heavens above,
Flickering light, the image of love.
Golden sun shining,
Giving energy to hope combining.
How man arrived,
Has gone unknown, yet survived.
Industrious atoms elope,
Instigating changes where amoeba grope.
Jostling in frenzy,
Joy at life, the frozen-sea.
Kind or cruel,
Knitting, the elements that rule.
Lost on blindness,
Liquid, forms the only kindness.
Meeting without time,
Moving in space, the silence, sublime.
Now is all,
Nothing more, yet answers the call.
Over a rainbow,
Or under the icy breeze, flow.
Proving life breathes,
Passing into abundant forests of trees.
Quantum physics working,
Quaint connections in dark, stalking.
Roaming over land,
Reacting to thermal heat of sand.
Scolding the days,
Sub-zero winds bring night time blaze.
Teeming now alive,
The sea of soup, shall it, survive ?
Up or down,
Under something else, a relative gown.
Viscous liquids move,
Verifying a plan coming, to prove.
Where desire beholds,
What evolution creates, all that unfolds.
Xeon gases mould,
Xciting every atom, growing bold.
Yellow creatures crawl,
Yearning for a responsive call.
Zest to rise,
Zillions nod, with sparkling eyes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stage nerves

Stage nerves

It's almost time,
Curtain call, the show begins.
Reading frantically again,
Have I got it ?
Too many lines,
Not enough sleep,
Can I act ?
Will you weep ?

The heat is rising,
My pulse overloads my head.
Audience patiently calm,
Expectant of a laugh.
So many nerves,
So few thoughts,
But I'll survive,
Just how I ought.

The opening line,
There's no turning back now.
Concentrate on breathing,
The words will flow.
A friendly face,
Someone I know,
Helps me forget,
No panic's grow.

The script is full,
But my memory is strained.
I feel better now,
As the audience laugh.
And they observe,
I don't freeze,
Despite the noise,
Of knocking knees....!!

Panto 'Aladdin' by the 'Stageworks productions'.
Barwell 28/1/2012, George Ward Centre.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Soul Mates

Soul Mates

Glowing light, saved a knight.
Maiden fair, flame red hair.
Was it over, before it began ?
I had known, my spirit sang.
Meeting you here, somewhat queer,
Falling in love, settling peace a dove.

Over eons of time, meeting the divine,
Saved memories grand, of holding your hand.
Knowing your power, almost every hour,
Kindred spirit restored, here being adored.
As if we had eloped, the vision I hoped,
To remain in our way, every day.

So waste'th not time, you are eternally mine,
Come find delight, sharing passionate night.
Be open love, fill your heart with my love,
Take everything here, hold it so dear.
For we are as one, beneath golden sun,
Now soul mates reunited, again and united.

Spell Bound

Spell Bound

Dumb struck again,
But fear not my response,
'Twas you, 'twas you !

Nature has a law,
But we cannot understand,
It's lure, it's tease.

Cruel to be kind,
Has me laughing now,
Lotus blossom, lotus blossom.

Under strange music,
Incantations pierced heart,
Full of love, full of love.

I am at peace,
Knowing that you know,
'Twas you, 'twas you !


Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ever Present

Ever Present

In the calm of my nerves,
The sound of who became.
A spirit beloved,
From days of old,
When all was gold,
And, my love bold.

Colours as if you were still,
Making love to me.
An angel of passion,
Bringing me the light,
I, shall need to fight,
For all that be right.

For the love of a maiden fair,
My eyes carry a hope.
The one whom I've known,
Before our time began,
Long before I, the man,
Was, your loyal fan.

A ray of golden sunshine,
Throws no shadows here now.
The time of romance,
Coming upon us now,
Telling joy of how,
We settle for a vow.

Complete the energy of angels,
Sown upon a loving pair.
The mighty yet behold,
How love has told,
What must be sold,
For our undying gold.

And you and I live on,
As if the universe had stopped.
Collided once in knowing,
Harmony of the day,
We thought to stay,
This ever present way.

What's in a name ?

What's in a name ?

Are we talking product here ?
Or rather the branding.
The unseen, yet felt power,
Of delivering on promises.

Telling a whole story,
Of dependency, of trust.
Things that go beyond,
Dreams that could rust.

Deep in its impact,
Yet subtle in its truth.
The name conjures trust,
As if you'd need proof.

The mighty have spoken,
When they called my name.
Do I serve its reasons,
Bearing the essence of acting the same ?

My Favourite Spot

My Favourite Spot

When the angels come,
I shall expire at last.
But upon my last breath
I shall declare.

In all the places,
That I'd ever been,
The most magnificent views,
Were nothing, compared to you.

The most wonderful sound,
Was that of your voice,
A scent of pure perfection,
Was that of your skin.

And my favourite spot,
Was right by your side,
My lover, my friend,
You were the light of my life.