Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something Stirs Below.

Something Stirs Below.

That mouth of yours,
Used for so much conversation,
Holds a sweet desire for me,
It sends shivers down my spine.

I'm intoxicated by your smile,
But more, the subtle gyrations,
Lips moving on a rhythmical beat,
Leave me gazing in pure awe.

More that a fascination of love,
I'm driven crazy by the touch,
Some parting of the sacred lips,
Breathes fire into my soul.

Wholesome and demure it's true,
But underlying there's so much more.
Dancing for my responsive eye,
I'm seeing lust provoking thoughts.

Oblivious you may well be,
What these tender soft lips do,
But I am finding it hard to breathe,
As my eyes covet these two.

Pretty is the innocent way,
You hold a perfect smile.
But down below my hard fa├žade,
I'm melted by what you do.

Nothing sweeter could there be,
On earth or deep outer space.
Nor more wondrous than beauty,
That spread openly on your face.

As god be my witness here,
I want and need to touch,
The lips desired by half the men,
Of this genteel and noble land.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Run Wild, Run Free.

    Run Wild, Run Free.

There is an echo,
Love in all I see.
One day, one night,
There is mystery to me.
Never fully knowing,
What the light reveals,
Only sure of one thing,
The unknown it conceals.

So is it surprise,
That your energy be fooled?
Wanting is the devil,
Often by this truth be ruled.
Don't panic to deny,
That true love be hard to find.
One day seeing magic,
Is enough to send you blind.

Many things are beautiful,
You have right to see them all.
Not only one is precious,
Nor for only one you'll fall.
Accept this vital truth,
Be free to love so many more,
Undeniably you'll wonder still,
As love knocks you to the floor.

Listen to the echo,
Sing joyfully that you can hear.
Fill your nights with passion,
What you want is drawing near.
Glory comes in wonderment,
Revelation may spoil all your fun,
Keep moving eyes wide open,
She who runs free will be 'the one'.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Crazy Little Thing.

Crazy Little Thing.

This thing, called love,
I just, can't handle it.
It fills, it pulls,
Turns me over like a somersault...
I still like it....
This crazy little thing called love.

In walks my baby,
Smooth, likes to rock and roll.
She drives me crazy,
As I'm watching her moving..
She leaves me in a sticky sweat...
Oh yeah yeah...
Oh yeah yeah....

I've gotta be true,
To her, she smiles forever wild.
She gives, she makes,
Blows my mind I'm a man on fire...
I'll always want her,
This crazy little girl I love....

She shows me heaven,
Turns my world upside down.
She is so amazing,
My heart runs into her arms,
Whilst she shows me how I'll not forget.
Oh yeah yeah...
Oh yeah yeah....

Today, she feels, my love,
It's glowing real.
It builds, it shows,
Let her sense just what I gotta do,
She's gonna like it....
The crazy way I'll prove my love....


Farm Cottage.

          Farm Cottage.

Over the hills and far away,
Once I passed the place to be.
Walking for a distant shore,
I stopped to sleep for eternity.
Had I known how very close,
You had waited alone so free,
Would I have rested for a while,
Letting you take care of me?

Life never gives all the clues,
That would lead to perfect end.
For in the mysterious workings,
A way our hopes and dreams to mend.
Figuring out a tiny revelation,
Would be to see the eternal plan,
And why I passed beneath your eye,
In the time and place I was a man.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eleven O'clock Sun.

    Eleven O'clock Sun.

Echoes of the flower
Blooming before my heart.
It's a kind of magic,
Rejuvenation that you start.

Bright enough to blind,
Careful am I to see,
Looking at such beauty,
Gliding in front of me.

Wonderful light you bring,
Evoking a state of love.
Warmth upon my soul,
Grace from up above.

Teasing me to grow,
Rise to my full height,
Beloved dearly by her face,
Inspired I, within her sight.

Thursday, May 23, 2013



Warm ocean we bathe,
Some older time crave,
A desolate expanse we save,
Once living in that cave.

Rolling over deep expanse,
Watch my foaming waves dance,
Holding you in a trance,
Counting hope, your last chance.

Moving boulders currents shift,
Lifting sand and debris sift,
Thrashing out a powerful rift,
Upon my back sailors drift.

Under skies as old as I,
Time moves all, revealing why,
Days creation all night high,
Do I live or do you die?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Rhymes.

Random Rhymes.

Fashioned by a wiser hand,
Clothed in silk you understand.
Ripe and full to raise a smile,
Upon his lips her eyes beguile.

Ripple of the fleshy globes,
Eyes glaze over, heavens strobes.
Two full hands of supple curve,
More desire than he'd deserve.

Come to sing of glory free,
How her hips shall shake for he.
Under loved the roughest way,
Begging for his hands to stay.

Lost in romance all so good,
Is where her princess dreams are understood.
Fighting for a breath of air,
Damp and strewn, her underwear.

Glowing like a dying sun,
She calls him down, buttons undone.
Feels the vice of heat take over,
Needs a passion to betroth her.

Climbing onto the pole of pleasure,
Is where she fits her lusty measure.
Bold as brass she pushes down,
Tears a slit and throws her gown.


Frenzy calls her to full reward,
She loves the way she'll be adored.
And rises up to take her peak,
Hot slick skin and nipple tweak.

Hell can't hold her so heaven comes,
Shaking body her heartbeat drums.
Racing over, the final crossing gate,
She bucks so wildly and cannot wait.

Letting go she arrives at her Nirvana,
Two bodies burn in bedroom sauna.
A sexy way she'll end her day,
Puts down the book, some shades of grey....

'A' very sexy lady.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Different Pages.

    Different Pages.

At a glance,
I saw your lips moving,
Was almost sure I heard a voice.
Some great and wonderful light shone,
Out into the world towards my heart,
That only I could see.

It felt good, I can tell you friend,
As though I had met a kin,
One whom shared the love for life.
Those sounds I heard were joyous,
To a man who's searched the world,
Resonated in this tiny darkened room.

But then the music moved on,
I was silent and you still sang,
As if the tune for you were different.
Had I missed the beat, the rhythm?
Was this not our song my friend,
Were we singing from different pages?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A friend not so near.

     A friend not so near.

  I walked passed that coffee shop,
You know the one on Stamford street,
The one we used to go to,
When we were growing up.
  I saw an adorable couple there,
Laughing, holding hands, do you remember,
When we spent that entire day,
Just watching the world go by?

  I smiled to myself all afternoon,
Glad of a little chance to wallow,
In memories of ways things used to be,
And then I hurried home to you.
  I found it strangely reflective,
To be going to a time where love,
Was always first thought of our day,
Long before, you know, what can I say?
   I rushed home, suddenly alive again,
So many things I have wanted to,
Share, and to discuss with you darling,
So many ways I wanted to be near.
  I saw the streets litter strewn,
A gate needing some long ago repair,
Window broken, like my tiny heart,
And the message on the worktop.

  I filled up with salty tears,
As I reflected once more, admired
The thoughtfulness you had shown,
All throughout our lives together.
  I had wanted for nothing at all,
My life was a testament to joy,
You filled my every waking hour,
And those night time ones as well.

  I cried for all my memories,
Of how gorgeous I felt in your arms,
The way my eyes could glow so bright,
As you caressed me throughout the night.
  I remembered I've been here before,
On the floor beside your note,
A bitter pill to cause me awkward pain,
Because of the beautiful things you wrote.
  I know that we will meet again,
On a golden paradise beach in sun,
One day when I come home to you,
In heaven where we'll be as one.

Written for a friend.
Michelle Bates of Rotherham



In a matter of days,
You've gone swiftly from
Brenda with a smile,
To 'B' whom I hold,
A girl made of gold,
Accepting love I've sold...

Melted down to a 'B',
Some type of love imagery,
Shortened but not in grace,
A reason for my smiling face,
And one I crave to taste,
Before love go to waste...

Bringing it back down,
Describes my internal mood,
To have a fondness to extrude,
Something chaste but nothing rude,
That I have to eat like food,
My awesome 'B' who comes from......



Gentle, rhythmical,
Ethereal and syncopated.
Beats of an organ
Describe my joy.
Filaments bounce,
Tremors of light energy
Flow all around,
Always an echo,
Of your beautiful sound.

Awe inspiring peace,
Serene beneath a dream.
Glittering from within desire,
Flash fire, higher
Higher still higher,
Resonance too bold
Yet I, old, so cold,
Feel such divine light,
Must be mine to hold...

Light Weaver.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Sometimes Coward.

      A Sometimes Coward.

Known for courage under fire,
He fails now to understand,
Why he lost the power to speak,
When before him love did stand.

Walked away on pilgrim roads,
Miles of dangers were his choice,
But before a presence of glory,
See him, how he lost his voice.

Scolded by the desert on fire,
Bolder than a ferocious storm,
Buckling under a single chance,
His face ashen, he's still left forlorn.

Dared to roam in infested swamps,
The warrior of peace soldiered on,
But in the face of beautiful,
His mouth went dry, his tongue gone.

Master of his own destiny,
Creator of mastering the lofty sword,
Reduced to a quivering jelly,
Without resistance to her, becoming floored.

Once mighty to challenge life,
The man of will had conquered fate,
Just look how his armour melts away,
The power of her smile, far too great.

Never had he lost his nerve,
For adventure was his loyal friend,
Yet under the spell of angel eyes,
Lost his heart, powerless to defend.

Given that he accepted defeat,
He blessed the day she overcame,
For in her love his soul was saved,
Knelt to honour her precious name.


The Fires Of Shambhala.

  The Fires Of Shambhala.

My heart has felt,
What my ears failed to hear.
Eyes once blinded by fear,
Now open to see power,
Of the prayer fields glowing clear.
Light emitting torches of wisdom,
Fill the sound of reason,
And I can once again believe,
A hope called Shambhala.

Robed monks in prayer,
Breathe the light of life,
Out into the world of mankind.
High on the clouded skyline,
How their patient eyes shine,
Showing the dream that's mine.
Peace on earth becoming real,
Love and light eternal bright,
A world where no-one has to fight....

Friday, May 17, 2013

Love in a moment.

          Love in a moment.

Knowing the unknown,
Is decidedly tricky,
For it leaves no room,
In the house of mystery.
Sharing love with the 'one',
Also is a challenge,
Of will, of resolve and of,
Should we say faith ?
Love is not revealed,
Like lines in a book,
Even with a lover,
Elements of your intentions,
Can be mistook.
But when,
When I recognise light,
A light of a certain colour,
A certain density,
I saw my destiny arrive....

Arms folded but open,
Eyes veiled but bright,
She came in a moment,
To know also my desire.
How could it be hidden,
From one who,
Knows everything of love ?
Siren rising from the sea,
To tempt to tease,
To bring rescue from,
The aloneness I have felt,
And the lessons I have learned.
And in that darkness,
She, boldly with shining heart,
And a tenderly kind soul,
Grabbed me from,
The jaws of death.
Shall I tell her,
Shall she know my heart ?
Love in a moment was her name....

Innocent Trick.

                 Innocent Trick.

I didn't mean to harm you,
When I used this simple ploy.
I only wanted to hold you,
And to share with you my joy.
I wanted to know the essence,
That coats your gentle skin.
I also hoped to feel loved,
See if your real beauty lay within.
I acknowledge it might be cheating,
But I had to feel your heat.
I saw immediately a kindred spirit,
Felt the serendipity pulse it's beat.
I fell into a state of grace,
Beside your light and tenderness.
I hope this will not be the last,
We would share this warmth address.
I see the look behind your eyes,
'Tis the same as I have shown.
I pray forgiveness for my trick,
But I sensed that I was known...!


Say Ruh...!

                 Say Ruh...!

There was noise, oh yeah...
Sonic boom drove into flesh,
Deep tore the recoil within,
And thinking so very naughtily,
Have I yet commit a sin ?

Hold me for a moment,
Take me for a month or two,
Live with me another lifetime,
Hear the love I'm pushing through.

As thunder reaches,
Across the skyline,
Peals of my heartbeat,
Wish that you'd be mine.

Torrid hope of days together,
Fill my head with passion new,
Dreams are meant to sell Nirvana,
Where I spend my life with you.

Good news for a change,
To bring my heart to ponder,
Of living life in a way,
That makes my joy much fonder.

I vote with my feet,
For less would not seem prudent,
To share love and peace with her,
For I shall be life's student.

Red the liquid fills my heart,
Her colour shades my every move,
In friendship I begin my conquest,
Where true love, I hope to prove.

Life the journey keeps unfolding,
Bringing much I have still to do,
Say ruh to help the spirits power,
And let me give my love to you...!