Sunday, July 30, 2017

Slip thy tongue.

     Slip thy tongue.

Slip of the tongue,
Slip off this tongue,
Slip onto thy tongue
For yet the night is young.
Somewhere in the stream,
Someone made me scream,
Somehow living the dream,
For yet this night so young.

Rumbled by a look,
Rumbled by a tiny look,
Rumbled by the time it took,
For yet it slips the tongue.
Ride into the sunset,
Rode alone before we met,
Ridden wild I’ll ne’r forget,
So young slippeth thy tongue.

Trying to be innocent,
Trying to know what it meant,
Tried by jury whom lament,
So young to slip this tongue.
Taut and slender images,
Taut the fear that pillages,
Taught to clear the villages,
So young to hold my tongue.

Vain to be so obvious,
Vanity is so oblivious,
Vain I’m lost and such a mess,
For yet the night is young.
Vixen tempts my resolve,
Vixen helps my world revolve,
Vixen with not love to solve,
For yet this night so young.

Wanting brought a tiny whump,
Wanting brought a throat to lump,
Wanting caused a showing bump,
For yet I slip the tongue.
Wild the random timing,
Wilder became the words a rhyming,
Wild I watch the hips a grindin’,
So young slippeth thy tongue.

Pretty looks, nothing surviving,
Pretty hands I hold are driving,
Prettiness is wild and writhing,
So young to slip this tongue.
Pleasure came into desire,
Pleasure won the game I admire,
Pleased the night would end on fire,
So young had owned my tongue.

Beauty ‘v’ Brains.

        Beauty ‘v’ Brains.

It is not easy you know,
To find the understanding clear,
Of what is true to me,
Or which choice we’ve lost,
Letting thought or reason interfere.

Who would have believed,
Decisions of love be so very hard,
Coming to only one conclusion,
Which value is the best,
And which other we will discard.

Infinite the possible conclusions,
Bringing me to the point of doubting,
I have seen the sparkle,
And seen your blue eyes shine,
Fell in love, with your lips pouting.

Still, not nearly they alone,
Can bring me to make a choice,
Despite sensing the perfection,
That holds me ever rapt,
And captivating decadence in your voice.

Happy have I known today,
In hearing how you hold conversation,
Positive, resolute, determined, cool
Driving my heart wild and restless,
Can also be a real temptation.

You are wondrous fit to burst,
I simply want to feel reason,
Who and what and why,
And how I’ll ever miss you
Tender like the changing season.

Often I’m unsure to say,
“hold me, touch me, kiss me baby,”
Or find only sensible reasons,
To be close beside you,
Holding hands so definitely maybe.

Under the guise of doubt,
I’m seeing intelligence more worthy,
Relegating prettiness to second place,
In the hope that this will,

Help you to come adore me….

Just like magic.

     Just like magic.

And then,
Just like magic
You were there, smiling
Full of a light,
The power of the spirit,
Abundant in every aspect of
Your being, of this blissfulness
Of a cloak invisible billowing,
That can hide nothing of,
This awesomeness I can see.
Precious desire creating fire,
Oh my word I may yet expire.
And in that moment
Who’d have believed
How imagination would reveal,
The brightest hope of glory to be,
When you had graced a smile
All over me, intense and holding,

Just like magic!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

It rests in the stars.

It rests in the stars.

The morning, pure, delicate
And so full of eastern promise,
Power to bring the stars to align,
The day on which, you became mine.

A past, so empty, echoing,
The loss of hope became complete,
When all I knew failed to be,
More than heaven I could see.

Yes I said, release, bring glory,
Find me where an angel sleeps,
Bonded with the light of the moon,
Teased by cupid singing love’s tune.

Gifts arrive, sweet, sensational,
And so clear for the taking,
No I sense, it’s not love faking,
It’s beauty meant for the making.

Once in every lifetime comes,
Destiny, fate, serendipities purpose,
But I believe it tests alone,
All knowledge failing if left unknown.

Right crosses, wrong no advantage,
As cool the winds become changing,
Reverence to be bold of courage,
Sacred love that ends in marriage.

Reaps the harvest, sow seeds of joy,
Always live that truth you’ll know,
Wet the heads of babes a yellin’,
Where love is all desires tellin’.

Grand the sky, darkest of the dawn,
Feel your spirit to be reborn,
Don’t regret living, no mere pawn,
Take your chances, before they’re gawn….

Father time has waited, blessing,
None of this is lost on us,
Where the bounty fills our hunger,
As we knew, so much younger.

Starlight shone, heavens gave hope,
Always the reason we’d have to cope,
Instant life the thread of wonder,
Nothing to tear our love asunder.

Ancient fables, inspiring, creating change,
A powerful magic we now become,
You and I we knew of faith,
The world resounded, so full of grace.

A true beauty.

            A true beauty.

Holding you, oh no,
That could never be just enough,
I tremble at the sound of your voice,
It’s not my fault, nor my choice,
I assume the position,
Of a quivering wreck, oh sweet,
Sweet Jesus, I’m out of check.
Before you came around that corner,
I had seen that pavement light up,
A presence of light and love,
Something fierce and overwhelming,
Oh someone save me,
Please hide me from such beauty,
Or I shall expire in drama,
I can only believe she,
Yes she would be my futurama!

Happen that I’d crave much less,
But a liar that’d make me,
If I should not surrender,
To this woman, my darling one,
Or to being consumed I must confess!
Divine be what is true,
Not an over statement to please,
But a veritable testament of truth,
Which reduces me to jelly,
Wobbling, shaking me to my knees.
Frilly, not so much of that,
Nor silk and crimson of her hat,
But sheer desire to be adored,
Has kept me rigid, motionless,
Somewhat in a dreamscape reality,
And always under, being floored!

Capricious eyes like desert heat,
Her smile has raised me aloft,
Levitated high and off my feet,
Rolling in a sea of magic,
To not open my eyes once more,
Would be a death so tragic!
She is how a lover should,
Be the breath within my very blood,
Crisp and toxic, holding purpose,
I’m kept alive, to ride her circus.
On the land and in her sea,
I’ve ran or swam for life to be,
Crazed as madness, but only funny,
Spending time and all of my money.
Rich is this that fills my heart,
And all I’d become to count,
From that single moment of,
Of understanding, that with her
There is no end

And no real start!

True beauty.

        True beauty.

The thrill of a sensation,
Expectation lifting until weeping,
A movement of your surrender,
Creases of the smile that doth beguile,
Whence came your arrival here,
Somehow I sensed of you,
Oh so dear, so very pretty dear.
Clothed not in cotton but in light,
A fulfilment of joy most every night,
Being at peace has felt so right,
Other than falling I’d not to fight.
Calm and tender a wisp of breath,
Found me transfixed, scared half to death,
Wonders never cease inside this place,
When awesomeness cavorted on your face.
Who can see this, only me?
A flood of wonderment, a reverie,
Common places filled with booty,
Something captures out eternal beauty.
Wound between and in betwixt,
A love for passion being mixed,
Proud as only the bravest souls,
Found on hope, each one decides,
Just what is choice and what
More perfect presence yet provides.
Caught on ether ever longing,
A sense of earnest in our belonging,
Would that we become reborn,
Transfixed at gazing at the break of dawn,
Washed in gossamer pure and spun,
The light of love will have us won.
I know this true because of how,
The spectacle shines across my brow,
Hold this vision, becoming alive,
A world less clear could not survive,
When all true beauty catches me,
I’ll know that love has set me free!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Spirit of the festival.

     Spirit of the festival.

The gentle hum of feet,
Draws me to the dance floor,
People calling for a release,
Crushed by life but seeking more.
Freed from the captive chains,
They soon begin to believe,
The force of the music can,
Inspire some small sense of reprieve.

In the heat of wet bodies,
Comes the power that unites,
Swaying in time to a movement,
The spirit of the festival invites.
Watch how the vital hubbub,
Takes each person on a journey,
Discovering the message of Shanti,
For here together we’re learning.