Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The greatest adventure!

          The greatest adventure!

Life has thrown me a challenge,
A way to feel alive, complete.
It sent me to hold your hand,
And massage my tired feet.
On the wave of happiness,
My heart has called you in,
To be adored and satisfied,
And let true love begin.
What has come before us,
Is adventure of pure delight,
My angel of the southern parts,
Can set my eyes so bright.
On the day that we began,
I’ve held the hope of giving,
To find reward beyond the stars,
And know the truth we’re living.

Fearlessly we take the choice,
To build a way to love again,
And leave behind the follies of,
Our burdens that still remain.
On your word I testify,
To be the man you’ll adore,
Be around through thick and thin,
And show you how to enjoy more.
I have felt a strong connection,
That I’ll carry for all time,
Adventuring on both land and sea,
Until victory has become mine.
You have smiled and taken me,
To the edge of space and time,
The adventure is never over,
Until you taste these lips of mine…!

I surrender to the rhythm of love.

    I surrender to the rhythm of love.

I have fever.
The sound of your voice,
A melody I shall enjoy,
The passion building inside,
Calling me in from the cold,
A tingle up along my spine,
Has your name all over it.
The power of suggestion,
Something you understand so well,
Has caused a locomotion here,
Setting the fires of hell.
Burning, intoxicated, adored,
I have succumbed to my fate,
The desire for one another
Has, bulldozed down the gate.

All the niceties we crave,
A feeling of permission arrives,
To let us laugh and misbehave,
For the joy our love sets free.
In a bed where you lay,
My image becomes the taste,
A bonanza of delicious fruit,
Sweetness to the pallet, alive.
Tender now runs the feelings,
Hark the angel singing allowed,
Weeping on your pillow, soft
Are all the promises vowed.
Beating, pulse, pumping, thudding,
Your beauty drives my soul,
I surrender to your love,
I’m lost, completely out of control…

Suggest I rise up!

           Suggest I rise up!

Huge becomes the effect,
Whence your words collect
Deep, impenetrably and within,
On the verge of surrender.
Lost in wild adoration,
Your eyes bury me,
I feel the power of you,
In kisses laid upon skin.
Tempt me with words,
Project your desperate craving,
Fill me like a cup,
More than folly on fire.
Wanton are the reasons,
Created by your sultry voice,
And I become fallen,
Unable to reach a choice.

Enlarged to the point,
Explosion of the desire,
Something tight and moistened,
Keeps me wide awake.
Do you know your movements,
Fulfil the whole I crave?
Under where I see rejoicing,
And a chance to misbehave.
Lovely, firm and rampant,
Are the words you choose,
To open up my mind,
And set desire loose.
Walk the walk of heaven,
See me rise to full attention,
I can’t live without you,
Did I forget to mention?

Monday, January 09, 2017

That’s Ya Lot !

        That’s Ya Lot !

Who knew?
Not me,
That when she came,
I’d feel the freight train,
Coming fast and steaming through.

Who knew?
Not I,
That this could happen,
Just when I’d given up hope,
The universe should send me you.

Who sees?
Not I,
The reason to believe,
Love has come to save the day,
Your name carried upon the breeze.

Who sees?
Not me,
Why its’ been holding,
Me back from living the dream,
Kissing the type of love that frees.

You knew,
That I,
Would come to feel,
How strongly you’d crave attention,
And share the love that grew.

You knew,
That I,
Could not really resist,
Holding your hands in mine,
And giving you love that’s true.

You saw,
As I,
The passion building inside,
Devotion added to a belief,
That finds us wanting more.

You saw,
As I,
Hope to fill desire,
Flames of wanting everlasting love,
Trampling us roughly upon the floor.

Temptation knew,
Our hearts,
Would fill to breaking point,
Hopelessly devoted to one another,
Eradicating everything that made us blue.

Temptation knew,
Our hearts,
Would come to beat as one,
Find reason to the empty rhymes,
A love to live, and die for too.

We knew,
Life together,
The answer to our lonely prayers,
An image of perfection on earth,
Opening up paradise from every door.

We saw,
Life together,
The fulfillment of our wildest dreams,
A chance to hold the hand of love,
And beg and plead for nothing more…

Who’s that Girl ?

Who’s that Girl ?

Catch my breath
And hold my heart,
I’m blown away now,
Where the loving feelings start.

Happier in life
Than I have been,
The stirring of desire,
Based solely on what I’ve seen.

Actions of wanting
To be held so tightly,
On the divan of love,
Beneath stars shining brightly.

Romance and passion,
More than any I’ve known,
Here in the wonderland of hope,
That knowing you has shown.

Lift me higher
Than the deep blue sky,
Floating on the dream clouds,
Because of how you’d caught my eye.

Owing to pleasure,
I’m fallen under your spell,
Something about this provocative girl,
Her light, her presence, her smell.

Take me now
Show me how to be,
Held in the breast of heat,
Where our love runs free.

Too much joy
Fills me to overflow,
Walking in your abundant light,
Shows me how true love can grow.

Everything is open,
Through the power of giving,
Happy in the knowledge shared,
When together we are really living….!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Missing the twinkle.

      Missing the twinkle.

Sitting alone,
But, it’s as if somehow,
You’re sitting beside me here.
The echo of your fragrance
Pulls at me and
Desire moves deeper,
Than I’d have imagined it could.
Peace a perfect concept,
Flawed if not being shared,
Once I basked
Beneath your glow,
The eyes of your belief,
Filling my empty chair,
As if you ever remained.
Smiles that cannot be forgotten,
A magic that will not be forgiven,
And I am back
To the place where miracles
Throw me to the floor.

Sitting alone,
But, you’re ever on my mind,
Something keen and aware,
A beauty rare, hard to find.
The resonance of mystery,
A connection from times gone bye,
And still as if the ether
Was favouring my yearnings,
You remained whole, full of life,
As the sparkle of love,
That is twinkling in my eye.
I’m forever indebted, truly alive,
For the hope you’d carried here,
Filling all of my senses
And leaving dreams to come.
I believe, this law a flora
Of bouquets bathed in fragrance
Will save me yet again,
When the day is fully done.

Sitting alone,
But, the peace comforts me,
She alone can open Nirvana,
To boldly go beyond the bounds,
Where my love be set free.
Every movement, I’ve memorised,
The details keep me on fire,
Simple, fluid and full of grace,
Continuing to incite raw desire.
But as the evening approaches,
I wonder how we’ll be,
Safe, secure and deep in love,
When mysteries are being told.
Jupiter and Isis of the dream,
Will come to please me here,
For I have wanted the comfort,
That is kept within her smile.
Surely I can be forgiven this,
Being the twinkle in her eyes!!

Breaking Silence.

      Breaking Silence.

Oh mercy, please call on me,
For a respite from this pain,
I’ve woken in a sweat, silence,
Because of her image, yet again.
Those eyes, a gateway to her soul,
Piercing my core with wild desire,
Fixing me in her sights, aware
Of setting me on blessed fire.

The dawn comes so sweetly,
Yet I’ll not have rested well,
Throughout the nights my torture,
Drives me constantly through hell.
Beauty held in such abundance,
Fills me to this pure distraction,
I wonder would she save me,
If she understood my deep attraction?

Chilled, this waking of dreams,
Only the silence covers me now,
In the tempestuous glowing light,
That dreams of her alone, allow.
How I’ve loved her smile,
And the breath she felt within,
Pleasures far beyond the reason,
Where the silence becomes deafening.

Whom, but we the sacred lovers,
Would hear the sunrise ringing?
Risen from slumbers weary passage,
To hear the choir of heaven singing!
On this blanket bathed in dawn,
I sense her presence touching me,
Calling me to hold her safely,
So her light and love can be set free.

I hold the moments sacred,
And have come to sense divine,
Breathing sallow in the knowledge,
One day she’ll soon be mine.
Stars align with heavenly bodies,
To fill the world with peace,
And in this stillness, calm arrives
To give me her sweet release.

Seconds pass and yet I pause,
For I’ve heard her call my name,
Across the void and space unfolding,
We’ve come to know we are the same.
So still, the beauty beckons me,
To go beyond the bounds of time,
It echoes promise of pure delight,
If we’d come to share the divine!

A bolt from the blue.

   A bolt from the blue.

Something beautiful,
Truly the work of destiny,
A way back into love,
Space for hearts to know,
Pleasure brought into the forum
Of reality far beyond idle dreams.
The taste of fate on fire
Has filled my eyes with desire,
And you have become mine,
Beyond the taste of mortal pain,
When you smiled at me, yet again.
So don’t let the blue eyes fool,
For they could not know you,
As I have wanted this direction,
Built on knowing true love,
A way back into your heart.

Someone amazing,
Walked into my empty world,
Carried upon the bluest clouds,
Singing songs of destiny so very loud,
And enchanting everything alive,
Rendering hope if it should survive.
That moment ‘twas of you,
The benevolence and adoration
Held on a perfect face and in
Such deep set child like eyes,
Bringing wonder to my darkest skies.
The lightening bolt took me,
Burned in frazzled tiny little bits,
Starring at you and your perfect
Lips, could I kiss you darling,
Could I taste amazing lips?

Somehow delirious,
These moments in your arms,
Feeling the pulse of romance,
The desire to know you whole,
Dancing here, soul to blessed soul,
On a storm of electric blue.
If only you knew the power,
Of the smiles you grace on me,
Delivering hopes of sunshine days,
Where love between us melted,
All my fears and pains away.
If I dared speak of you aloud
Call your name in fond affection,
I would be no longer mortal,
For I’d expire, surely to see
The pleasure of love, held in perfection….