Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sex on Fire

Sex on Fire

Timid, shy, reluctant to express
I know your fears.
Being left to a lousy man,
Who knew none of your needs.
Desire has brought you here,
That we share passionate love.
Something you crave deep within,
Closeness more than care.

Don't be fooled into believing,
Love should carry away,
The acts of pure abandonment
Between a courting pair.
Respect is what I can offer,
To be attentive and,
Take you over heavens gates,
Upon the soft divan.

Forget the false ideas shown,
Friends cannot alone impart.
Just let yourself go, give in
To the feelings coming through.
Between a woman and a man,
Intimacy shall be blessed.
Especially as you begin to shake,
My eyes begin to undress.

Riddles, myths and folklore
Know nothing of this need.
I want for you a pleasure,
Take advantage of the greed.
Behold the opening of your flower
Exciting with the adrenalin.
Flowing out from tip to toe,
Let the adventure now begin.

A flash of pure desire,
Clashes on your skin.
Sensing how my manly hands,
Covet the scented glow.
You move below a wanton need,
Let squeal escape, a gasp.
My thrust of our raw connection,
Is no simple ordinary task.

Arch the bridge of backbone,
Fulfilment drawing near.
We pound the light fandango,
Trip on erotic rhythms.
Rasp and course our rising heat,
A sense of something deep.
Will bring you over to surrender,
Loving melody we must keep.

Oh girl, desire of my eyes,
Passion to my open heart.
Don't hold back no more, let go
Flood a secret cavern.
The sounds of hot slapping flesh,
Bring tears to your eyes.
A wonderful display to be seen,
Your gift without the lies.

As one we drive to heaven,
I hear your angel singing.
Full of strange and wordy echo,
Utterances of holy night.
Grip on for one last moment,
As explosion rips within.
Today you became a woman,
From the joy you're sampling..