Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Effect of Dreaming.

The Effect of Dreaming.

Pale to find a moon,
On seven years cycle,
Under air and sky alone,
Filled for all eternity,
Somewhere sweet
A promised fantasy!

Gone the power,
Lost my strength to run,
I move again, once more,
Something less than
I’ve become, of wild
And open contemplation.

Simple pleasures finding space,
Running on an open hill,
Into the arms of grace,
Fond for peace and harmony,
Sometime really soon,
Knocking knees I swoon!

Give me love,
Let our hearts embrace,
You know this face,
And tease me always,
Something rotten,
Driven crazy by desire.

Lord have mercy on my
Soul, from where this hole,
Knows not how to fill,
Or save me mental ill,
Somebody with charisma,
And in my dreams I’ll kiss her!

Lifting Skirts.

      Lifting Skirts.

Laced bodice, cords straining,
And all this while,
Remember what it’s all containing.
Beauty in a tightened form,
Still lovingly kept untouchable,
Sweet and lithe and warm.
Fondled in the eyes alone,
Some wonder heaving to and fro,
I ought to hear just how you moan.
Frills and fancies under pressure,
It’s quite a task to learn,
The fastest option to undress her.
Sod all that fumbling, fingers hurt,
We’re in this urgent moment,
And frantically I’m lifting skirts!!

Hot, Hot, Hot- Cold, Cold, Colder. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrugh!!

Hot, Hot, Hot- Cold, Cold, Colder.

In the deep midwinter,
I have looked around to see,
How the love is being found,
Stored so deep beneath the ground.
Ickle, little seeds are rising,
Nothing new or law surprising.
But what has grown for you and I,
Is not cooled by wind nor rain,
Nor does it melt in summers’ heat,
I find your love is always sweet.
Shivers caused not by the ice,
I smile because you’re oh so nice,
And blow me softer to melt my
Heart, made softer in your arms.

In the winter of my discontent,
You always knew just what I meant,
When the days grew short and dark,
We danced alone outside the park.
Still is kept that frozen wasteland,
Once your spirit outgrew that bandstand,
Never to escape this fate,
Where you and I knew how to mate.
Bold as brass the monkey’s singing,
Nuts are lost of caution ringing.
Seized the day to learn affection,
Braced the chill of loves rejection.
Maiden of a proverbial icicle,

She even stole my fucking bicycle…!

Are we victims?

Are we victims?

Who tell truths, who tell lies,
What are the laws we victimise?
All our days could reap reward,
If we lived not to be adored.
Is it not easy to whinge and whine,
Assume another controls our time?
Be the prophets of a brighter day,
One we’ll choose where we can say,
“I am that I am,
I am the master of my own fate.”
Perfect law of opposites attract,
Knowing we’ll reap from how we act.
Doing what, will be done to us,
No excuses here, because... because...
Take the reigns and be a man,
Elect the experiences if you can.
Don’t make others a place to hide,
For on good conduct you’re being tried.

The forbidden fruit still calling me.

The forbidden fruit still calling me.

You may wonder if I while does my eye still fondle thee,
And shall my heart beat yet faster then, whence I long,
Beyond the stars of heavens open, where I may hold thee,
A place fonder than a tiny jewel, sparkling with a future
Eye, and peace in knowing secrets of thy making, often taking
Never faking but for love.

Again such fruit I’ll eat my fill, so sweetly thy smile
Has stolen me to be at sea, adrift on ocean, a locomotion,
Train to comfort on our hill, scents and potions catching us
Creating still more thrill, where love and passion never wains,
Often builds up again, so no-one loses yet must gain,
A friend for time eternal.

Seeing how fond the wind does stroke thee, amazes even
I, for once I made a pact with god, to send me grace
A pleasing companion with sweet and cherished face, he made me
Notice, ever more this notion, how even perfection was still
Perfection if eyes were mine, to see through time and space,
True beauty before thine eyes.

Of soul to soul encountered deeply, once more evolving how
We tenderise our minds, for on the waves we misbehave, roll
The dice for something more than nice, A tad refreshing over ice,
Kept behind New revelations, from where we knew a way to
Dance, take one more sensual evening for soft romance, a
Simple pleasure again, perchance.

Strong have been the stirrings of my loins, rubbed golden coins,
Hold my hands and Grip the ferrel exposing shiny metal,
Happy we could simply feel that glowing Evaporating steel,
Natures way to make us kneel, and embrace the love within,
That builds and binds, and dips and grinds, blows more
Than minds of us as lovers.

I’ll not forget how Love can still fight to blind me,
Nor enter in my heart yet bold, so get behind me, where
Malice never ever, is Allowed to bind, for here within the
Place I’m speaking, all time for eternal praising became a
Fact of how amazing, you are in thine eyes, thine heart, and

On thine proverbial tongue.