Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In the Face of Hypocrisy

In the Face of Hypocrisy

See we, hear they
Not such as a saint.
None stand for real justice,
As in the beds of luxury they lie.
Aiming their rhetoric,
Above the understanding of men
Too simple to realise the deception.

Know we, feel them,
Taking spoils and riches,
Abandoning courtesies and kindness,
Full only of insidious attentiveness.
Fooling many still
This elite brigade march boldly on
Caring not, whom they tread upon.

Mistake them, mistrust them,
But they have the power.
Taking bribes and incentives home,
Rewards for catastrophic failure.
Are we not concerned
For the future of our children
When we allow this to carry on?

Disobey them, counteract them,
Be not sold into playing their game.
Nor imposed upon by their direction,
Unless it really serves you well.
I am assured
This betrayal of values they live by,
Will send them on the road to hell!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Trouble with Capitalism

The Trouble with Capitalism.

Creativity for no reward,
Profit not the mercy to live,
Who is holding the strings
When the margin calls you,
Not the power to be yourself?
Hazard warnings over amber,
Called to fill the coffers still,
Be without a care for power,
Chosen the act above the kill.
Find some peace in being kind,
Not love for reaping bonus,
Take only what you have need,
And nothing for the greed.

Promotion of self above united,
Threads that leave an icy chill,
Crawling deep beneath the spirit,
Of sharing wealth between us all.
Rising prices cause more confusion,
As to how we’re going to get by,
I have seen the devils henchmen,
Pushing boundaries of how we buy.
Build not storehouses for a profit,
Towers of gold and ivory fall,
The giant beast is building pressure,
That kills the heart within desire.
Forward thinking is not your advantage,
If it stops, the Love Peace prism,
Be not fooled to give allegiance,
For the inhumanity breathed by capitalism…!

Je suis Charlie Hebdo.

Je suis Charlie Hebdo.
With this pen, I condemn the senseless murder of freedom!

Who issued the fatwa
That slew the blood of democracy?
Charlie were not hate filled,
Were not ambassadors for injustice,
Nor do they stand alone in life.
Nor do they stand alone in death.

Does anyone grow fond of Islam
When murder is revered within?
Charlie informed the critique in us,
The desire to laugh at hypocrisy,
A love to laugh in the face,
Of the ridiculous voice of terror.

Are we moved to follow
A god that would support this?
Charlie were just our Pinocchio,
Asking truth to show its worth,
Muslim fanatics cannot ever win,
Our soul is in the laughter.

When will people ever learn
To live in peace, with liberty?
Charlie understood an inalienable truth,
That kept us free from tyranny,
We must laugh at our inadequacies,
Before people will take us seriously.

Who else will now be a target
For hatred breathed by evil?
Charlie mocked only the hypocrisy,
That we all know to be in war,
And here today in bloody Paris,
Their vision is needed more.

Will you stand untied now
To condemn this violent crime?
Charlie stood for a fairer world,
One that loves us all as one,
Mocking the lies and the vitriol,
Warning us of what we’ve become!


I am the power of the pen/cil.

Almost Zero.

       Almost Zero.

So fundamental to Peace
This considered ethic and action,
Would call the best of men
To account, for almost nothing,
Where ego cannot be fought.
Social privilege won’t allow it,
Nor do they really try it seems,
Only in the eye of the beholder
Was a careful learned examiner,
Able to live out his dreams.
Fragile boned but will of iron
Would lead this austerity test,
So in the heat of Asian skies,
We’d come to know this truth,
Of a humility shown at it’s best.
Walk lightly here upon the earth,
Take no more than you’ll need,
This Satyagraha will be revealed
When we understand his message;
And in this moment, we are freed.
A world is futile without compassion
So fill it till it’s overflowing,
Who would have believed at all,
One as he could prove,
The something, we should all be knowing.
Our politics, scientific progress, justice
And religion all need to show,
The lead he tried to exemplify
When he uttered these words to his ego;
“For I must reduce myself to zero”.


Mohandas. K. Gandhi. 1869 - 1948