Monday, December 26, 2011

Woman from the Desert

Woman from the Desert

She is golden,
As the sand, warmer
Than the shade of trees
Filling the oasis.

She is a beauty,
Not seen here, prettier
Than the desert moonlight,
Filling the oasis.

She is sweeter,
More than the, honey
From the honey making bees,
Scent of the oasis.

She is smarter,
Than the women, here
In the world of mankind,
Building the oasis.

She has never,
Known how to, fear
That I will return to her,
Waiting in oasis.

She seeks hope,
For the return, of
Her man from searching treasure,
Coming to oasis.

She reads secrets,
Written of ancients, looked
For by the desert warriors,
Camping in oasis.

She shows me,
What is foretold, when
I know the soul of the world,
Is the oasis.

Waiting for Fatima.