Thursday, December 31, 2015



Do you see only skin?
Have you no care
For what lies within?
Paler, darker, crimson, black,
Who would cherish me
If I simply hated back?
Time did not make,
The rules to follow,
Where your actions are all hollow.
Nor did Earth abandon me,
Because some fools
Chose not love to see.
Space is always empty
Full of spirits lost to reason,
Skin be changing with a season.

Clothes may hide some
Of the ridiculous prejudice,
That you’ve now become.
But it won’t hide,
The hatefulness you are
That love will not abide.
Who gave you advantage,
For your pearly white skin,
Who decided black is sin?
Skin is not of me,
Nor is it you as well,
Cannot your bitterness go free?
Love believed in something more,
So can you not,
Show your hate the door?



And everything is
Like a bloody nightmare,
Someone here, no over there.
The feckless lies
A notion no law defies
So bold the deceit.
From friend, no mercy
Only seeded truth dispersing.
Can my pain
Break the spell again,
Or stay put, forever remain?

Back for good.

      Back for good.

Where have you been to my lovely?
I’ve missed your flair,
So fucking debonair!
Casual as any romance,
Lifted high to make
Tiny elfin feet dance,
On the space where love
And hope can come perchance?

Soul alive despite the wrench before,
Thank you for coming back,
Sorry I gave you the sack!
Now we’re talking once,
Twice, three times more,
No need to love ensconce,
Under covers dressed in black,
It’s good to see you, welcome back!

Across the desert sands you’ve come,
To support my weary hand,
So glad you understand!
Friends that lost touch,
Held in catatonia,
I’ve missed you oh so much,
And felt bereft, something missing,
Akin somehow to lovers kissing.

Thank you for being so understanding,
I’d let you down remanding,
Been so awfully demanding!
But you came home,
Behaved as if you’d
Believed and always known,
My heart rests with us together,
You’ll be my love now, and forever!

Amazing Wishes

        Amazing Wishes

A ripple across my spine,
No wishing,
That I could say you’re mine.
My breath, a sense of wonder,
No petrified,
Because my feelings are growing fonder.
Of blood makes my heart race,
No awesome,
That look manifesting upon your face.
A nipple hard as my devotion,
No pleading,
To be beneath your love in motion.
You’re the drug of pure delight,
No needing,
To die in your arms tonight.
The sweat of chest on breast,
No speechless,
I’m sure you’ve guessed the rest..!

Divine Perjury

        Divine Perjury

In this context, yes I'm wrong,
To act the crazy fool and be,
Someone devoid of honest motives,
Sank so deep beneath the sea.
You’ll not see the greater loss,
That kills me here inside today,
All you’ll feel is torched and bitter,
Watching as I walk quickly away.
Would it better be to leave you,
Fly my wings to new horizons?
Or stay and lie about my feelings,
Crushed beneath so many reasons?
No my love this truth is painful,
But I’ll not lie to save my skin,
No-one made me do my bidding,
And neither did I commit a sin...

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Dark Con of Man

The Dark Con of Man

So much suffering,
Hell bent on progress,
Don’t they know,
Or can’t they care less?

Fuelled in hatred,
This repetition is a lie,
Few really live,
But so many more die.

Rivers of blood,
Where the hope runs dry,
Sounds of violence,
Keeps their mantras high.

Riddled with evil,
They do not act from love,
Selling us short,
To the cliff they’ll shove.

Filling our minds,
Full of dreams of pleasure,
Making us think,
Not for ourselves, their measure.

Freedom, the utopia,
We shall never live to see,
Whilst we’d imaging
That we’re really free.

Held in chains,
To be bound by debt,
The delusion comes,
Under death and taxes set.

Keeping us busy,
Is the game they’re playing,
We don’t understand,
Any agendas that they’re weighing.

Fighting for peace,
Ain’t a war we’re winning,
Another sad distraction,
To the lies they’re spinning.

Hope has fled,
When we fall this way,
If we’d believe,
A damn word they say.

Love and peace,
Enemies of this eternal state,
Death by compliance,
Shall be our final fate.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

If, it, were.

If, it, were.

Super fast delirious and spinning,
All these voices fill my head
Grinning, taken to the edge of
Reason, where I’m open, like a
Rainy season.
Captured by the hand of fate,
Drop dead gorgeous and what a
Mate, found from deserts, parched
Bequeathing, I feel the dread as you
Are leaving.
Day follows night, almost burning,
Sense not I to understand what
I’m learning, fluid choice of rhyme
Or reason, no-one held me in that
More than love has taken place,
Where etched on heart I see your
Face, golden angel that dark can’t
Hide, she starts the train on which
I’ll ride.
Foolish for an ounce of sunlight,
Desperate to be by her side throughout
The night, bound by duty based on
Pleasing, tender arms entwined below us
If it were my last joy to hold,
The perfect peace, in her eyes so
Bold, all I’ve asked for would be
Divine, it if were, that you’d be

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Into Something Good

Into Something Good

Does the rain love the pavements,
And are the bees sweet like my baby?
Should we hide the smile of love,
And should we, make love, just maybe?

Caution never failed to tempt us,
For we are craving a potent pleasure.
Under the drug of heavenly angels,
I’d like to slip in to get your measure.

Is it so wrong to adore your smile,
Or palpitate when you come near?
Could I lose the cool I’m holding,
When my eyes follow your shapely rear?

Beads of sweat collect in funny places,
When your eyes covet me, and me only.
Heartbeats skip and cloud my vision,
Tonight I feel, you’ll not be lonely.

Snuggled in a bed of scented roses,
Hot and lithe ferocious temptress.
Calling me to understand the amazing,
As I drool, whilst you undress.

Are we ready to find Nirvana,
In throws of passion burned alive?
Did you know how much desire,
Could be consumed and yet survive?

My oh my, my lungs are craving,
Air to rush in and help me breath.
You are hotter than Hell eternal,
And more, much more than I’d believe….

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ministry of Muppets

Ministry of Muppets

The folly of the nation,
Is that we let this happen.
We’ve learned absolutely nothing,
When we keep these clowns
In the place where all seriousness,
Should be observed, and the comedy
Out on the streets of fun.

So blame only yourselves,
When this ministry of Muppets,
Tell you what you can do.
Feel the lack of wisdom gained,
When these foolish people, have
Not a clue to ease despair,
Because they just don’t really care!

We might just laugh,
If it weren’t so awfully sad,
Such comedy is well overrated,
But stupidity shall bore, a tad.
Creative accounting to balance books,
It’s a national joke, and worse
Much worse than it looks.

Democracy has died tonight,
The mood has soured oddly,
When Britain gave up its’ fight.
Five more years under toil,
To asses in suits and ties,
Five more years to have regret,
For all their bullshit lies.

A Wild Man

A Wild Man

Bondage does not do it for me,
I’m a nomad, who’ll wander free.
Tie me down and watch me fight,
I believe in love and do it right.
Shackled to a lunar tidal movement,
Silver bullets won’t, make much improvement.
I’m wild and restless of a fashion,
Slipping easily into, a raving passion.
Come and see my wildest wishes,
Burned alive from abundant kisses.
Feel the way my hands are roaming,
Hungry for a chance to hear you moaning.
Alive in ways that build in pressure,
Scored under skin of rampant pleasure.
Taste abandon from whence I bite,
Slay the monster beyond the night !

2 Souls

2 Souls

Across the vastness of space,
You are come to restore love
And happiness throughout this place,
With a spirit of imagination alive,
To plaster joy upon my tired face.

Breaking down the barriers of time,
I’m feeling the waves of peace.
Holding a place in your heart sublime,
Makes sparks fly deeper in mine,
You are come my reason,
                                      Am I your rhyme ?

Cast no shadow to love unfolding,
The power is in abundant hearts.
Restored to understanding the moulding,
Where soul mates come together again,
And celebrate the union that they are holding.

Awesome happiness is being found,
In arms of consolation full of grace,
And pleasures taken upon the mound,
Deep beyond the shadows of fear,
That’s come, an echo that makes no sound.

When we have known, love divine,
Two souls shall be as one.
And into peace they both resign,
Believing in a force stronger, more
Potent, than the everlastingness of time…..!


Recognising my Joy

Recognising my Joy

There have been days so full of light,
And on those golden hours calling,
Were a resolution, taking on a fight,
Before our love left us here falling.

There are now good graces of hope,
I could live inside the abundance,
Not left all alone again to grope,
Filled full of energy to make me dance.

There will be such open smiles,
Plenty of opportunity for reward,
Where we travel much upon the miles,
And in my eyes, you’re so adored.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Nameless Force

Nameless Force

My happiness, is yours again,
to be known as a lover of you,
and a knower of your name,
and of the gas within your flame.

Told me, that a preciousness is,
abundance of your kisses plenty,
emotions rioting in an eternal bliss,
desperate, to steal just one more kiss.

Your happiness, is mine to gain,
longing to be held beneath you,
screaming out often in passions name,
driven wild, burned by your flame.

Told you, the secret that is,
held within my strong embrace,
cradled in love for the light of bliss,
unrepentant of that one stolen kiss.

Our happiness, forever to remain,
simple my devotion to you,
held on the winds of time again,
you're something I shall not tame.

Told together, this perfection that is,
built on promise of the eternal,
held captive, never known by name,
but always felt within your kiss.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Those without heart

Those without heart

I know not the images, seen
here, felt near, where evil comes,
and the devils own children are
running some wickedness.
Upon the earth is the name
of all the falsehoods of time,
sons of Lucifer can do the
bidding, no-one else could dream,
what are these cruel acts so vile,
where the deceptions are unclean?
So mighty they take the role
of extinguishers of the glorious light,
almost none are able, or are willing
to attest to this evil, or more,
to stand up to them, taking on
the righteous, unforgiving fight.

Has their madness ever known more?
Been so much crueler to people,
taken no regard for the needy, or
for the wants unheard of the poor.
Taking liberties from the mouths, of
babes and the innocents, mysterious
not are these vile beast here,
where this menace came to be known,
as dereliction to serve, gafore...gafore...!
Do not mock the people, for we
shall have our day in heaven,
soon your blackened stone hearts,
shall shatter as ever before, the
deeds known without compassion and,
disrespect of the moral, of the
empathy that your deaths shall restore.!!


All White Hot

All White Hot

This heat is coming, suddenly
as a flare of light, white hot
and steamy on the crest of night,
where images of freedom to be
wild and abandoned must I fight.

She the Angel a delight of mine,
took me on the flames of passion,
to some more craft, besides the
fashion for a new unbridled ration,
keen to feel my hands on fire.

Shooting to the space of time,
where under me we'll know this
sensual bliss, forever with the passionate
kiss, be mine and let your eyes
of love with tenderness still shine.

Happiness came that beautiful night,
and under the strain of cotton,
my ardour had so much to fight,
the love that always felt alright,
imagined kisses, pressed lips of white.

Forced into surrender the easy way,
is where my energy flew right away,
tested beyond the norm of modesty,
your form is lithe, White hot, and
begging for me to fly your way.

Sticky mess like glue I'm stuck,
I want you badly, I can see
you also need a …. way to cool,
before we're lost in frenzied heat,
finding you was a stroke of luck...


Green Campaign

      Green Campaign

Above the drumming of the rain,
I know the call to action rings,
peace and love are on the tongue,
and all the passion that this brings.

Warriors for change are we,
full of declarations to save mankind,
and in the policies and strategies,
we've honed, something new you'll find.

The planet can't go on this way,
or it will kill us all again,
we've made a mess we need to end,
and we need to accept the blame.

If we worked in harmony now,
we might save the chance to stay,
otherwise it's the curtain call,
on greed and selfishness we'll rue the day.

To tackle issues that we face,
is the only way we'll stop disaster,
let not apathy and selfishness be,
an ally, friend, nor your master.

Turn the tides with joyfulness,
breathe the light to heal us all,
go green in everything you do,
don't fear your actions as small.

Together we can restore some justice,
to be fair in all we stand to do,
honesty shall be the mighty sword,
and greed and lies will be run through.

Fight the fight as we have the power,
to be the change we wish to see,
green the way of the brave of heart,
shout green for you and me!!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Promises of Life !

The Promises of Life !

In a way we ask for failure, 
we don't believe in the power
of our will to change the way, 
and we let despondancy breathe,
where all life can be sucked 
out of the place of hope.
Too many times we will let, 
pressure to conform, to be liked,
fill our reasons, our hearts
and no room is left for me.
Abandoned are our dreams then,
where we'll not go to fight on,
for we'll let the desire be no
more our all encompassing friend.
Be not fooled in the silences
that change will find you waiting,
for unless you steady your hands,
it will be impossible to hold.
Clear cut like muddy waters,
this life has given us power,
in all of our beliefs we sing
for a day when light would come.
Deep indeed have run the lies,
we told to keep us ever down,
fond of letting life fly by swiftly,
I bet we feel ourselves betrayed,
even though it was our choice,
 a fear of lying in the bed we made.
Did we not yet realise the truth,
we made resolves we could not keep,
so why are we surprised at all
when it's bitter tears we weep ?
Life did not fail us in the night,
nor did it let us down again,
the promises are, what we've made,
so send them out again..!! 

How does Death call ?

How does Death call ?

Like the nightingale
who's call so shrill and piercing,
is the call to Hades,
and the catacombs of not life.
From life in all it's rich, 
vainglorious abundance whole,
comes the eclipsing of a soul,
gone deep into, an earthly hole.

Darkness the reaper
has taken my friends aloft,
to a point of light,
where love protects them, every night.
Countenance of the mighty angels
fills the instant death did come,
loaded in a fear of unknowns,
scarce the reason come undone.

Now the avenger
of the righteous is stolen,
bound in chains where hate
has fallen to the might of love.
In the blinking of his eyes,
all reality has spontaneously left,
only the crying of the wind,
stays with us, the sad and the bereft.

Crystal waters cascading
to bring the dreams we held alive,
evening chills call aloud silence,
and finally the race is run.
Droplets upon the skin of life,
now let go of hope to share,
death has called and taken motion,
bet we remember movements there.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dropping Like Flies

              Dropping like Flies.

who would see
the way life fails us? 
time lost, space left
as everything eventually dies.
cold the slumber,
felt a final fear of loss.
the way to move forward
gone in a blinking
of the proverbial eye,
so real the falling,
we all eventually die,
my oh my,
the longest pursuance
of the original lie, why
oh why?

troubles left
to the fray of life,
where no-one escapes
the strife of the knife,
the falling epoch of time,
no longer yours,
no longer mine.
called to angels,
my friends, the believers,
a force of knowing
the hope still glowing,
to find rest in peace,
a day they gave in
a last gasp of release,
cancer the reaper, please
accept my goodbye!