Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is Not

What is Not

Over time we build our love,
Waiting on the concessions,
Seeking a word of favourableness.
Wanting to hear echoes of it,
The voice in harmony, my own
With your, our newest door.

Waking from the dream of our,
Could send me into open arms.
That hold the hope of our,
Of yours, of mine of ours.

Set me up to know thy heart,
One day we'll be together then.
Make love the glue that binds,
With you, with me, with our.
Like Poppy who becomes a flower,
Or Saffron filling our home.

Gifts of light and your fragrance,
Have stolen into my domain.
Where only you can settle,
The seasons rolling ever on.
I wonder do you hear it ?
The silence of my shouting.

Buy me roses if you will,
Your task is already won before.
Court me, for the time has come,
To set our love on fire.

If you had asked a stranger,
To know the idle wild remarks,
Believe in one true drama, love.
The star of it is you, is me.
The night, the day, the hour,
A love we hold with equal power.