Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Turning my back.

    Turning my back.

Too late to call me in,
I have fallen, favour given,
Lost to be a supporter of her,
The nag of twisted lying cloth.
Damage done for greedy hands,
Yet I forgave that wicked sin.
Still my vow, I must honour,
So I’ll never go back in.
Unrighteous deeds not Christian values,
Taught me nothing new to be,
Only my disdain of this vixen,
Shall keep me safe
And set me free.
Grudge I hold none,
Yet I’m loyal,
To be rid of this spiteful deed.
Now I turn my back on going,
And forever more,
My debt be freed….

Gone by so quickly !

   Gone by so Quickly..!

These old streets are still singing,
Aloud the tunes of the pilgrims,
Here and there an echo comes,
Of the time that has flown by.
Santiago does still welcome give,
Her heart is set on giving love,
Now and then between these walls,
I’ve felt the saints would talk to me.

Whilst the years have rolled along,
Time it seems has kept to time,
Filled with shapes of things to come,
Yet holding onto the ghosts it’s made.
Had we laughed so long since past?
And did we romp on sands at all?
Where has time gone since we were?
And what became of promises made?

In Derby shadowed by the Compostela,
Time stands tall returned to when,
Clouds had formed from both sides now,
To spell the end for you and I.
Such is life when we are guarded,
Fallen to the way we ought to be,
Nothing moves under the heavens,
Unless love grows and forms a home.

Long I’ve travelled to betroth honour,
Found in me some space and time,
Courage to be daring came relentless,
Where love became a master plan.
Take good care as you go on walking,
Feel the light that calls you home,
A mystery that brings no real answer,
Is here but goes so quickly by…!

Monday, October 06, 2014

The Image of Me !

      The Image of Me !

You were a best kept secret,
a reason I've never had to know.
Born from the belly of a mother,
who'd received the blessings of seed I had to sow.

So where have you been growing,
in places I'd have loved to be.
How strange now this evoking reaction,
to behold in you the image of love that I see.

Tiny face and glowing eyes smiling,
no hatred contained in this moment here.
Only creation of the everlasting magic,
left when two people have not understood what is now clear.

Forgive me, for I had not a clue,
you had graced this world, this place.
Still, I hold no resentment at all,
now I am privileged to encounter you, image of my trace.

Though so much time has passed,
I'll waste not a moment longer,
to be honouring the message you carry,
one that I pray you can prolong, for you are stronger.

Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone,
you are holding within you a key,
to a future that our world can share,
love unbridled by the greed, one where we are all free.

Happier now I can know you,
though till now we'd been estranged.
Amazed at how such tiny little hands,
can grip onto mine so strongly, for me this feels so strange.

I promise that I shall love you,
and make an effort to make up time.
For in you I see the image of me,
you're the blessing I'd never known was mine...

Over the Oceans.

    Over the Oceans.

This love I'm feeling
Has come long and far to me.
It is wider than the ocean,
And it brings promises to be.
Brotherhood can hold us,
And will make our spirits new,
No matter what our colour,
Just as long as our will, be true.

Something more than profit,
Has filled my eyes with tears.
This love has brought us abundance,
And it shall carry away all fears.
Take a pilgrim hand,
And walk the way of stars,
Feel the courage to breathe desire,
Acknowledge the love that can be ours.

People from all nations,
Bring the Camino route alive.
Walking through the sun and rain,
They've shown a spirit to survive.
Did you not imagine,
That peace of humanity would win?
Have you ever felt such love,
When we have come to know our kin?

Watch the holy pilgrims,
Who brave elements to walk along.
Catch the love behind our eyes,
And hear the joy in our song.
Never flood or tempest,
Can break our will to conquer,
Find the way of pilgrims path,
It's a true love if you want her...

           'El Camino'

So full this meadow.

     So full this meadow.

Romping poppies flood my mind,
some enchanted evening to find.
Once I held the hand of love,
staring into your eyes above.

Could this meadow show a view,
of days and nights, spent with you?
Full of flowers and swaying breeze,
subject to you on hands and knees.

Rare the moment passing bye,
so flavoured you were, before my eye.
Candle to the wind would flicker,
alone again my mind grows thicker.

Come to take me into heaven,
I'll fight to know just how I'm driven.
Wild had been the Camino path,
where in the meadow I made a pass.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sacred Curves.

      Sacred Curves.

Aloft there comes
lines of sacrifice,
of surrender,
to a statement of needing.
Above and below,
shape and form
of holiness,
in this image of wanting.
Break the night,
within the silence
of honour,
to a craving to be naughty.
Bound in chains,
holding this heaven
of desire,
in form that can drive me wild.

Craving the curvature,
sublime these lines
of rapture,
to a design being laid down.
Close to touching,
I'm knowing closeness
of release,
in a moment of true surrender.
Drawn towards Nirvana,
a feeling tender
of unity,
to a power stronger than I.
Drifting on clouds,
getting me higher
of being,
in the shape of things to come.
Excited for passion,
moved in ways
of collapse,
to a space within that scented heart.
Exploding with fury,
amidst the splendor
of flowing,
in and out and back once more.....

Sacrifice be known.

     Sacrifice be known.

So endeth the legend creating,
but begineth the work of love.
Taken out on dusty streets,
he fell but no-one knew.
The power of his will goes on,
building a sacred holy space.
Wished to go without rewards,
his wishes sadly untimely granted.
And here we see a godly one,
carved deep in masoned stones.
Recognised in every detail,
the grace of how he lived for love.
Take a look into the air,
he falls upon us in majesty.
Hands of god who carved a place,
for meek and poor alike to rest.
Gaudi breathed such hope to us,
who barely know a mote of dust.

Sharp his intellect and raw his care,
for detailing the beauty of earth.
We who witness all this love,
shall leave here feeling awe.
The heavens gifted us a son,
to show what meaning carries us.
Fault is ours if we ignore,
the message written here so clear.
Light was shinning from his heart,
to brighten roads we walk in fear.
Illuminating the power we dread to own
and let into our stricken souls.
Here in this temple, grace to god,
one man drew attention unto love.
Focusing our eyes and minds,
to see into the realms of peace.
Honour be, the power of love and light,
this eternal spirit now be known.

'God's Architect.'
Sagrada Famalia.