Saturday, June 29, 2013



The melody fills my mind,
Soul talking to angels,
And a moment of grace,
Reveals to me the words.

Written from a dream,
Almost serene, I seem.
Power fills from within,
And all I do is write.

Transferring mind to page,
Takes not an age,
Nor I, a real sage,
Spitting love out in rage.

Wanting to fill the void,
Of peace upon our world,
So say a line or two,
To make things, less blue.

Finding an underlying clue,
Of sentiments forever true,
Hold the hand and heart of you,
Better than I ever knew.

Filmed in every powerful way,
Light comes up and out,
It has no place else to stay,
Life of mine, the roundabout.

Captured in the haze of pen,
Fighting for the hope of men.
Women too, we sing as one,
Save the world we live upon.

Dire would be, nothing said,
A lazy tune that fills my head.
Try to rhyme a line with bread,
Something sweet before I'm dead..!

One of my own, written by Ben Jammin' and Peaceful Warrior.

Words Cannot, Touch This.

Words Cannot, Touch This.

Side to side.

In love.!

Her breath,
So hot,
Her sweat,
So sweet,
I love,
Her smile,
Undo me,


To miss,
The beat,
Her feet.

In ways,
Only I,
That says,
It comes.”

My eyes,
Her grace,
My grace.

And If She Asks Me Why?

And If She Asks Me Why?

Deep below the ancient glades,
A tale that love had forbade,
Some understanding lost to time,
Where once we danced, she were mine.

All of this void, I now live,
Is the tomb of despair, separations give,
Summertime elapsed into the ether,
Where tragedy means, I'll not see her.

Laughing as if life depends on how,
Fun was to fill us with a sacred vow,
Closer than slippers by our comfy bed,
Were the heartbeats within, pumping the red.

Nothing greater could have taken me away,
To feed my spirits, forever and a day,
She was the wind caressing, leaving trace,
The last good smile, to ever grace my face....

Inspired by.
Castles in the air, Don Mclean.

Searching for a girl that walks like Rhianna.

Searching for a girl that walks like Rhianna.

When the silence of the day,
shrouds me like a soft blanket,
all I wanna do,
is watch that girl.
That she smiles, she laughs,
takes life with a simplicity,
of affection, wandering direction.
Free as the clouds above,
taller than the wind,
golden as the sand,
holding me, by the hand.
Smell of her allure,
subtle, light, making me secure,
always life I could endure,
knowing her very real power.

It's been a long time since I had a friend like that.

It's been a long time since I had a friend like that.

You know so many things.
I hear comedy on angel wings.
But not to freeze me out.
Of this there is no doubt.
For you are pure in essence.
You shine as if with Iridescence.
The words of hope are given.
By loves energy you're driven.
In your shadow I walk.
In tones of love we talk.
You are prepared to fight.
More than senses you excite.
Worth any price I'll pay.
Throughout both night and day.
You have earnt my trust.
That can't fade or rust.
Just to set my heart apace.
Smiles upon your angel face.

From the corners.

    From the corners.

Collectively my thoughts do keep,
Something removing a chance to sleep.
Within this haze a desire to reap,
The kind of love that'll make me weep.

Creeping in both night and day,
These visions parade, dance and play.
Holding back something I ought to say,
Created by a smile that blows me away.

All examinations have yet to prove,
And medicines have need to sooth.
For without a kiss I'll not improve,
Under the love affair that makes me move.

Brighter than the berries of the Rowan tree,
Is the light fantastic she gives to me.
From the corners of her mouth, do I see,
The beginnings of a hope to set me free?

Friday, June 28, 2013

When I Looked.

When I Looked.

Isolated incidents,
cause me matters of concern,
somewhere I have rigormortis,
for a moment in wild romance.
Good to be confined to you,
for all I saw was natural,
in my heart a potent beat,
to reveal what love could spell.

Veritable incidents,
of ways I'd known to feel alive,
became the norm in breathing in,
where you have graced this soil.
Take me up to the heights of joy,
where few shall live in peace,
and call me from my lethargy.
To remake the dance of romance.

Profitable incidents,
were all my eyes would see,
the day you walked into my life,
many devils cast themselves away.
Party like it's the festive tide,
and merry make on holy ground,
nothing stirs to ruin my dream,
and now you'll show me how.

Intimate incidents,
come close to revealing happiness,
always drank in large tankards full,
with a sound of piping hullabaloo.
When I looked towards the sky,
I saw your face on clouds,
talked of life and love once more,
you stood out from heavens crowds.

How Should I Feel ?

I really should have asked,
I guess I knew the story.
If I had spoken sooner maybe,
This ending would have been in glory.

Disappointed ?
Perhaps a note of that,
Yet all my dreams of you,
Are fallen into the chasm,
Where hope fled the coop.

It is the divine comedy,
Working through my life.
Where I made welcomed plans,
To find and win a wife.

Despondent ?
Not really, though I crave,
The days when a love comes,
Helping me to share more light,
The very heart of wanting you.

In a way I understand,
How love could show desire.
Then blow me off my feet,
Scorched by an unrequited fire.

Annoyed ?
Of course that would be futile,
The comings of a travesty,
Are not under my control,
Only mine, the waiting room.

Could my time be served,
If all I did was crave you?
I bless the day I noticed,
How bright the world I knew.

Grieved ?
No, for I love you still,
Despite accepting I'll not hold you,
As the lover I could be,
When life is lived for you and me.

What counts as love ?

Who is free from love?
The smile of this one is,
Too good to be true,
Eyes way too blue,
Sets aflame the heart of you.

The peace in children,
Innocent and so full of joy,
Could we yet try to sample,
Their energy, far more than ample,
This lustre for life, our example.

Such happiness that flows,
Comes after recognising what matters,
Not focusing on everything bad,
Or the reasons to be sad,
Nor things we wish we had.

Love is a graceful resource,
We must share it of course.
Seek new ways to be caring,
Build bridges with our daring,
And a rich passion for sharing.

Let our motives bring harmony,
To fill our world with peace.
Shine the light of grace,
Love evident on every face,
We are one, human-race.

Everything done for one another,
Is the evidence of our love.
What we say and we do,
In equality for me and for you,
Is from love that is true.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today Like This.

In the most simple of ways,
The light shines forth from you.
An aura of heat, combined to draw
In, every tiny wonderful thing you do.

Some would say your actions speak,
Of nothing more than sweet affection.
However something stirs inside of me,
When you glance in my direction.

Should this be the flame of passion,
Goading me to make my move?
Would you flatter of my advances,
If it be my will to somehow prove?

All I know is feelings tell me,
Something good now walks my way.
You have smiled and I am jelly,
Love came to call on me today.

One day like this.

Expectations have been growing,
Some elixir of the strange,
Has woven a web of desire
To fill my every thought.
Something on my mind, echoes
In the words from your mouth.

So you've been thinking of me,
As have I, of you my love,
Asking yourself these questions too,
Am I the one you've waited true.
Always life, is not a given end,
We have to fight to hold belief.

Caught by the magic at work,
I walk by your side and hope,
The thoughts in your head come
Freely when you smile at me.
One day like this could be,
The beginning that sets me free...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Paradise Returns.

Paradise Returns.

Some enchanting evening,
This has proved to be.
Distantly I must have been,
Aware that you were speaking,
But I could not
Hear your voice, in so much
As I didn't register what,
What that sweet mouth spake.
For I was gone,
Away to another ethereal place.
Something sparkled from beneath,
The beauty of captivating face,
Someone I'd so love to embrace.
My ears could hear the rhythm,
Feel the tone of your warmth,
Yet I was lost, wonderfully
Amidst the fragrance of your hair,
The subtle note of love,
From your palpitating skin.

Somewhat a heady experience,
This, being by your side.
You moved purposefully close,
And my senses exploded,
Drawing me into the light,
The wonderment that I crave,
A tale I lose to be brave.
My heart is hammering,
Do you hear it?
Did you feel the desire
In my eyes, under your spell?
Please let me die tonight,
Right here in this paradise.
A heaven brought to my world,
Where you are everything real,
Causing my heart to feel,
A dream-like state, somewhat surreal....


Love Exposed.

      Love Exposed.

Something rough as silk,
held me so tight,
made everything right,
kept me wanting,
every night,
to be closer, closer,
in my sight.

Handled by, a pure desire,
given in to fire,
the burning needy fire,
nothing short of
damning me,
to a fiery hell
of your beauty.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

One summer day in my life.

One summer day in my life.

Glimmering in the haze,
someone came to be amazing.
Laying down on grassy knoll,
scented skin my eyes be praising.

Fond of wild heather,
and daisy blowing in the wind.
Nothing passed, breezes a scorching,
helping me and my will rescind.

Stripped as naked flowers,
were the fondest of them.
Dancing sun an orgy leading,
worshiping the sacred femme.

Come together summer frenzy,
all were tamed by evensong.
What a day of summer heaven,
when we shared our love as one.


nameless of course,
said to me,
it's all a test you see.”

So good, explain,
what value,
and to whom is this test?

the almighty, he,
the creator of
all we see in existence.

he, needed to
well, test us
you see, to be sure.

Of what, I
would love
to know, is to be achieved?

relative to design,
wondered what,
or if we'd bow down in line.

he, god almighty,
needs nothing, surely
he cannot be made more, then.

struggle this logic,
a foul smell
reeks from the foetid ancient tale.

good has come,
from this test,
this supposed trial for evident truth?

that any parent,
would have need,
to make their child prove love.

is this pure,
the only way,
indeed to feel the love returned?

that is not,
is a lie,
if the end is already known.

a heart filled,
with such reason,
for it cannot breed real love.

left to show,
by it's own ways,
can be the only decent proposal.

cannot be won,
by forcing the point,
and the hand that wants idle.

glows in hearts,
full to the brim,
where people can choose freedom.

can be given,
not by pressure,
but by the ability to decide.

has the strength.
To overcome evil,
when action is not a constant test.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cloudy Judgements.

Skyfall on doubt,
Of what my life,
Is all about.
Where love dances,
On the fringes of
Enchanted evenings.
Storm brought a clue,
Of all the hope,
Lost on you.
Told to be a man,
Only when I can
Somehow understand.
Happy was your face,
On the light note
My hasty fingers trace.
Colder now than winter,
Alone in ways,
Shards of heart in splinter.

Spirit Falls.

         Spirit Falls.

Alone in a mile,
Of openness I walk,
Riding the flow home,
To where love becomes,
Love saves, and you,
Reveal a waiting heart,
My spirit falls heavily.

Wayward images in light,
Fight with my desire,
All I ever wanted,
Was to hold you,
Love you till forever,
Lay my head besides,
Where we fall together.

On The Wolds.

On The Wolds.

What I'd love to hold,
Walks silently on the wolds.
Tall and lean,
Like ripening summer corn,
A smile supreme,
Makes me glad,
I was born.
Caught in my sights,
Target of loves desire,
Up on rolling wolds,
A spirit, a dream,
Distant in a close embrace,
Hope and joy
Fill o'er my face,
The glow of firelight,
And her warm embrace.

When M becomes A.

In my hazy mind,
Somewhere remote you'll find,
A dream of love,
To treat me kind.
Wanting to evolve again,
Into something truly bright,
Peaceful and contented with,
Someone through darkest night.
Who can tame desire,
Longing to be loved?
All I ever wanted,
She with beauty gloved.
Taken 'M', replaced today,
By 'A' almost perfection,
Holding my heart determinedly,
Inducing her love injection.
I'll not forget 'M',
She is everyone known.
But 'A' feels real,
Like I'm coming home..!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Watching From Afar.

     Watching From Afar.

When something,
So beautiful exists,
Who would say they,
Do not want to look more?

Given eyes and soul,
To receive the beauty bright,
What evil would we say,
Would not cherish wanting more?

Doubts to who
You are, where you belong,
With whom you reveal all,
Are keeping me contemplating more.

Filled with wonderment,
To see your sweet eyes shine,
More of them than is healthy,
Hoping one day you'd be mine.

Cold is winter,
Summer lost without you near,
Golden are my opportunities few,
To be able to observe you more.

Fond of prettiness,
Where beauty is not only seen,
Deep I sense your beauty hid,
Where only dedicated eyes know more.

Pretending I don't see,
So much of the attractiveness here,
I count my blessings to endure,
The pain that's watching you still more.

You should know,
What my heart craves to touch,
Tho' I doubt I'll ever be able to say,
I adore you so very much...!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I Can't.

           I Can't.

I just fantasize,
About getting you off,
My mind, it is filled
With desire to be held,
By you,
Only you,
The real and very delicious
No-one will believe me,
For I have said
This thing, so many times
What will change?
What will be different?
No-one says it's O.K.
To have loved and lost.
The life till now was
Crooked, and had spurned
This crazy fascination, the game.
The one I can't,
Ever seem to win.!