Friday, December 23, 2011

The 'Hug'

The 'Hug'

Something very extraordinary,
Jewels sparkles bringing light.
More worth than golden ingots,
Clothed in peace before my sight.

A day for change delivered,
When I was waiting patiently.
Though you snuck in and shocked,
The soul I am emotionally.

I knew that I expected,
A message from the universal love.
But as you came with pronouncements,
I felt your peace become a dove.

How wonderful you noticed me,
And overcame the fear to speak.
You returned to me the sunshine,
Your gift is something quite unique.

Confused, I tried to understand,
The deliberate way you beckoned me.
For all I knew, this sacred moment,
My spirit soared, I'd been set free.

You couldn't know my reason,
To be blown away in awe.
Unless you'd read my spirit too,
In you the fountain of life I saw.

The pages of a fabled tale,
A kindred spirit helped me to see.
For as I opened up at random,
Your face was smiling back at me.

Eighty eight jewels sparkles out,
To the oasis of Arabian nights.
Where you had hugged a stranger,
Yet one you'd had in sights.

I cannot stress enough to you,
That 'hug' has saved my life.
Before you came, belief had wavered,
Hanging me above the wretched knife.

Such warmth, a random kindness act,
Brought tears to my hazel eyes.
The 'hug' of friendship moving me,
I really hope you'd realise.

So thank you, friend? For being brave,
The way I normally follow too.
My faith in life's unfolding plan,
Has been spurred on, because of you.

If one day I could return,
I hope I'd get the chance to.
Repay the energy you have shared with me,
To make all your dreams come true.

Yes YOU...

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