Sunday, December 28, 2014

Was it just a trick of the light ?

Was it just a trick of the light ?

When only the flow of no reason
And simple truths can hold me,
Will the light in your pretty eyes
Fall upon me how I long to be held?
Soft is the trickle of power unfolding,
Tough are the tears of my surrender,
Kind I have known, from deep pools,
Emancipating all of my weary soul.
Fresh as summer meadows in dew,
Have come these lives to be kept,
Washed as linen under the milky moon,
Whence I’d lost my heart to you.
Bridged from yesterdays in despair,
The wanting to be under your spell,
Life gives the dream a new revelation,
And all I know is your smile.

Shadows cannot hide your allure,
Nor do days of darkness clothe me,
Support has a name of an angel,
As she sings in rainbows, the stars.
Beheld are the fragments in question,
To answers no-one will ever know,
My doorway closes on the light of day,
And here, an echo of the wilderness.
Abandon to be alive in pure motion,
Carried under the raiment of love,
Freedom will be my only salvation,
When my soul cries to be touched.
When doves have cried in darkness,
Only ‘she’ shall halt this timelessness,
Held in her arms and her rich smile,

And the blinding light of love..!

Snow is Freedom.

Snow is Freedom.

Tumbling on the whim of mine,
A flurry of white shall billow bye,
Causing hope to rise and call,
And I am alive behind the eye.
Fallen to a fate worse than death,
Life was full as now the sky,
Cold and broken a hand in fate,
Nothing saved, for me left to try.

Outward blown into the distance,
Ran and danced on time gone bye,
Delivered the reason to hide my shame,
Beneath what drifts now in my eye.
Covered in blankets beneath the rage,
Torment has broken a blizzard sky,
Away from helplessness about my fate,
I resist the tear of this fear I try.

Once where we began our lives,
A cage left empty I passed you bye,
Caught for all to see my crime,
No love, no respect escapes your eye.
Brighter in a day blown by caring,
Blinded in a force beyond pale sky,
Hard and frosted, iced to my core,
I trudge no distance though I try.

Unlike my fate, you're free to go,
Snow set down, long times gone bye.
Dispatched with empathy for a life,
See how these jewels now catch my eye.
Who has tasted ever such freedom,
 A snow filled heaven beneath the sky,
Where I watch in wonder to change,
Beaten in battle if ever I'll then try.

Dedicated to: Musical Artist
Tracey Curtis @ The Green Gathering.
Chepstow 2014

‘The story of the prisoner.’

Saturday, December 27, 2014

I like the way you squeeze.

I like the way you squeeze.

Love is in the air and here I’m smiling,
Walking close to you excites me,
Holding hands is simple display enough,
But when no-one is looking,
When we are building hot emotion,
I like the way you squeeze.

Love has moved us into the throws of passion,
Holding smooth and scented skin, it
Let’s me be the way a man should,
And all at once a gasp
I feel the hand of your adventure,
I love the way you squeeze.

Love to bring tears to my craving eyes,
Gripped between palpitating thighs,
Lost beyond knowing and always wanting,
For in the space of lovers,
Moulded by hands of real true desire,
I feel the way you squeeze.

The Forum of Desire.

   The Forum of desire.

In every way through every day,
I am seeing you.
My attentions have gone out
To you, for you, with you,
Yet not alone again
With thoughts of two.
Coaxed by yearning,
A familiar burning deep below,
The start of desire
Fan the flames now rising higher
That smile, a connection.
Souls recognising grace,
Beauty of these lines I trace,
Fondness to a choice we face.
Reading in between the lines,
Desire breeds romantic notion,
Of how we may yet
Catch and ride the locomotion,
Deep and hot, filled of love,
Broad as any timeless ocean.

Recognised of one becoming
More a joy than aimless fantasy,
I wonder do you truly notice me,
And crave to let your
Soul and mind run free.
Worlds apart yet meeting here,
Time stands still as if
The paralysis grips me,
Destined for a day to feel you,
Heady, drunk so much more
Than merely tipsy.
Wanting has a power to
Feed me, all because one special
Moment passes, collection of messages
I sense, as you raise your glasses.
Palpitations driving and fuelling
My sole attention, to want your kisses,
Upon my body your hands and lips,
Carpet softness supporting how we
Open to gyrating hips.

I drive my car into a bridge
I’ve crashed, I let it burn,
I want your freshness,
And all the ceaseless scandal,
The fire burns within me too
Till I’m become the madman,
‘Cos I don’t care..!
Heat that rises fills my mind,
And no religious convictions hold
For us to go until we’re blind.
Every ounce of love
Is desire and lust here moulding,
We reach a point of no return,
I’ve crashed my car
And I watch it, I let it burn.
Heart beating, thudding so quickly
Your smell intoxicatingly vivid, I
I stumble…..answer,
But your widening smile describes,
That you understand..!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

It's a point of You.

     Its a point of You.

Seeing is not always believing,
For I have known another way.
Now I feel the love you share,
And things are coloured differently.
Realms of worlds I'd never seen,
I'm holding in the space of time,
Brought into my eyes and heart,
To build a notion of tranquillity.
On the wind your name was called,
And here beside me came paradise,
Listen close and you shall hear,
A beating heart so inspired by you.
Understanding mysteries cannot stop me,
Finding the truth I found right here,
Filled with power to kill the blue,
I'm seeing how my point is you...!

                    For my Miranda. x

Eyes of True.

           Eyes of True.

There was once a light,
something of you knew how to fight,
bared in innocence was a beautiful sight,
when all at once I knew you right.

Had those years just flown,
to ideas and memories never know?
Would this chance to live we'd sown,
build into a grand and mighty home?

Held in grace forever mine,
loved the place how went our time,
despite that we survived without a dime,
the way we felt was sweet and fine.

Walking hand in hand with you,
how the days we loved drove through,
fields of dreams is what we knew,
and what I read in eyes of true....

Amazing Stories.

        Amazing Stories.

Flow the tide of pilgrims,
so many arriving each blessed day,
coming in from far and from near,
some to behold the spectacle, others to pray.
From dread and fear of the road,
they all braved the challenge ahead,
a flood of voices in many tongues,
following the lines of history we tread.

A brotherhood made in love,
like a miracle to heal mankind,
some strange elixir of united nations,
upon the Camino de Santiago you'll find.
Arriving with such a variety,
of amazing stories they have to share,
the beauty of love held in their eyes,
is how we prove that we still care.

Lift the will of caring,
to breath hope of peace for all,
here the throngs are calling out,
a micro nation of people walking tall.
Through the plains and mountains,
come the messages of a new day,
one where we shall all rejoice,
so many stars have shone along the way.

Stories of hope to conquer,
and some of our loved ones passed,
many of reward in times of doubt,
are the tales of these people amassed.
And now in Plaza de Obradoiro,
are the sparkling jewels of the way,
each one has carried a hefty stone,
that troubles, they can now cast away...

The Crying Game.

       The Crying Game.

Laid here upon ancient stones,
Years of toil have come to rest,
Oh my heart has overflowed with love,
And now my eyes weep saltily.
Miles we've travelled to behold,
All this beauty laid to rest,
Something moves inside me here,
And crying helps to move my soul,
Tested oft' beyond my limit,
To walk along this way of peace,
Fallen, stumbled, held in states of grace,
My joy has risen to highest highs.
Now my will has given in,
I accept the willingness to explode,
How much love I'd held deep inside,
That now floods down on holy ground.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rock Star.

Rock Star.

It’s carved in stone,
                                            To set the tone,                                            
Life in all it’s glory,
Intricately hewn by wise hands.
Original sin to be told,
And all the merry making themes,
For stories to outlive the old,
Where ancient stone is made to gold.

Fabricate the fine detail,
Wrought in patterns new,
Marbled till the dream has passed,
Crystal in the tale of men.
Tree of life bedecked,
Within the realms of mortals,
Stardom brought by wizened hands,

For all that rocks won’t move…

Dedicated to;
Francisco Javier Lopez

Lugo Spain.

Monday, November 03, 2014

The Legend that is Love.

The legend that is LOVE.

I cannot escape the voices,
Your words of love and harmony,
A vision of the world at peace
Came flooding now all over me.
Since you left us here in distress,
So much pain, has filled your void,
Brother now I miss your message
Where peace and love could be employed.

Family would be a prime example,
Of how we’d work to live at peace,
But I’m still seeing, far too much anger,
In a world where hatred will not cease.
Could we yet give up this passion,
To be full of pain, and soul dis-ease?
Should we pray for days you’d imagine,
Where only love and peace increase?

High on life and in this mountain,
I have cried to be set free,
Knowing you have guarded the secret,
And how your love washes over me.
Who could know the gift you’d brought,
When you could sing of love for all?
Who would know the evil slaughter,
Where to the pavements you should fall?

Thank you John, you are my legend,
All in colours so bright and clear,
It’s like the time, stood still beside you,
When you imagined love, that brought us near.
We all still miss your voice of courage,
Sang in melodies so strong and proud,
We shall ne’r, forget your daring,
To sing for love and peace out loud..!

For John Winston Lennon and Yoko Ono

And dedicated to Julia Baird.

A new song, same message, same love, same spirit.

Fading Lights.

             Fading lights.

You have captured beauty
In my eyes for a while,
Here and there I see a
Hint of more than just a smile.
Could this yet prove to be
More than a wisp of truth?
Something I’d have better loved,
Whilst I still, had my youth.
In the vision of what could be,
I’ve lived the dream of mine,
You have proved me yet alive,
And are an amazing way to shine.
Before the day expires at last
I’ll have lived in joy with you,
For though the lights are fading
This eternal memory will help me through.


You're so good for me.

  You’re so good for me!

Alone I’d not stand so tall,
You have shown me love.
Gifted have you been to me,
This care you bring has set me free.

Times have come and devils go,
Where I’d not known this love.
Now I know from beating heart,
You leave me, a place to start.

Once upon a time it seems,
The story wrote me off again.
Here you bring me tender treats,
Because of you, my heart beats.

How could I have known,
You would be my one true love?
Cherished more than precious stones,
The angel breathes flesh to my bones…

Miranda x

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Turning my back.

    Turning my back.

Too late to call me in,
I have fallen, favour given,
Lost to be a supporter of her,
The nag of twisted lying cloth.
Damage done for greedy hands,
Yet I forgave that wicked sin.
Still my vow, I must honour,
So I’ll never go back in.
Unrighteous deeds not Christian values,
Taught me nothing new to be,
Only my disdain of this vixen,
Shall keep me safe
And set me free.
Grudge I hold none,
Yet I’m loyal,
To be rid of this spiteful deed.
Now I turn my back on going,
And forever more,
My debt be freed….

Gone by so quickly !

   Gone by so Quickly..!

These old streets are still singing,
Aloud the tunes of the pilgrims,
Here and there an echo comes,
Of the time that has flown by.
Santiago does still welcome give,
Her heart is set on giving love,
Now and then between these walls,
I’ve felt the saints would talk to me.

Whilst the years have rolled along,
Time it seems has kept to time,
Filled with shapes of things to come,
Yet holding onto the ghosts it’s made.
Had we laughed so long since past?
And did we romp on sands at all?
Where has time gone since we were?
And what became of promises made?

In Derby shadowed by the Compostela,
Time stands tall returned to when,
Clouds had formed from both sides now,
To spell the end for you and I.
Such is life when we are guarded,
Fallen to the way we ought to be,
Nothing moves under the heavens,
Unless love grows and forms a home.

Long I’ve travelled to betroth honour,
Found in me some space and time,
Courage to be daring came relentless,
Where love became a master plan.
Take good care as you go on walking,
Feel the light that calls you home,
A mystery that brings no real answer,
Is here but goes so quickly by…!

Monday, October 06, 2014

The Image of Me !

      The Image of Me !

You were a best kept secret,
a reason I've never had to know.
Born from the belly of a mother,
who'd received the blessings of seed I had to sow.

So where have you been growing,
in places I'd have loved to be.
How strange now this evoking reaction,
to behold in you the image of love that I see.

Tiny face and glowing eyes smiling,
no hatred contained in this moment here.
Only creation of the everlasting magic,
left when two people have not understood what is now clear.

Forgive me, for I had not a clue,
you had graced this world, this place.
Still, I hold no resentment at all,
now I am privileged to encounter you, image of my trace.

Though so much time has passed,
I'll waste not a moment longer,
to be honouring the message you carry,
one that I pray you can prolong, for you are stronger.

Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone,
you are holding within you a key,
to a future that our world can share,
love unbridled by the greed, one where we are all free.

Happier now I can know you,
though till now we'd been estranged.
Amazed at how such tiny little hands,
can grip onto mine so strongly, for me this feels so strange.

I promise that I shall love you,
and make an effort to make up time.
For in you I see the image of me,
you're the blessing I'd never known was mine...