Saturday, March 31, 2012


Mr P. Warrior.
Account No. 1234567890
Date : 30/3/12


Let this be official,
Let this be a fact.
All that I would tell you,
Is a new way that I act.
Sure you see me question,
As I look for answers here.
Nothing could be sure as houses,
Unless the voice were very clear.

I need no answers from you,
I ask no questions to you.
All that I would say now,
Are experiences I have found new.
Tiny jewels of guiding light,
Would save me from eternal dark.
If only I could be the one,
Bringing messages, that you hark.

Yours Sincerely.

Account manager.



A curly mop,
giggles and smiles,
bemused by the world,
that you set out to explore.

A chubby face,
such tiny hands,
touching to learn texture,
in the land of the giants.

A tottery wobble,
you race about,
weebling on your new adventure,
sight, sound, taste, touch, smell around.

A baby smile,
so much to learn,
you share an incredible joy,
Rosalee, you are such a bundle of fun.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Touched Me

You Touched Me
A beautiful stranger

Now you have gone,
Left to defeat your chores,
I thought that you had returned,
As I drew in your fragrance.

Looking at the light in your eyes,
I had forgotten to breath.
But I had sensed your scent,
A most wonderful, romantic allure.

Tho' brief our encounter,
You have most certainly touched me.
I took your hand in mine,
Where power flowed between us.

As I put my hand,
To my nostrils, here you are
Come back, floated upon the air,
And a flutter of hope too.

Don't be scared, for I
Have wanted you in a moment.
And as you sailed away,
Left me noticing the space here.

For a few short glorious minutes,
I smiled at pure heaven.
And gazed upon the face of angels,
Drawing my desire to grow.

Now that I am alive,
Your awareness thrust me awake.
What can I do but believe,
Destiny will play a part.

Your scent still warms my skin,
And I am happy to know.
One day we will be together,
If the power of love takes hold.

 From the wonderful film about love,

Insights of Inca Warriors

Insights of Inca Warriors
(The Celestine Prophecy)

Here I see a light.
Inclusive, not that elusive,
Describing a new dawn of man.
I saw you and was reminded,
Of a day where we had been,
Here before as in a dream.

Life is a mystery to be revealed,
When destiny delivers a clue,
Of all that you're supposed to do.
You surely see as I this view,
Redefined a strategy for I and you,
Of what purpose is hidden now,
Sacred announcements of a world-view.

In simple things, the grandeur,
Will be known. From the least to
The slightest, all will have to
Know the glory of the divine,
Understanding how to matter in time.

Our insecurity to comprehend,
And to conquer everything will pass,
When we reconnect with it all.
What glory in dominating, when
The worst of humanity we display ?
Wake up and see, a better way to be.

If we fail to join again as one,
Our planet will become, over run.
If we act through fear still,
We shall dis-empower our greater will,
To be the ones who fulfil.

Perceive the greatest beauty here,
Right before your shielded eyes.
Come to know the real worth,
Of a perpetual existence here on earth.
Let the highest self awareness come,
Don't hanker after, more destruction done.

Let go, dissolve the bond, release control,
Feel the joy of remaining still.
Listen to your echoes on the breeze,
Find power of life from living trees.
A reality like none we've known before,
Opening a hope to bring us more.
See truth in the evolution of,
A world of peace and perfect love.

Following the clues will show,
Intuitively everywhere we have to go.
Interpret for the greatest good,
Decide from the heart, let energy flood.
And as you and I pursue,
Clearer will become the NOW view.
Our mission to possess the earth,
Will reveal peace, bring joy to birth.

And when the critical mass,
Have grown large enough to pass,
Us through the door of understanding,
We'll live the life we've had a hand in.
Our energy will vibrate so fast,
All the universe, no more so vast.
Will be evolution in a waking flow,
We'll exalt the definitions as we grow.

And here we'll know from experience,
There never really was a fence.
No barriers to preclude our way,
From reaching dreams from day to day.
Our purpose here will be complete,
Evolving from encounters that we meet.
To show us here the steps to take,
As we realise that heaven is what we make.

Nowhere Man

Dutifully to my broken heart,
The layers of life reveal,
Still only shadows of a light,
Being with you could heal.

Could we, should we be free ?

Alone is no fun to laugh,
Closeness brought us both peace,
Sharing touch and passions smiles,
And pretty joy that did not cease.

Had we, did we, will we see ?

I am a real nowhere man,
So I need you to make our home,
Without you in my arms each night,
I'll just spend forever all alone.

Train to save a tragedy

Train to save a tragedy

it was the dark of the moon
where I knew indeed your love swoon
but had it come far too soon ?

you hadn't been expecting me
and I was so happy to see
your eyes shinning, oh so brightly

golden sun-kissed love upon your skin
held my eyes rapt committing sin
still wondering how, your heart I'd win

I needn't have worried at all
now into my loving arms you fall
like this was always a lovers call

so from the train I rode here
to the elation you hold dear
I saved a tragedy going queer

Back to Front

Back to Front

Palindrome is perfect,
air for lungs,
intuitively breathing.
Respiration of soliloquy in belief,
about right to be alive is
that face, the fear.
Can we accept we,
If being is being if, 
we accept we can.
Fear the face that,
is alive to be right, about
belief in soliloquy of respiration.
Breathing intuitively.
Lungs for air,
Perfect is palindrome.

The Quickening Fire

The Quickening Fire

Beneath a horribly heavy heart,
Where even angels fear to tread,
Has come a burning of witches,
All the evil thoughts within my head.

I dared to purge it all,
And move the blockages held there.
I crave the chance escape,
To fill up with light, like breathing air.

The shinning light of the exodus,
Is warming me unto the core.
I am happy as I get away,
Showing all negativity to the door.

And burning now all doubts,
Banished to the funeral pyre.
The soul of me becomes transformed,
As I experience the quickening fire...!

Where the Passion Died

Where the Passion Died

Could you or I, pinpoint
the day, or was it the week,
when the passion died ?

It was there once, sure
I had seen its motive route
and all of hope alive.

Was it someone, something
that killed the heart of it,
desolating the hallowed ground ?

It had lived in smiles,
in fervent laughter and tears,
and all throughout those years.

So where has it gone now ?
Please tell me if you perceived,
the moment when it flew.

The Experiment

The Experiment

Goggles on. Bunsen burner at the ready.
Experiment of life, experiment of pain,
Experiment of hope, bringing light again.

I experiment with friendships,
To glorify the chance to share.
I have dabbled in the wilds side,
Being in love without a care.

And all of life has come along,
To find how much I've learned.
The smiles upon the faces of love,
Is a gift that I have earned.

The results. They speak for themselves.
Joy filled my life, lesser was the pain,
Received all new hope, love to maintain.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Raindrops keep falling

Raindrops keep falling

The whole world be my adventure,
feel the wetness on my skin.
I climb aloft every mountain,
watch clouds bursting open again.

Torrents of precipitation crash,
and fill the craggy mossy nook.
The power of nature scares me,
as the thunder mountains shook.

Time rolls slowly, ambling along,
a wilderness comes so fresh alive.
All presence of the moment,
will help me and my heart survive.

The storm is beyond breaking,
it claustrophobicises the world below.
But once it's cleansed Ionosphere,
new growth all life will show.

Wish we were here

Wish we were here

Oh I do like to be beside
the seaside.
Oh I do like to be beside
the sea.
With a breeze in my hair,
and some sun upon my skin,
beside the seaside,
beside the sea.

I'm smiling now, no, laughing.
The tears sting my eyes,
for you are flooding back again.

Remember sweet, when we strolled
and skipped and paraded along
the seafront, eating our fish supper ?

Those days were the best,
were the memories I have left.
Oh darling, how I wish we were here.

Rambo Rubs

Rambo Rubs

He's a ball of fluff,
And he loves the fuss,
Comes searching for a treat.
He's a lovely tiny boy,
Catches and brings the toy,
For the hint of something sweet.

When I come to call,
He races all along the hall,
Barking in delight to my feet.
As I stoop to rub,
Rambo like a lions cub,
Frolicking 'neath his masters seat.

Such a joyful play mate,
He is first to the plate,
For affection I have to give.
When I rub his furry chest,
He is at his very best,
Making life a real joy to live.

The Height of Fashion

The Height of Fashion
You can keep it !

The wags are on parade,
Handbags, glad-rags, shiny shoes.
Frenzy of the Vuitton's
Panache of Rive-gauch hues.

Trousers round your ankles,
And gee strings on display.
Piercings and the body art,
Tattoos and being gay.

Tempting me, but no I say,
To Apple or Blackberry passion.
What good will it bring me,
To continue with this fashion ?

The call to celebrity status,
Is what the youth now crave.
Despite the evident low I.Q.
From which these 'gods' all behave.

Devil in the Detail

what a load of poppy cock
we fall into this trap.
the wise and noble gentry
would fill us with their crap.

let's hide in our omissions
the truth behind our acts.
pretend the viewing public eyes
won't ever discover the real facts.

no-one likes a smart ass
but here we resonate their voice.
they sell us nothing beneficial
as we accept as if it's choice.

don't be different from the herd
be sheeple like all the rest.
the devil's in their detail
when they convince their way is best.