Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Cool winds blew,
Some power of something new,
Laughing together,
A dream of forever,
Whatever the weather,
Walking through fields of heather.
For we knew contentment,
A love no resentment,
You knew what these words meant,
And what makes me feel,
Incredibly real,
My thunder you steal,
Before we'd bested this deal,
On a statement of fact,
How we both want to act,
In our crazy desire,
To be burned in love's fire..!




Sounds of butterflies
Grew and became deafening.
The fluttering wings
Brought home a paradise
Of desire, spontaneous fire,
Some enchanted feeling of higher.

Come into swiftness,
Beneath restraint to undress,
The love you would impress.
Holding a heart so fragile,
Yet seeing your body agile,
I luxuriated in your eyes awhile...




We met on a day of rain.
Do you remember you said,
"I so love the feel, or water
on my skin. I taste the sweetness
of life in the coolness of it's touch.”

You were in purple then,
A certain sunlight caught
Your hair and it shone,
As I revered your awesome
Beauty and that smile.

I fell in love, once, forever,
And my pulse knocked furiously
Where my breathing paused,
I fell weak in applause,
Something of me always yours.


Hiding from myself.

Hiding from myself.

Where I see light,
a freedom from denial,
many would say I'm wrong,
that my activities are vile.

How could I really hide,
the person that I am being,
if I came out, the closet open,
would not, my friends go fleeing?

Honesty can be a sword,
two edges of aspect to slice,
leave my secrets on display,
where the results be not so nice.

The choice is mine alone,
to live a life of real integrity,
be open to ridicule, sneering,
where people would make fun of me.

Dragging my heels allows,
my fantasy to be my way,
where I could fantasize relief,
the days where I'd be gay.

Hiding what is best for me,
would never be a safety net,
dressed up in frilly wrappings,
would only desperation me beget.

So let me be resolved,
to find peace within my soul,
living truth before the deceit,
and make honesty my goal.

I may not be absolved,
but I can walk with pride,
when I am master of myself,
I shall never have to lie or hide....

The first time?

     The first time?

Suppose the heavens
Had themselves created a dream.
One full of promise,
Something yet more astounding,
Than the walls of love surrounding.

Then we'd know
How truly amazing be she.
An angel from love,
Given for to save all mankind,
A finer gift we'd never find.

Built with promise
To be the messenger of love.
Searching out truest
The responsive and the very brave,
For no other souls could she save.

She came upon
One of kindred spirit on earth.
See her face shine,
As once it had in heavens throne,
Here she'd believe she found a home.

As twin spirits
Or as great lovers be reunited.
The power of love,
Wouldst yet prove this to glorify,
Here from my vantage, I do spy.

So long ago
Upon an ethereal plane below,
We were as one.
Sharing more than just the love,
More than beauty from up above.

I simply remember
How the light had been back then.
Where we had known
So much more of life than pain,
Before on earthly plane we came.

Recognising a heart
Full of the promises to bear fruit.
A long distant echo
Now resonates again before my eyes,
Hearing the message that never dies.

Peaceful is Miranda
Joined again with one she knew.
Fallen here from heaven
To fulfil the destiny supremely made,
Where in her heart and arms I laid....

Miranda x

Angel 'A' Class.

Angel 'A' Class.

She, the promise of my soul,
Walked in and took me,
Body and spirit,
To a place of honesty.
Called down from the heights,
To spare my life
From the hopelessness and rain,
She smiled.

Gushing forth the love of life,
Founded on a purity,
Surrendered at will,
On the mantle of my desire.
Deliverance from the evil come,
I've known how now,
She can fill, breathe me purpose
Of abundance.

Choral raiment flows unto me,
Light so bright I'm bedazzled,
Heart and soul,
For this luminary graceful vision.
Mark my words are ever failing,
Where she has walked,
Showing me the universal attraction,
She embodies.

Girl of power to command me,
Sparkles like the rising sun,
Angel of deliverance,
Bringing reason into my world.
Saving love, of a butterfly
Captured in my being,
Everything becomes as love beheld,
My angel.

The doubting.

The Doubting.

Hang man, lets out his rope,
Forming a bow, looping the knot.
Strangle the flow,
Below, where love could be seen,
Oh crazy lover,
What a night this has been.

I strongly urge, no-one to feel,
Controlled by dread, doubts of love.
Lost under passion,
Somehow, where my strength had been,
Before doubt arrived,
I hope you'll know what I mean?

Courage fled, ran for the hills,
Took with it hope, for sanity's dream.
Balanced on steel,
Cool to the touch, drawing the crimson,
Fighting my demon,
Interloping to death and taking my reason.

Strong man, gone to the rabble,
Eaten by monsters, feasting on evil.
Rancid in mind,
Deafening, rousing no tender response,
My crazy reasons,
Are something that nobody else wants.

Pale skin, sullen for the trauma,
Body racked and twisted, fallen again.
Causing this riot,
Addiction, that I cannot hold onto,
The candle flickers,
Despite knowing that I'll always want you.

Lights going out, darkness surrounds me,
Fumbling with better, sounder reasons.
Tipping the scales,
In the direction, always heavily left,
Discovers the causes,
Of all the whys, I am always bereft.

A weakness, inside the void of mind,
Spills over reality, destroying soundness.
Properly lost now,
Demented, the madness of this soul,
Stealing a capacity,
To be aware of what made me whole.

Quantifying, leads to more insanity,
Rationality is weak, under this mountain.
Man of love,
Struggles to, remain in charge of life,
Tested in faith,
Dangling his manhood over that knife.

No certainty, will come to save me,
Unless I know you, over some time.
Escaping is freedom,
Release, but for a while I can rest,
Being in love,
Is not the easier option, to this I attest.



Here we stand, watch us fall,
it don't matter if we lose it all.

We stand up, tall and strong,
for in our hearts the victories belong...

(Chord pace change)

Please don't waste no time at all, yeah...
Waiting for the reapers hammer to fall...

Walk with pride, not too long,
don't let ego get so strong.

Touch the power, be courageous too,
so the poison won't hurt you...

(Chord pace change)

We don't get no time at all yeah...
for our love to taste the devils call...

If we act to save ourselves
Who knows how much pain will be?
Be a lover of the truth... agh...
Not just act selfishly....
People know who our love rests on..
And will recognise deceit undone
For them all..... yeah yeah....

(Mid 8)

Love for life, should be our aim,
if we want it can be the same.

Touch the sky, dream of love..
for it all comes from up above...

(Chord pace change)

We can't make time wait at all...
if we want love to answer the call...

Head up high, smile at life,
gonna choose me a wonderful wife...

Tall and strong, full of joy,
she'll make me a very happy boy...

(Chord pace change)

Please don't make me wait at all...
left in darkness, waiting for you to call...

The cannons flash, aimed too high,
now we see how the bodies fly...

Take the bait, fight for right,
then your love becomes the might...

If we act to save ourselves
Who knows how much pain will be?
Be a lover of the truth... argh...
Not just act selfishly....
People know who our love rests on..
And will recognize deceit undone
For them all..... yeah yeah....




The craving
Has become intense.
Wanting, longing,
All of these
Arouse my giant
To stir the flow of power.

Did you
Observe this fawning?
My foolishness
Was not composed
When I took this course,
Leading into uncharted waters.

Wanting to
Touch you deeply.
Has become painful,
The cruellest
Type of surrender,
In my arms I found beauty.

Come closer
Wrap your legs
Around my neck.
Squeeze me gently
Rock me wildly
Urge me on to the edge.

No control
Any more for abandon.
Writhing on silk,
Palpitating in earnest
Approaching the rewards
Where beauty becomes explosion.

Hold on
To this frenzy.
Ride up into heaven
Where the 2nd coming
Awaits your desperate
And frantic collapse beneath me.

Move quickly
And taste Nirvana.
Steal kisses
From my hungry mouth,
The same shall
Consume every part of you.

Tongue flicking
We writhe in harmony.
Abandon calls
A devil to redeem,
Where slick bodies
Entwine before the graceful fall.

Sated forever
Until the morning.
Where passion
Once more awakens,
To reveal consensus
That lovers make much of time!