Sunday, July 30, 2017

Beauty ‘v’ Brains.

        Beauty ‘v’ Brains.

It is not easy you know,
To find the understanding clear,
Of what is true to me,
Or which choice we’ve lost,
Letting thought or reason interfere.

Who would have believed,
Decisions of love be so very hard,
Coming to only one conclusion,
Which value is the best,
And which other we will discard.

Infinite the possible conclusions,
Bringing me to the point of doubting,
I have seen the sparkle,
And seen your blue eyes shine,
Fell in love, with your lips pouting.

Still, not nearly they alone,
Can bring me to make a choice,
Despite sensing the perfection,
That holds me ever rapt,
And captivating decadence in your voice.

Happy have I known today,
In hearing how you hold conversation,
Positive, resolute, determined, cool
Driving my heart wild and restless,
Can also be a real temptation.

You are wondrous fit to burst,
I simply want to feel reason,
Who and what and why,
And how I’ll ever miss you
Tender like the changing season.

Often I’m unsure to say,
“hold me, touch me, kiss me baby,”
Or find only sensible reasons,
To be close beside you,
Holding hands so definitely maybe.

Under the guise of doubt,
I’m seeing intelligence more worthy,
Relegating prettiness to second place,
In the hope that this will,

Help you to come adore me….

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