Saturday, August 31, 2013

Love Aurelia Actually.

Love Aurelia Actually.

Aurelia actually shone,
Wisps of golden fractured light,
Came to save me,
Make me feel so, very right,
Held me, soothed me,
Made sweet love to me,
Once, forever, each sacred night.

She called my spirit,
Up to heights beyond the stars,
I swear my heart,
Landed somewhere, beyond red Mars,
Infinitesimal boundaries won,
She moved heaven to be mine,
No greater love than ours.

I was hooked and pulled,
Drawn to her breast and smile,
We burned the rule book,
Cruised the far out lovers mile,
Told one another everything,
Of love and triumphs gained,
Before we rested happily a while.

I was lost unto dreams,
In deepest love this glory,
We set sail for distant shore,
Hear rumour, what became our story,
Found a secret of desire,
Shared forever in her sight,
Her smile, existed for me!
Not Rory...!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

World in Motion.


Shocking to think,
It could always be the same.
One day the same again,
Do you think life is a game?

Revolutions of consciousness,
Are preparing to undo it all.
What unravels will undo belief,
Where consciousness appears to scorn.

Days are coming,
Whence the light shall dim.
Darkness takes what shall begin,
And life ends the glory coming.

Race to purify,
So love will stand a chance.
Stand not alone in tempest,
All fire in howling winds purify.


Spot the loser,
That takes no pride in faith.
Pride will lead to his fall,
Taking down this loser in fear.

Move to action,
And save a hope you've had.
Someone came to save desire,
They burned this love of action.

Love for life,
Will be the power we choose.
Only sharing the power can,
Breath beauty upon this life.

World in motion,
Moves the time we carry.
Time is false to bearing love,
It's our motion producing life....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Can you spare some change?

Can you spare some change?

I do not presume,
To judge you.
You ask and I hear,
"Can you spare some change, sir?"
And all I feel,
Is not pity, not guilt,
But what change will heal?

Coins you seek,
A way to scavenge,
Take without giving back,
What hope is there?
You know nothing,
Of my own tragedies,
Nor do you really care.

Tiny minds fuel tiny dreams,
Score some gear, some beer,
A chance to escape despair,
Exchanging types of misery.
I beg you listen,
To your soul speaking,
If you'd care to listen.

Evil be-gets more evil,
Spiral of deceptions accrue.
And in your subway patter,
I believe all hope is gone.
Take a day off abusing,
Eat for all you're worth,
Don't choke on crooked tongue.

(The image above is not of the particular beggar whom inspired this poem. I do know the actual beggar personally and hence the reason for this poem. There is no financial reason why she has to beg.)

What Law ?

What Law ?

Who steals my thunder,
And takes down my eyes?
Couldn't let the wind blow,
For hurting only beauty.
Good expresses more desire,
Evil loses points once more,
More becomes the lesser man,
Woman holds up something more.

Cold as the lofty heights,
Senses raid a hell below,
Raven craws to herald envy,
Love has waned beyond morose.
Heaven came unfolding virtue,
Lessening the last to go,
When I opened up at random,
Did you see the law in me?

Laws of Balance.

Laws of Balance.

Hold in one hand,
My heart.
And 'pon t'other,
Will be thy glory.
With thine eyes behold,
Magnificence balanced,
For generations to come,
When love regains,
All places where I belong.
Have I ever known,
More pleasure than thee?
Woulds't that I expire,
Haven't held what I see.
Beautify my house again,
Test my will to sanctify,
And I shall die,
A truly happy man.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Right out of the blue !

  Right out of the blue !

                                          You !
Summer lover once more burn,
Come back in a second,
Right out of the blue !

You somehow yet remembered me ?
My face has become young,
Whence where we laughed.

The excitement now surges in,
Tender the memories of holding
Hands as we strolled along.

That will yet burn me down,
Heart, concealed every tiny clue,
Of the memories I made with you.

                                          Amazing !
To be remembering this light,
The crazy way we shared love,
In fantastic passions and fun.

Have become my waking thoughts,
Alive, the sense of decadence,
We created in that open space.

Was our way to share delight,
Fighting for each other well,
How we made everything right.

You have made me crave,
One more breath of your hair,
One more touch of your hands.

                                          Glad !
Is my heart now stirring,
Like a powerful motor whirring,
Please come back and stay !


Friday, August 09, 2013

Bad Man.

      Bad Man.

Punishing the room,
Hanging on a foetid breath,
Something vile in his smile,
Why he wears a stone,
And why my senses cool.

Banishing the peace,
All his eyes roving, steal,
Courage from the gentle folk,
Where we had laughed out loud,
None will meet his gaze.

Menacing this place,
He barks to get his way,
Leaving fear in timid hearts,
Proud is he, his will invites,
None to be his friend.

Finishing the fun,
Quickly cools the atmosphere,
Everyone somehow feels the dark,
Brought here upon his shoulders,
Chilling winds of irrational fear.

Sponsoring the darkness,
What we all steer clear,
Someone leaves under the cloud,
Before the pressure would kill,
Every happiness inside desire.

Captivating in ignorance,
His words insult the girl,
Selling what he carries here,
But robbing what he ought not,
By malevolence in his heart.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

There is no fear ?

There is no fear ?

Could you see a clue,
Of why, what you do,
Manifests the actual events,
That you'd hope, to prevent?

Do not be in fear,
Let more love in, draw it near,
Change the way that you react,
Deny your fear accepting fate.

Only the stupid listen here,
Forgetting this destructive fear,
For it lives on inside you still,
And denying it shall make you ill.

Accept in love, every fact,
Let it help the way you react,
Be a lover not a hater,
For in this act you're being greater!

Darkness has a need for light,
Without it, seriously there is no right,
Be the change you wish to see,
Accepting this shall set you free.

Fear is not your enemy,
Pay it mind and you shall see,
It forces us to adapt and grow,
Be mindful, what you reap you sow.

Tell yourself you're being kind,
Then happiness is what you'll find,
Live your life without regrets,
For pain is all, that beg-gets.

Be courageous and love your fear,
Otherwise you'll draw it near,
And all your life be subdued,
Keeping you in darkest mood....

Let it go, be free........!

Returning a favour.

Returning a favour.

Do unto others,
As you would have them
Do to you.
This is nothing new,
I'm sure you knew a smile,
Could touch my soul.
As I can also return,
The favour of a hug...

Somehow you knew,
Just what I had really needed.
Thank you dear stranger,
I hope you felt loved,
As we shared that strange intimacy.
The gift of another,
As priceless as gold,
As precious as you...

Wonderful and refreshing,
It has been to see your tears,
Proof of life.
He will always know your
Deepest and most immortal love.
Even I could glimpse,
The passion you had known,
A truly beautiful soul.

Supernatural a synchronicity,
That you arrived as if on queue,
To help me.
Angels walk amongst us daily,
I have seen one in my joy,
Your spirit bared, inviting,
How I now smile,
Thank you this favour.

'Bookstore Angel'

Don't Bring Me Down.

   Don't Bring Me Down.

Know this,
The truth shall set you free..!
Have you discovered something,
A better way for us to be..?

When you,
Conspire to hide every detail,
It makes me sick to feel,
You'll even be reading my email..

Two words,
'Jason Bourne', is coming true.
With every day you survive,
We're having revealed what you do.

Hypocritical lier's,
We know what you really are.
With your fancy things, elite friends,
And tentacles spread wide and far.

Cold hearted,
You pervert the rightful course.
Feed the thronging masses nothing,
But your stinking bull$*!t or worse.

Corrupted views,
That lead no-one to real hope.
You fabricate so much deception,
How much longer shall we cope..?

Thieves suited,
As if they should be trusted.
The towers of power crumbling,
It's almost time to see you busted...

Comical suicide,
To see now your lives reaping.
The karma of your insipid natures,
For the truth you were not keeping...

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Justified Hero's.

Justified Hero's.

So very many times, alas...
Men have deceived us, the poor.
People of good nature, pure hearts,
For a greed that they lust more.
Distorted are they, by ideals,
Not in keeping with love.
Their hearts have rotted away,
Morality and truth, turned to dust.

Then comes a challenging hero,
A warrior taking on their might.
Someone driven by true compassion,
To show how unjustified these lies.
Only lier's and supporters of deceit,
Would see this passion a crime.
The damage they have wrought,
Will go on way beyond his time.

See the two-faced give a smile,
To belie the acts of violence.
Things they ordered under-cover,
So their greed would go unknown.
What cowards are these leaders,
To deny others' human rights.
When they order soldiers, “Open fire!”
On innocents of an invaded land.

Thank you Bradley Manning and Julian Assange,
For bearing the mantle of hope.
To show the world their trickery,
From the darkness in which we grope.
Battle on, not feared as they,
Your goodliness shall shine on through.
The day shall come for your victory,
When everyone remembers what you do!

Thank you, warrior brothers...
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Julian Assange.
 Bradley Manning.

I am Bradley Manning..!

 Peaceful Warrior.

Love is a strange town.

Love is a strange town.

Stranger I be in this place,
Cool winds breath,
A smile across my face.
Love could be a stranger,
For she has been no friend,
Someday, somehow, someway,
My broken heart shall mend.

Fooled by all the joyfulness,
Warm skin shared,
Before I drowned in all this mess.
Love was nowhere to be found,
When I called out her name,
No way, no how, no where,
Could she undo my shame.

Vanquished by a force unkind,
Hated over tenderness,
Is how this choice I find.
Did I want to know a stranger,
In vows of love still unrequited?
For all the folly it would bring,
With strange emotions who're invited.

Freedom comes from letting go,
Balance of desire,
Would have let my wisdom grow.
Body soul and with a passion,
We had come so long together.
Now this town is in desolation,
And it will be lost to me forever...

Paul Weller and the Jam are legend..



The wind may be random,
But not I, not I alone,
Believe it has no direction.
Blowing me, showing strength,
Causing motion under pressure,
Forcing movements over land.

Show me where I roam,
Plough me into craggy mountains,
Force me over desert sands.
Wilder than a rabid madman,
Love my notions once again,
Until the dream is glorified.

Filter all my wanton cravings,
Make me earn my wage,
Long before I leave Utopia.
Calm my spirit under star-fields,
Hold my thoughts beyond paranoia,
Give me something to believe.

Webs of ancients hold,
Dreams on paradise yet arriving,
Found beneath untimely heavens.
Cold may be the reckoning,
For I will solve nothing,
Until the light has come.

Shake before eternal brightness,
Lord have mercy on my soul,
Take revenge out on no-one.
Lead me into dreams unfolding,
Glassy seas and summer breeze,
Partisans to a new Earth.

Wild becomes a passion stirring,
Full of love and peace,
Strong for life and sharing.
Catch all dreams I desire,
Lift us through into light,
Awake and conscious of each other.