Friday, September 16, 2011

Voice of the People

Voice of the People

I know that how I feel,
Is not always my neighbours view,
But I have a duty to reveal,
All that I have learned is true.

In my days upon this Earth,
Under the governance that we call rule,
The greatest good that we have done,
Is being lost in acts so cruel.

For greed has grown, becoming king,
Of all our acts of kindness,
No wonder millions starve to death,
And our landscapes become a littered mess.

The trees we need to fill our lungs,
We cut down at fearful speed,
So we can have our Sunday papers,
That most of us never read.

And politics has caused a gap,
Between the richest and the poor,
Denying civil decency being shared,
Only money, can open this door.

We spend so much money now,
On tools that kill and maim,
And when it blows up in our face,
It’s always something else we blame.

Our education and our healthcare,
Were once the envy of all,
Today my heart is breaking,
As I watch this tower fall.

And in the Gallup polls taken,
What is the desire of our youth?
To be the next big celebrity,
And live with stardom as a truth.

Brothers, sister don’t be scared,
I mean only to share my view,
To advise the need for caution,
For I share this world with you.

It’s clearly unsustainable to be,
Taking more than our fair share,
Why not become set on giving?
Let the playing field be more fair.

With our industry and wisdom,
We can supply the needs of all,
Use technology, to save our race,
Or greed will be, our downfall.

Protect the Earth, our loving home,
It’s the future for our offspring,
Let’s end this bloody hatred,
And let love be what we sing.

The banks and financial sector,
Preach what they’d have us know,
And when their lies and deception shame,
Isn’t it from the greed they sow?

This lust we still daily follow,
To drain the Earth of her oil,
Is it not the real reason,
Why the peace of life we spoil?

And though we all know humbly,
Our mortality is so very fragile,
We show little respect to our planet,
 And pay more attention to the latest style.

Though water is the source of life,
We pollute our rivers and seas,
With the waste we produce hourly,
Without a conscience, far too much ease.

And though we be six billion,
The elite are merely few,
 Whom take more and more wealth,
Leaving little for me and you.

But this imbalance is now failing,
And for justice, I add my voice,
Declaring that hope is at hand,
It shall be revealed through our choice.

Just as the heralds for peace,
That have all gone this way before,
I beg you, open your hearts,
Let love help you open this door.