Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blooming Youth

Blooming Youth

not a moment to waste,
the floodgates open wide,
to serve the growing tide.
a movement of pure hope,
of a rare belief,
that nothing leads to grief.

raised a hand to head,
smiling deep comes to show,
energy to live life and glow.
not a lack of light,
nor a curiosity lost again,
on the irrelevance of being sane.

when we had also dared,
to be free with our spirit,
everything surpassed even our limit.
youth brought us into now,
all that mattered would bloom,
and here our love filled the room.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Uncomfortable Smile

Uncomfortable Smile

baby I see you,
noted are your dulcet eyes,
also the firmness of thighs,
but what tragedy, beneath lies ?

darling I want you,
despite the sadness held inside,
for your smile to open wide,
to let our love train ride.

sweetheart I see you,
lost inside the haunted past,
sea of emotions clearly vast,
did not your erotic passions last ?

honey I want you,
to feel the desire I hold,
where your smiles become so bold,
and share the love as we grow old.

Monday, January 28, 2013

November Heartbeats.

November Heartbeats.

There are many things,
That have come here,
To entertain me.
Like a burning effigy,
Of the love we once shared,
A season in coolness,
Where you had often cared.

Are you tired now,
Of the dragging feet,
A lost emotive heartbeat ?

Some knew as had I,
There were summers to come,
A house, a family,
Days to see the endless fun.

And yet November ruined,
All hope of this dream.

Forgotten oaths to life,
A promise to be my wife.
The love undone,
Bitterness yet to come....

I won't forget the hope,
Held on a tiny
Almost imperceptible heartbeat.
Before the pestilence and famine
Brought a drought for you.
To be with you, to hold,
To share in everything you'd do.

And when cruel November
Leaves for the dead of winter,
So too goes my light.
One day a smile,
A golden night of awesomeness.
We felt our hearts beat close,
A blinding dream I must confess.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It Doesn't Work That Way !

It Doesn't Work That Way !

No, it doesn't work that way.
Have you never really thought,
Of how many differences there are ?
Does it not show an inconsistency,
That others have a point of view ?
For as many that are,
There are a million who don't.
For as few as you are,
There are a trillion against.

Do not live my friend,
In the delusion that change
Is good for them,
The same as it would be for you.
Not all men can see,
Nor all women bleed,
When the will of them all,
Is no message to heed.
No, it doesn't work that way....

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We need a revolution of our consciousness, not one of violence. Violence only begets more violence, surely history has shown us this truth. Be the change my friends, but with a non violent passion. Lets bring about world peace through love and not hate.

Awesome Sonneteer.

Awesome Sonneteer.

Shakespeare will I am,
Will I am Shakespeare.
Shakespeare will I am,
Will I am Shakespeare.
William Shakespeare,
Shakespeare William.
William Shakespeare,
Shakespeare William.
Shakespeare will I am,
Will I am Shakespeare.
Shakespeare will I am,
Will I am Shakespeare.

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Two Word Sonnet.

Two Word Sonnet.

Am I ?
I am.
Am I ?
I am.
I am.
Am I ?
I am.
Am I ?
Am I ?
I am.
Am I ?
I am.
I am.
I am.

Inspired by life.

Standard Response.

Standard Response.

Woah, woah woah, hold on,
Don't you ever
Come up for air ?
Something has angered the Lotus,
For sure she feels abused.
So how should one respond, when
All the ire is coming so hot,
So aggressively and raw ?
I feel peace no more,
Just the slamming of a door.

One day I had bathed in
The apparent light of her care,
Quite rare.
But now it's almost as if,
Mel an' I cannot speak,
A change of the aspects here,
Where everything is less than fair.
She spoke her fury blind,
I responded, in time with only kind,
No other motive upon my mind.

But again, and again, and again,
The hatred flowed and came
And came.
Had she not believed I,
Would be the person I claim ?
A man, a warrior also by name,
Living to walk a peaceful road.
Oh why should I answer,
These accusations flooding like a cancer
When only love I'd advance her ?

I shall not, no not I, not I,
Take this reason to feud,
Hate for hate.
Nor will I return the anger,
With anything but a sweetness,
The tenderness of a spiritual warrior,
To gain an ounce of ground.
She shall not rob me,
Of the energy I would give free
Or any beauty in sharing I see.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And in that moment I swear we were infinite...

for as long as time remembered,
she was waiting in my heart.
calling for the love in me,
so our fantastic life could start.
Sam was all I dreamed about,
a woman full of vibrancy,
someone known to laugh a lot,
such a special soul to see.

all I held could honour us,
with the feelings running free.
my girlfriend and my confidant,
held her love for only me.
whatever happened night or day,
we were always side by side.
she took me to a paradise,
by the dashboard lights inside her ride.

windswept faces spoke of joy,
in her arms I'd never lose.
a life full of world adventures,
is what love would make us choose.
golden hair and suntanned skin,
I lived inside her deep blue eyes.
and as evening time approached us then,
my love soared among the skies.

Whatever life could throw at us,
we ride the storms and calms.
nothing mattered really more than Sam,
how I thrived when in her arms.
she promised me through thick and thin,
our love would be so truly, definite....
and in that moment as we cried,
I swear to god that we were, infinite....!

Inspired by a fictional book.
Some quotes taken from Stephen Chbosky, 'The perks of a wallflower.'

I Am Changed.

I Am Changed.

For in a brilliant way,
Everyday in a new light,
I am changed.
As diamond reflecting the joy,
In my life, I've loved more,
I am changed.

For the love of all,
Each goal I attempt to follow,
I have changed.
In an ending of an old fashion,
Where I have learned more will,
I have changed.

When the doves of peace,
Descend on all about me,
We are changed.
For harmony between us, brothers
And sisters fighting for peace,
We are changed.

To be the best as one,
In happiness to live once again,
They are changed.
Building a new tomorrow dawn,
On the rock of hope we are,
They are changed.

And on sunny days in sorrow,
As in cloudy ones in joy,
I am changed.
When the love we share between,
Is greater than the one of all,
I am changed.

I am changed....!
We are changed....!
They have changed....!
We all, are changed....!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Between Fire.

The Between Fire.

The space between fire and fire,
Is so much more fire..
Oxygen rich it helps me breath,
So much you'd not believe.
Caught in between hell,
And a glorious taste of heaven,
I glow richly, boldly,
Ignited by so much desire...

Between the fire and fire,
I come to believe in love.
As never before I am,
Awake in a mental land.
Someone special to me, are she,
As they burn me hand in hand.
A moment to reflect arrives,
Before they consume me alive.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What the Oracle saw.

            What the Oracle saw.

Follow your heart,
To the road you must travel,
Long may it prove.
Haunted by your past,
Ghosts of an evil mind,
Leaving traps, snares and worse.

The gatekeeper smiled,
But not really for love.
Her motives combined to see,
A wisdom not wholly pure,
Like the desire you carry.

Go then my love,
Into that darkness alone.
Slaying the demons of fear,
Holding in your heart,
This message,
So loud and so often clear.

Walk in the light,
Not known to others,
Who restlessly say might is right.
Carry on with your mission,
Walk on ahead,
Pay sight to what you fight.

She saw the vision,
Of a lasting peace here on earth.
From every corner a murmur,
Someone calling for
Hate to vanish, for love to shine,
Like the love of your heart,
And your hand resting in mine.

Be no longer afraid,
For we walk hand in hand.
Brothers and sisters,
We are sharing our lands.

Deceit cannot prosper,
In a place we call love.
Where prejudice has flown,
And all mankind believes.

Know that our oneness,
Is what the Oracle saw.
Many times in millennia,
Where the vision,
A perfect and noble truth,
Brought about calm.

Evil breeds from fear,
So pay no heed to it.
Remind yourselves daily,
What blessings you are.
And please remember this;
Light can penetrate all
darkness with love,
Yet darkness cannot,
extinguish the light of love.....

YOU are the ONE....!

Poem inspired from the basic ideas of Matrix revolution trilogy. BUT violence is far from my way of understanding what she saw, though Love ultimately was the reason. As it in fact always is. Love IS.....

See the project for sharing this with you and me. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Femme Detal.

Femme Detal.

At the bottom, let's start at,
Yes let's start at this beginning.
Two came that day,
This eve in cool parade.
A welcome silently I bade,
Kept my face and heart in shade.
The atmosphere was ripe,
But I hoped I could concentrate,
On not giving the game away.
For they were passing looks,
Mine hidden in my books.

The red was glorious and sweet,
I felt the beat,
Moved in my seat,
Fidgeted for I could eat, her.
Auburn somewhat more demure,
But under cotton cloth I fear,
She had all that I could crave,
Femme detal and her glowing rear.

On this night my end in sight,
Yes my endless dream arrived.
Two came this way,
All love was very gay.
But something became later serious,
I'd dared to hope I must confess,
The day would end with a heat,
My mind on fire, living in the now.

Sirens of precious and lusty glare,
Gave signals only I could see,
The nights delight would end in three.
Red waited calmly showing skin,
I craved her warmth, another sin,
To touch her face, hands wanderin'.
Her lover passed my way,
Stopped boldly and engaged the play,
Hello”, was weak, but what else
Could I say, today, here this way ?
Thoughts behind, beginning,
Letting my end slip away....

Reina Hermosa.

Reina Hermosa.

Suffer are my lungs,
Devoid of the wind of her,
The shape of some lines,
A golden syrup on my tongue.

By lofty mountain springs,
Her source and mine,
Combine in one perfect love,
Blown by regal brighter smiles.

Queen for an era,
And never lost but mislaid,
A time beat pauses in fury,
Whilst she recovers my sword.

Thrust into her body,
My light is the essence told,
She shall seek till I'd hold,
All that glitters, her gold.



Learning life is never an apple,
More an onion.
Dissected, layer by layer,
Until everything is revealed.
Along the road I travel,
Many devils come to deceive.
Angel or demon,
Both are advocates of the law,
A law of diversion and mystery,
Never showing in open page,
The truth of their coming,
Mostly being the messengers,
carrying word from another.
Do they fly and do they fall,
When I lay nakedly so small ?

Lift me up, mile by mile,
Towards the holy spirit,
My emotions begin to rile.
The angels come to sing,
I call out loud,
I'm so wondering,
Where are the golden walls,
That fill my mind ?
Coldly, oddly cool,
I know he's no fool.

In silence on my back,
The sunlight begins to take,
A moment of my memory,
To other days, to siren ways,
Where I'd been boldly led,
As if I'd said.
Oh I've lost my head.”
But his message was clear,
It is time,
I must leave them here.....

Point of Law.

Point of Law.

Today I'm sure I met with the devil.
Not because I saw it in his eyes,
How far he pushed the sense of truth,
To a far out reality so full of lies.
Rather because of less subtle clues,
Mannerisms learnt on the road to success.
A tidy haircut styled in Oxbridge salons,
Pinstriped suit pressed, boy he knew how to dress.

Decidedly driven and a way to compel one,
The finesse of breeding composed to a tee.
The fellow before me gauged in a smile,
I sensed now my soul would never be free.
Drawn into his spell under formal duress,
I'd lost a moment to panic, holding my breath.
His eyes began to burn all the way though,
And I knew almost sweetly, the day of my death.

Like nothing before had ever been more real,
The attraction intensified to sell him my soul.
Exquisite the feeling of betrayal to my being,
As I began to be roasted, over hot coal.
Stoking the furnace he laughed in my face,
I saw pleasure in evil calling my name.
Filled with maniacal delight to burn me alive,
Was somehow respectful to winning his game.

And still it gave witness to being divine,
The courage to taunt virtue, good over bad.
Filled the face of this almost stranger,
Stealing every ounce of decency, I ever had.
Then the judge slammed down his Gavel,
To put silence and fear into his court.
He bellowed out his shameful and final verdict,
This point of law is, for what I'd fought.

No Lasting Affect.

No Lasting Affect.

The cloistered and secret rituals,
Have not held a flame to me.
The ruse of my intellectual mind,
Has given me only confusion to see.

A day arrives and is made complete,
I fill my hours with a mixture sweet.
Of all the lies I have to tell,
Giving only disaster at the closing bell.

Learning lessons time after time,
Deludes my sense of what is right.
I've no idea what's right or wrong,
In the sunlight I walk as in the night.

When once I'd believed I'd completed,
I then instantly realised I'd been defeated.
To have sensed my day of arrival,
Left me still fighting for simple survival.

I practiced the art of patience,
To see the raw beauty of life.
But in the strange mechanics,
I knew the sharp end of the knife.

So what good has it all been,
That I should believe in all things unseen ?
When my knowledge be left to debates,
And my spirit convicts and berates.

The wisdom coming from life,
Be nothing more than empty air.
A held belief goes up in smoke,
And my emotions failing me everywhere.

One day I have known to love,
The next won't fit me like a glove.
The foundations I'd set myself upon,
Have washed away, where the surf has gone.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I cry tears for Santiago,
for the weeping is not vain.
I cry tears for San Tiago,
in the light of love I gain.
Here a pilgrimage of ancients,
brought me to know a truth.
Walking across Meseta plain,
I recaptured the oil of my youth.

How many seasons I'd forgotten,
before I walked the way of saints.
How many seasons I'd forgiven,
to live free of a life that taints.
Go again to Saint James' rest,
be all you are and more.
Serve no more the infantile,
show convictions room and pain the door.

They came in droves to see,
a myriad of pilgrims in prayer.
They came in droves to be,
a brotherhood where souls can dare.
Ten thousand more, a million,
as stars set upon the sky.
The new millennium of the Milky Way,
bring a fresh tear into my eye.

Go follow thy heart in memory,
to prevail the walk of the few.
Go follow thy heart in mystery,
where so few had known of you.
Love is all I ask you for,
you have come my way before.
Stretched out across a star field,
see the faithful come once more.

She Held Him.

She Held Him.

Oh Julia, poor Julia,
troubled by the hand of fate,
setting out quickly,
forgotten to close the gate.
thoughts awry, haste not hate,
never more shall she be late.

A boy she held,
many times in her arms,
a smiling son, a fonder one,
but she cannot hear his psalms.
He sang of her so many ways,
until he joined her at the gates.

Oh Julia, poor Julia,
a life short and sweet,
so much yet to give and share,
flame red hair and tiny feet.
And in her arms protected all,
became a legend who once was small...