Saturday, September 14, 2013



How my soul shouts now,
Cold are the sides of love.
Where were we when,
The theater threw thoroughly
Rare and rash reasons,
Into the mix we made?

Love was tithed to you,
Did we say how we knew?
Of the days in wonder,
When dreams became,
Torn asunder, under thunder,
Clouded judgements, our blunder.

For my part I ate fruit,
Sold my soul to Satan.
Did he know he'd long be waiting,
For the look of un-repentance?
Sucking air in torrid breath,
Watching how our bodies dance.

Awesomeness was brought before,
The court of my debating.
Surrendered to a hand of love,
Something wild but soft enough,
Held in trust until today,
Where all my veils be blown away.

Hope became a trusted friend,
Waiting for this heart to mend.
All the light we shared undone,
Left in tatters in the gutters,
Open wide these bawdy shutters,
So we see what really matters.

Honour is my foothold here,
Through time and space of one.
Given here no more truth,
Than all I find behind your eyes.
Take me with you, endlessly,
Arrest my soul in fantasy......