Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rock Star.

Rock Star.

It’s carved in stone,
                                            To set the tone,                                            
Life in all it’s glory,
Intricately hewn by wise hands.
Original sin to be told,
And all the merry making themes,
For stories to outlive the old,
Where ancient stone is made to gold.

Fabricate the fine detail,
Wrought in patterns new,
Marbled till the dream has passed,
Crystal in the tale of men.
Tree of life bedecked,
Within the realms of mortals,
Stardom brought by wizened hands,

For all that rocks won’t move…

Dedicated to;
Francisco Javier Lopez

Lugo Spain.

Monday, November 03, 2014

The Legend that is Love.

The legend that is LOVE.

I cannot escape the voices,
Your words of love and harmony,
A vision of the world at peace
Came flooding now all over me.
Since you left us here in distress,
So much pain, has filled your void,
Brother now I miss your message
Where peace and love could be employed.

Family would be a prime example,
Of how we’d work to live at peace,
But I’m still seeing, far too much anger,
In a world where hatred will not cease.
Could we yet give up this passion,
To be full of pain, and soul dis-ease?
Should we pray for days you’d imagine,
Where only love and peace increase?

High on life and in this mountain,
I have cried to be set free,
Knowing you have guarded the secret,
And how your love washes over me.
Who could know the gift you’d brought,
When you could sing of love for all?
Who would know the evil slaughter,
Where to the pavements you should fall?

Thank you John, you are my legend,
All in colours so bright and clear,
It’s like the time, stood still beside you,
When you imagined love, that brought us near.
We all still miss your voice of courage,
Sang in melodies so strong and proud,
We shall ne’r, forget your daring,
To sing for love and peace out loud..!

For John Winston Lennon and Yoko Ono

And dedicated to Julia Baird.

A new song, same message, same love, same spirit.

Fading Lights.

             Fading lights.

You have captured beauty
In my eyes for a while,
Here and there I see a
Hint of more than just a smile.
Could this yet prove to be
More than a wisp of truth?
Something I’d have better loved,
Whilst I still, had my youth.
In the vision of what could be,
I’ve lived the dream of mine,
You have proved me yet alive,
And are an amazing way to shine.
Before the day expires at last
I’ll have lived in joy with you,
For though the lights are fading
This eternal memory will help me through.


You're so good for me.

  You’re so good for me!

Alone I’d not stand so tall,
You have shown me love.
Gifted have you been to me,
This care you bring has set me free.

Times have come and devils go,
Where I’d not known this love.
Now I know from beating heart,
You leave me, a place to start.

Once upon a time it seems,
The story wrote me off again.
Here you bring me tender treats,
Because of you, my heart beats.

How could I have known,
You would be my one true love?
Cherished more than precious stones,
The angel breathes flesh to my bones…

Miranda x