Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Nameless Force

Nameless Force

My happiness, is yours again,
to be known as a lover of you,
and a knower of your name,
and of the gas within your flame.

Told me, that a preciousness is,
abundance of your kisses plenty,
emotions rioting in an eternal bliss,
desperate, to steal just one more kiss.

Your happiness, is mine to gain,
longing to be held beneath you,
screaming out often in passions name,
driven wild, burned by your flame.

Told you, the secret that is,
held within my strong embrace,
cradled in love for the light of bliss,
unrepentant of that one stolen kiss.

Our happiness, forever to remain,
simple my devotion to you,
held on the winds of time again,
you're something I shall not tame.

Told together, this perfection that is,
built on promise of the eternal,
held captive, never known by name,
but always felt within your kiss.