Wednesday, February 29, 2012

True Faith

True Faith

So you know me ?
This is your life !
Welcome to my world,
The hell you didn't want,
A place you'd shied away.
Preferring to think of heaven,
A place to die for,
And die you surely shall.

All that is here are,
The remnants of ancient lore.
Wisdom without a conscience,
To fill the killing fields.

How is it measuring up,
To the dream you've had ?
Same for all of us
I venture, a lack luster life.
Foiled by such evil deeds done,
Where love has disappeared.

Though I have never met Marie, I feel sure that she wanted us all to know about this crime and our guilt over it's continuance, because she bravely put herself in harms way to report on it. God bless you now Marie, you are free from our shame..

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet

For the love of gold, yes
True, funny how it seems.
The day of fascination arrives,
Leaving me feeling all musclebound.

My true love, well
She loved like diamond.
When we became involved then,
Setting fire, through the barricades.

I'll fly for you
She said, throw me a lifeline.
Then, to cut a long story short,
We span round and round again.

Communication never strong,
My instinction was very highly strung.
I hoped her revenge for love
Would come gently like a chant,
But I don't need this pressure on...!!

 What a trip down memory lane.
Well done boys, classic..

Monday, February 27, 2012




Disturbing the silence they
Flee in droves to far away.
No-one sees them leaving,
For blindness is a blessing.
Statues fall from grace,
Where their will is strongest.

Echoes of a fire in my heart,
Recall a day when I loved,
Had loved, been noticed,
Before the reckoning slayer.

Pity comes to no-one here,
For choosing the melancholic view.
A layer of wasted belief spreads,
Like wildfire in a desert town.
And worry calls a shining star,
The work for idle callous hands.

Depression in the meantime,
A party to share the scourge.
I waited, I'd wanted,
To see your helping hands.

The roads all lead to doubt,
A frantic feeding frenzy come,
And gone, and lost in despair.
You and I alone can see,
The route away to fortune days,
A place to share the dream.

All malice has to be rid,
A friend can save the day.
I miss you more than confusion,
Since ever you had walked away.

Well done Caparezza and the affable Tony Hadley. (As ever, a great voice)

Also inspired by


A poem by Charles Bukowski

On shady Bank

On Shady Bank

Down where the dragonflies dart,
A world exists to coax my heart.
Timid voices we laughed at life,
Shaving bits of wood, dad's borrowed pen knife.

The minnow and stickleback race,
Our smiles light up this shady place.
Rod in hand we cast our hope,
And trip and slip along grassy slope.

Time has no hold, over here,
We play at jokes with voices queer.
As if the days shall never end,
And leafy willow boughs become a friend.

Pleasant in the sparkling sun,
Upon the shady banks our rivers run.
And here we made, an oath of love,
My one true love, so much beloved.


Awayday Bliss

Away-day Bliss

Golden leafy lanes,
Lovers picnic on a sunny bank.
Ducks and geese parade about,
And here is all of life.

Noticed by a stranger,
Who held a hope of passion.
I spoke a language forgotten,
Believing in her enchanting smile.

Walking for delight,
The birds are serenading here.
The music on the breeze,
Cajoles the very soul of me.

Rail tracks ever echo,
What life had brought before.
A ghost of progress thwarted,
Settled, closing down the line.