Monday, December 19, 2011



Whispers of dreams,
Open my heart,
Open my mind.

Going on, ever on,
To where the silence
Rings from the invisible walls.
Barriers of deafness
To unseeing ears,
Unhearing eyes, and
Worse, your ghost
Has strolled on by
Smiling boldly.

Kiss the day of hopes,
For it will settle.
The rancid yellow
Dust of chemistry,
Bourne by the senseless ones.

Reflections of laughter,
Once a passing
Wind of change
Came calling, leaving
Desolation in thy wake.

Unsettled for now,
The rhythm of love,
Shall be a while
Coming home to bed.

Lay with me here,
Precious echoes of your,
Of mine, of our.
Amidst the blasted flower !
What hope, the peace
Can elevate now.
In rivers flowing
Still for thirst.
You left the days
All gone your power !

Hiroshima and Nagasaki