Tuesday, December 06, 2011

So Faint

So Faint

I listen with a patient ear,
But I can hardly hear.
A sound, a whisper, a clue
Your breathing shallow, calm.

Askance your smile in death,
As still a waiting panther.
And all I want is freedom,
To know your every dream.

Covenants of earthly bonding,
Calling me to be a spy.
Skulking in the midnight dawn,
Wet foot prints on a dewy lawn.

Wherever I had seen you,
I would go a hundred times.
Be watching and a waiting,
How the face is being born.

Deftly still, a lasting calm,
Before the cooling winter storm.
You breathe without inflection,
Of where you travel now.

Where shadows filter over light,
To fill a waiting hearted man,
I live in hopeful memory,
We could sail to distant lands.

And intimacy has been broken,
In a quiet of the midnight moon.
Belief grows weaker of the faith,
I will need to go without you.

Tender again, your lips breathe,
I hear air as pure as you.
Lifting your cherished bosom aloft,
Where I am also about to faint.