Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stalk my Mentor ?

Stalk my Mentor ?

God forbid I act untrue,
Telling stories ever new.
Of what I've been,
And what I've seen,
My mentor left a clue.

He is one of many,
Tho' not so 'ten a penny.'
I saw the light,
And strove to fight,
As pure a heart as any...

My life is ever changing,
I've done some rearranging.
To be the peace,
New life give lease,
And go ahead in training.

But I won't stalk my mentor,
Despite he is an inventor.
Of fables meant to move,
Challenges sent to prove,
My actions are my centre.

A golden age of movement,
Will bring a huge improvement.
To lead the way,
From where we lay,
And yield our best engagement.

I believe to honour show,
I live the truth I know.
Strive to bring peace,
And our wellness increase,
All fruits of seeds I sow.