Friday, November 30, 2012

Bowled Over.

Bowled Over.

Over head, but under arm,
You came to the places,
Where my soul be found.

I stay open to the light,
Being here with you brings,
And count so many joys.

If I were a lonely skittle,
You have brushed so close,
I fell in the whispers then.

Close to my beating heart,
The way you enter has,
Kept me alive to see.

How I love the passion,
You can share with me,
Being in my world.

Real, Gone, Kid...

Real, Gone, Kid...

Wasted as a giro top,
Blasted in a haze of dope.
Where he's gone,
No-one knows.
But he may come again,
One day that's full of rain,
Hoping to endure the pain.

Spaced between two worlds,
In between the betwixt,
And a fiery hell,
He never cared,
Can't you tell ?
Not death nor life,
He has to sell.

Bouncing up, bouncing down,
He's strayed too far,
He became a local clown.
Please try to understand,
And not always put him down.
Do you feel his tragedy,
Can you wear his thorny crown ?

The boy has left,
But he'll be back.
Would he ever get,
His life back on track ?
Probably it's because of the lack,
Not the crack,
That everything keeps,
Holding him back...

All We Need.

All We Need.

There is nothing done,
Can't be undone, indeed.
Unless the breath of life,
Has flown and forever gone.

Days were meant to be,
Given to the loving way.
Just concentrate a little more,
On this, it's what life's for.

Do an act of harm,
Then wash it clean again.
Things are never ended,
Till you say that it is so.

All we need is love,
For it can cure our world.
Put it to the vital test,
Let your energy be heard.

Precocious in the most unusual way.

Precocious in the most unusual way.

If you were asked,
I know what you'd say.
"Precocious in the most,
Unusual way.”

Colourful child indeed,
Full of life, vital too,
Oh how I envy,
Sometimes I'd want to be you.

Walking only in spaces,
Avoiding the crooked lines.
Such a rare creativity,
I see you using daily,
Nothing about you confines.

All of a tither,
You flush full of joy.
Have you ever sensed,
How I love you, boy oh boy ?

Something quite unique,
I know you try to hide.
But like a diamond shining,
I am always drawn here,
To be close by your side.

For I know a secret,
And I am in love with you.
I'll never walk away,
Or lose this precious view.

Hat Of many Colours.

Hat Of many Colours.

Desire is the motive,
Purpose will drive me on.
Walking many days o'er mountains,
To be where I yet belong.

I know no other reason,
To go ahead the way I do.
Except to see a sunrise,
Smiling happily over you.

The home I seek is coming,
To take me to a place.
Something only you can share,
When I look upon your face.

So take my hat of colours,
Many are the ones I wear.
I'm coming darling soon enough,
For the life where we can share.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Too Much Too Young.

Too Much Too Young.

Everyday, new light comes,
And with it new meaning.
A new purpose or,
An old one renewed.
Today I saw a glimpse,
Of something out of this world.

But it remained in this world,
Long enough to smile on me.
The thrill of the chase,
A love to hold and embrace.
Filled my head with passion,
Something caught by threads of fashion.

Curled into a ball,
I feel so awfully small.
Then you brought me here,
And my heart began to beat.
Lost or found, could I be bound,
To enter into your sweet heart.

In throws of lust,
Energy builds and cannot rust.
To feel your breath,
Scares me half to death.
Not because of the pain,
I only wonder, what will remain ?

It's not so much the innocence,
A life to grow again.
It seems so real and honest,
You show me all for free.
Did you lose a heartbeat too,
When you had noticed me ?

Glorious to be at peace,
Though opinions wild will never cease.
To call me foolish,
Sad and naively weak.
It's not at all their acceptance,
I would have to seek.

Though to walk with you,
And to know your mind.
Is it so awful of me,
That I'd hope a soul mate to find ?
Despite the clear and obvious truth,
That you dear girl are still a youth..

Nineteen solstices of winter pass,
And I still watch your sexy ass.
They'd call me vile,
A devious and predatory sod.
But who shall judge me,
Except my benevolent god ?

You are every bit a woman,
And I am every bit a man.
Age is not a chalice,
But to drink from it I'll reap.
A partner who understands me,
And who'll guard me as I sleep..

Ice Blue Fire.

Ice Blue Fire.

What is there,
More than want ?
Like a tornado twirling,
In you came,
No day can ever be the same.

Ice blue fire,
In your stunning eyes,
Finds me wanting.
A million times,
A million times,
Once more a hope.

Who could know,
What secrets bring ?
The day you stole,
A part of me,
And then,
My love was burned again.

Over The Mousa Sound.

Over The Mousa Sound.

A lonely cloud has seen,
More of you than I.
Nestled here in the calm,
Blue and green surround you.
How deep to be explored,
A world that time forgot.
Across the Mousa Sound,
Is that where you'll be found ?

Flat as glass in sunlight,
The globe beneath us turns.
Profound into the blackness,
Life is found where we thought none.
All my days I'm counting,
To settle into arms so soft.
Come to the Mousa Sound,
For this is where I'm found....

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Total Actions.

My Total Actions.

These feet drag not I,
But I they.
In a whisper comes life,
And nothing be hidden,
When our soul is listening.
Dally not I,
Run with open heart,
Into life, into love,
And into the now....

I behold the law,
That does not honour me.
I wave it off,
Along the waterside, away.
Do my feet perceive,
A shorter road than I?
For this life is revolving,
Like an eternal song,
In a major key....

Body holds not I,
For you know that I am.
As sunlight turns to grey,
My soul is ever strong.
To be above the light,
My method has to be,
As pure as crystal streams.
That this I,
Has filtered out the doubts....

Call me forth,
From the breaking of the dawn.
A silence erupts,
Deeper than the heavens,
To show me now.
In the earth I kneel,
We have shared desire.
To be just as we are,
Without a second thought....

Death or Life.

Death or Life.

Close to falling,
I am paralysed now.
To climb is better,
A fall so fatal,
But what moves here?
In my heart,
A boundless joy,
A look, a notion,
A memory of,
Sweetness on your lips.
Can I let go,
Any more than,
I can win?
Nothing is ever pure,
A season in sunshine,
Becomes damp,
Rain falls and dew settles,
Across the grassy banks.
In the end,
You hold my anchor.....

Girl In The Gabardine Mac.

Girl In The Gabardine Mac.

Seeing that velvet fly,
And a saucy sway of the hips.
Began for me a curiosity,
And a familiar feeling upon my lips.

Wrapped tightly in Gabardine,
I saw described a holy sight.
Nothing about this seems wrong,
So could I be holding you tonight ?

Your smile broadens now,
And something I catch in your eyes.
Do you need my affection,
Is that what it all implies ?

I take your warm hand,
And place it close to my heart.
If romance is our craving,
What sweeter place should we start ?

Come As You Are.

Come As You Are.

Do not confuse darling,
My eyes that covet you.
With what I feel within,
My breath is stolen through.

Force of nature alluring,
To drive me into fits.
My mouth is hanging open,
When I'm staring at your wits...(Wits...!!)

For I love enigmatic,
Just what you prove to be.
More than pretty glorious,
You're a delight to have and see.

So stand this way above,
Come as you are once more.
Each day you leave me hanging,
And yet more you have in store.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wish you were here.

Wish you were here.

Now winter is fast approaching,
There's coolness in the air.
A chill left by your absence,
And something decidedly unfair.

Your passings' left a vacuum,
That not anyone can fill.
I feel your shadow guarding,
To protect the children still.

You filled our days with brightness,
Sunshine was the coat you wore.
I miss the hope of seeing,
Your smiles coming through the door.

But we will e'er remember,
What true friend you were to us.
You'd lived a life of dignity,
Gave Joy and Love without a fuss.

Joyce Mears.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thought You Meant It Too.

Thought You Meant It Too.

In the night as it were,
I saw you smile.
From those eyes shone,
A view of you.
Was it dust,
Or did I read you?
Someone like me,
Needing someone like you.

Take a leap of faith,
Come take my hand.
I could be your lover,
You could be a victor.
At last I left you,
Sorry to have been late.
I hoped you'd understand,
It was not meant to harm.

A Rose Between Thistles.

A Rose Between Thistles.

In the soft dew,
Delicately loving the ground.
I see a rose,
High up there, upon a mound.

Guarded by thorny pair,
She breaks cover glory bound.
I see her beauty,
And am so sure of what I found.

As the dawn breaks,
I notice how peaceful her sound.
Then comes the sun,
And even more radiance to astound.

All through the day,
She makes my heart pound.
It's because of her love,
My world goes round and round.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Man Of Love.

A Man Of Love.

Few knew him as this,
But I saw him this way.
Gandhi Gee was a hero,
For he fought for peace.

He knew times would be,
Tough, fighting for the right.
But he bravely went on,
Believing in the eternal law.

Morality for him was sacred,
To be as one said, apart.
Could be the only way,
To show how love can work.

Thank god he was this way,
For without him life be lost.
Civilisation would have crumbled,
And all hope of love be lost.

He knew no way but honesty,
Believed in the love of man.
Told nothing but his greatest truth,
And died fighting for this way.

Without a stone or stick,
He produced a way of change.
Called all of heart and fibre,
To be the change he wished to see.

Who'd have thought him evil?
For he walked the earth in peace.
Gandhi Gee was my hero,
And I hope that's what you'll see.

When it came down to honour,
You'd not meet a finer man.
He showed the world a better way,
That one day will set us free.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,
Man of peace.

Amy's White Bird

Amy's White Bird

She called it Jordan,
Who knows why she chose,
That name, that image of fame.
But she was a woman of,
Arty finesse,
A beautiful dress,
And charisma to impress.

I admired her way,
Thought kindly of the style,
She reminded me of a queen.
For she was a woman of,
Beauty sublime,
Characterized by time,
And a presence so fine.

I asked her to do,
Create me a visual clue,
Of the talent she beheld.
She was a lovely woman of,
Talented flair,
Lustrous auburn hair,
And left traces of creation everywhere.

Folded and creased lines,
Brought a reason into life,
Displaying what she'd always held.
For she was a woman of,
Exquisite taste,
Not talent waste,
She'll not be easily replaced.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Love. The Sexual Kind.

Love. The Sexual Kind.

Morning glory,
Yes this is a real story.
I smell your scent,
Warm, lazy and copulent.
From a night of wild,
Crazy passion.
A dance, a play,
We got our end,
Away in the fury of,
Fuzzy feeling and,
Release of gold.
Do you still,
Feel the potion,
Cradle you,
As I release,
My lasting token of desire?

Sweaty and slick,
My pulse is quick,
You suck my,
Ardour into life,
And know,
The fires glow,
A weeping show,
Your golden flow.
Beneath you,
I ride true,
Deep within,
You and then,
When I buck,
You feel my craving,
For you reach the peak,
Nipples I tweak,
Slap hand on cheek,
Skin palpitating and sleek,
Your body flops,
Becoming weak,
So Chic......

Corners Can't Hide You.

Corners Can't Hide You.

Morning has broken,
Like the first sunrise.
And then a flash of something,
I have looked into your eyes.

Did you awaken,
Like the love inside?
Once you became aware of me,
As I passed where you hide?

Then in amazement,
You have begun smiling.
Was it the sense of me watching,
Bringing a notion of fulfilling?

Corners can't hide,
What beauty I've seen.
I'm determined to be patient,
And to learn what those eyes mean.

Here my moment,
Approaches to hold you.
And all I can think trembling,
Is what pleasure I'll go through.

Kissing an angel,
Is close to divine.
Even more attractive the reason,
Making love, taking our time.

And then alarm,
You ready to leave.
I'm holding onto my breath,
Sense of calm, trying to retrieve.

From the corner,
You rise and call.
If you want me I'm waiting,
I'll be outside in the hall...