Thursday, May 31, 2012

If You Were Here

If You Were Here

For the longest time,
I have wondered what you'd say,
And what you'd do, if you were here.

For several generations of time,
You had become revered,
A local hero gone global.

For the love of peace,
You, my old friend,
Suffered more than many men.

For true loves passion,
You imagined a world shared,
And lived for this happy dream.

For this reason too,
You were senselessly slain down,
By a cowardly madman deranged.

For what have we learned,
In this cruel and stupid
Act of insipid hatred ?

For no more I guess,
Than to see how you,
Live life beyond your grave.

For the little children,
Who's weeping eyes still flow,
Despite your attempts to show.

For the travesty of injustice,
Keeping them and us struggling,
To hope in a better world.

For the powers that be,
To ignore our woeful cries,
You had protested on our behalf.

For a chance to create,
A life more sane, more fair,
Where peace and love we'd share.

For I wonder, John,
What would you make of it,
Of our hollow intentions ?

For the lack of vision,
With which we still act,
Bound by ancient theology.

For the love of peace,
That you had dared to dream,
I for one, concur.

For us to give, peace a chance,
A conscious shift, to advance,
And be the change we wish to see !

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Going Biological

Going Biological

The clock is ticking,
Faultlessly moving time ahead.
Our physiology will be pulled,
In and out of shape too.
Moments are golden when shared,
Ahead of the beating drum.
Tick and tock, tickety tock,
Clock won't stop,
Until we drop.
On some level of desire,
I melt and boil,
Glowing in a purging fire.
Lovers in a secret place,
Panting, breathing, smiling face,
Outline of your breast I trace.
Expecting beautiful explosion,
And your fear to fall, erosion,
Biologically enjoy my potion.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Sketchers

The Sketchers

Watching you, what a surprise,
I noticed how the pencil flies.
To stroke the parchment,
Bring life to the art,
That sketching, unwitting muses
Shall timelessly now impart.

Watching you, watching them,
I smile and scribble with my pen.
To catch the moment,
Bring record to this moment,
And enjoy, unwittingly silent,
This precious moment in time.

Watching me, watching you,
Is a powerfully secret overview.
To treasure and capture,
Bring joy to my heart.
Where I am left speechless,
Blown away by your art.

Patrick, Mary and Tristan.
Check out some of their work.
Mary's blog

For the Love of You

For the Love of You

Nothing I wouldn't do,
Is always loves true virtue.
But there are plenty of no's,
Things I wouldn't,
Mustn't, couldn't, shouldn't do....

If I take your hand,
Pretend that I made you mine,
I declare I'll love no other.
But how can this be such ?
It's just so double Dutch,
And doesn't sit well in my guts.

For love is like an endless cake,
Doesn't lessen, the more that you partake.
It flows like honey, sweet and pure,
Is really all that can endure.

Sometimes we'll feel so overawed,
Or by your beauty, become floored.
Taste delight to know your scent,
Feel the grace, being with you meant.

So there are things I wouldn't do,
But my love shall, remain yet true.
To honour all you'd caused within,
And soak your light and spirit in.

Being in love, is a whirlwind,
But love I can never rescind.
Though romantic love is overrated,
Sometimes goes stale, becomes outdated.

And so I strive to be,
Loving you yet remaining free,
To kiss and smile yet more.
Rather than become a helpless shmuck,
And fail before eternal luck,
Where love end, in an unholy ruck.....!!!

Open your heart

Open your heart

Shady nooks drive fear,
so let my light be clear.
A goal to live sincere,
treat each moment very dear.

Our lives should be such fun,
and have peace so brightly run.
Happiness will be second to none,
when our demons have been won.

But first we need to give,
if a better life we'd live.
It could drive us to believe,
if our hearts would yet conceive.

Open to the love to share,
creating a real world, that's fair.
It's a challenge here I dare,
be the spirit laying bare.

Following the Buddha

Following the Buddha

Empty is the way,
to learn to suffer less.
Compassion is the key,
to understanding yourself too.
Don't hold anger inside,
let the delusion go free.

Walk a while and smile,
surrender to the way of peace.
Don't fight to believe it,
let love fill you now.
Respond to your inner,
intuitive voice of true light.

Eat, sleep, breath peace,
and know happiness in life.
Feed not the angry strife,
focus on the balanced view.
And become a peaceful warrior,
searching for the love to share.

The Playhouse

The Playhouse

It is more than joy,
Brought about by weary hands.
Aching from labour of love,
To see their tiny eyes shine.

And how they glow,
Racing upstairs and below.
Full of zeal to find fun,
Riveted by simple pleasure now.

How glad am I for them,
To witness what we lose as men.
Palatable the essence of delight,
They busy in triviality’s sight.

And now the opening door,
Welcomes us into the house of fun.
A party, more for tea and scones,
Look how the tiny people run.....

For Bradley and Princess Sophie.



Love was a wild child,
that night, I ate, sated right.
Seonaid came to me fully,
in body with no trace of guilt.
I ate, I drank unto her
until she were a silent breath.
Echoes haunt now,
of the passionate sense lost.
In rivulets of sweat, hot beads
dripping from our amorous skin.

Love became more than fire,
coursing deeper beneath desire of
taking you always, every ways,
over and over changing days.
Living the power of your smile,
inside my craving open mind,
not another heart to find.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Wood

The Wood

(Click picture to go to origin)

I see life unexpectedly,
has brought me to this place.
Journey way beyond the call,
to feel light upon my face.

Drawn in, pushing forward,
to where my heart will lead.
The ether and the mystery,
are what my soul now feed.

Beyond the wood comes hope,
to know all of life and more.
Tangled in the fresh damp undergrowth,
her love leaves me in awe.

These woods have been a shady home,
yet now I shall move on.
To places way beyond the light,
one last look, and I am gone.

The above painting was created by Chantel, 'an angel from Philadelphia.'

Go to her Blog  if you need warmth and love.
With loads of love from me.

You are already taken

You are already taken

A nuance of this life,
my time alive to see,
is the complexity of timing,
and where love would set me free.

The spirit brought me hope,
to know a romantic relation.
But it left you overseas,
a member of another nation.

And more it would seem,
to foil my cunning plan.
Each night as darkness deepens,
you lie in the arms of another man.

Oh what is one to do now,
when my desire became awaken ?
The world seems full of comedy,
when the girl I want is taken.....

Pandora's Box

All my life,
had you known ?
All my life,
the reason being grown.

Come to see,
what I needed,
come to see,
all hope being ceded.

Open as graves,
this joy inside.
Open as graves,
you can't look inside.

So betray them,
open Pandora's box.
So betray them,
bring alive the equinox.

Spirit rushes forth,
coveting your gaze.
Spirit rushes forth,
instantly setting life ablaze.

Secrets previously deep,
flood the room.
Secrets previously deep,
escape the silent tomb.

Could you follow,
all these woes ?
Could you follow ?
Heaven only above knows.

Days for wisdom,
coming to be.
Days for wisdom,
between you and me.....

So you want to travel ?

So you want to travel ?

Earth moves, pain sleeps
when you are on the move.
Where you go to is joy,
if it sends a tingly spine.
Go to heaven my baby,
on emerald dreamy skies.

What places yet to see,
would you go there with me ?
Being free, supposed to be
the chemical missing, only.

Get up on a plane,
go ride a steaming train,
forget that time constrains,
travel long and winding lanes.
Be the seeker of your soul,
move always, keeping on a roll..

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Iron Lion

Iron Lion

Oh how the people weep.
For the extinguished light.
But never ever did you,
fail us, or give up the fight.

A briefest of time,
you graced this mortal coil.
And yet somehow even beyond,
you are walking deftly upon our soil.

A voice that roared,
with a mighty spiritual power.
Talking peace and loving harmony,
until your last sacred hour.

High on the mount Zion,
we still hear your perfect peace.
You took us to a place of hope,
where eternal love can never cease.

I sadly never knew you,
or shook your hand with love.
I wonder would you speak,
share the secrets from above.

Your people never forget,
just what you'd meant to them.
A Ras-tafarian peoples hero,
in our spirits Bob, you live again.

A mystery you took so ill,
but bravely fought to live.
The legacy you leave behind,
shows the tremendous spirit that you give.

I consider you my brother,
feel the love that drove you on.
In this spirit of love you proved,
how our race could all be one...

One love....

This is my tribute to a great man of peace.

Go and watch Marley the movie soon and you too will learn just what a wonderful spirit Bob Marley was/is and will be forever.

6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981

Also see web entry @

Comedy Sign Sisters

Comedy Sign Sisters

You don't need ears,
to laugh at what they say.
A flurry of tiny gestures,
brings another into hysteria.
They grin and tap away,
fingers cross palms, signals,
echoes fill the air.
Their audience rapt, attentive,
brightening with every touch.
Ears blocked, perhaps broken,
vocal chords trained another way.
But here they create joy,
a pretty light comes to birth
between the three of them,
when sparkling eyes speak.
And I have learned to listen,
more intensely with my eyes,
to the laughter in their voices.