Sunday, May 14, 2017

Integrity of words and actions.

Integrity of words and actions.

Did you know, that
I’d need something to rely on,
As the syllables flooded forth
From your pretty lying face?
Words, feckless words,
Words are vanity and gossamer,
They hold only the place
Of a dream unfolding,
Until the light catches them out.
Did you forget integrity
To a sense of honour,
When you plied me with
Your beautiful intoxicating drug?
The brilliance of deception
Had everyone fooled,
Even yourself it seems,
Dishonouring the outcome of
Your chosen dreams.

Before I fell to the fire,
The words delivered here
Built me up, filling my soul,
Created more than just desire,
Lier, lier, pants on fire….!
Golden hair, an angel truly
Feeding me a line or two,
For the stretch of imagination,
Prior to the intimate ingratiation.
What point could you hope
To gain from not knowing?
Even your own feelings deserted
The shallows of the loyal light,
Oh holy love, what more must
Be done, is it worth a fight?
Cold is the day, empty the night,
When your words fled the scene,
Nothing ever will feel so right.

Actions that betray the law,
Of an integrity to be love,
Cannot ever enter the places,
To where smiles of hope are
Left upon mine and so many faces.
Cruelty is the essence here
Your eyes deceive me still,
And within, you won’t accept
The damage your words are doing,
The collapse of truest and truth
Find a home deep and binding,
As wide as any cruel ocean.
Say not things you cannot mean,
Or you should commit the crime,
Of inventing a lie, a lie,
Putting an end to my hope,
The way to feel alive again,
You were once my only dream…!

Waiting for that day.

Waiting for that day.

The train rolls onto the platform,
So much apprehension is here,
Five carriages back, waiting,
Hopeful, the lure of the dream,
A warmth, yet to be felt,
The hand of fate to be dealt.

There you were, dancing queen,
Not still, not at all serene,
A buzz of excitement rising,
The look of love in her eyes,
As my soul soars up above,
How wonderful, what a surprise!

Then into my life you came,
A beauty beyond words arrived,
Would I ever forget how you,
Seemed too beautiful to tame?
The passionate kiss of affection,
Pointed firmly in y new direction.

Those hands that held me close,
Were divine and heaven sent,
Surely you saw in my eyes,
What paradise had been delivered,
And just what my devotion meant,
When the heart of me was rent.

Thoughts of desire unbridled,
Filled my eyes and heart anew,
Wondering against all the odds,
If you would feel it too,
And fall to meet me rising,
And abandon everything less than blue.

Thighs and hips a rare delight,
Foretold of a passion coming,
To fill our days and our nights,
Bridled not by fear to dare,
And be cosy, in the warmest touch,
Of silk and cotton in underwear.

Then a surge to be alive,
How much more yearning now,
Could we take or even survive?
If love was to be the game,
Two playing, two learning, two hearts,
Would they ever be the same?

This could steal the air I breath,
Your smile took hold of me,
Lifted me into heaven again,
Where a southern angel I’d see,
Rampant and strong into the fire,
Shortness of breath, would I expire?

The proof of pudding is in the eating,
I feast on what is good to eat,
You’re deliciously sickly and so sweet.
And I’m consumed to find this treat,
Standing here as our eyes meet,
You’re something special, so hard to beat.