Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road

If I were Dorothy,
Sweet child 'o' mine belong.
Looking for the emerald city,
Where she would find her destiny,
Would I not myself receive ?

Finding my courage to proceed,
A heart to give my love,
And the mind to delay no more.
Onwards, upwards, forever moving on,
Along the yellow brick road of life.

Awake from the dream, no sense,
Of what has called me here,
Nero's of the outer limits came.
A flavour to be ever brave,
Upon the road of our dreams.

Walking here, today as I see,
Challenges gone, rewards brought,
With frothy towers of chicory joy.
Gone the rain of spattered streets,
And chills sent back, the warmth,

Witches, goblins, evil deeds,
None reside here with me.
Sharing the journey the music,
Will allow a forlorn young lady,
To see the truths she seeks.

So tap your shiny slippers,
And return to a place like home.
Kansas this town is not,
But upon the fabled road, I,
Have known a dreamy hour....!