Monday, October 28, 2013

Just say yes..!

Just say yes..!

If I were to ask,
Would you just say yes?
Knowing this is paramount,
For the option
Of my choice.
Afraid I am to make a fool,
Of your acts of
Smiling eyes, hold out a hope,
Where in my desire
I've heard your breath
Upon my skin,
Your hands upon my back,
And your lips upon my mouth.
Can I kiss you
For all I'm worth?
My darling,
Just say YES..!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

In Essence, I Am.

In Essence, I Am.

All that goes before me,
I have been of that, and more.
Nothing new has come upon,
No secrets revealed a higher score.

Void is filled with emptiness,
Just as time is with space.
Who would know, more abundance,
That could leave a lighter trace?

Both near and far are calling,
To show extremes of thought.
Love became the history sold,
And the greatest bounties bought.

Confidence to be this way,
Will make my walk of peace.
Bringing joy into my heart,
And wonders that do not cease.

Mountains climbed above the clouds,
Where air is thin yet pure.
Showed me my true nature more,
And hope left to endure.

Before the dawn my spirit,
Had known the trick of light.
Leaving me in love's paradise,
Where beauty could cleanse my sight.

Darkness was not my enemy,
For I welcome that as well.
Accepting both as part of love,
Where heaven could still be hell.

Colours of the rainbow skies,
Have come to fill my heart.
Spectacles of natures truest goal,
Is a beautiful way to start.

When the east wind blows again,
My dreams are brought to bear.
Shedding light on everyone here,
And love that's growing everywhere.

Feel the force of peacefulness,
In all I say and do.
Know the same is true of life,
In the actions that you do too.

All I am in essence,
Is a reflection of the 'one'.
The same in me, as in you,
And everything beneath the sun.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Conflict of Ideals.

       Conflict of Ideals.

Justice for all,
Spoils for the rich.
In an infinite world,
I guess this works.
But how can we,
All have equality,
Of resources, of wealth,
In a finite world?

Don't be a fool,
It just doesn't work.
Realise the mechanics,
Is geared towards they.
Rise out of poverty,
would bankrupt the elite.
So many Mercedes,
On dusty old tracks.

A day of Utopia,
Could open our eyes,
Benefiting both rich and poor,
Don't we yet realise?
Feed every nation,
Fruits of the earth.
Simple acts of sharing,
Putting joy in our eyes.

The wealth nestled here,
Belongs to us all.
No-one owns what was given,
From the soul of the world.
What shall be our legacy,
To share with the young?
Give peace love and kindness,
Or our world comes undone....!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Cognitive Map.

The Cognitive Map.

Do you see the subtlety,
Of how you're mapped to serve?
All desire has been erased,
So you can play you part.
This whole world's a pantomime,
We act as we are told,
And even though you'd
Believe you were free,
You will buy what you are sold.
Freedom cannot come this way,
We're owned by a faceless thought.
From birth to death,
You will be what you're fed,
No thoughts your own,
Just following a program instead.
Would you see the truth,
If it stood in front of you?
Could you decipher the law,
Spoon fed to keep you blue?

Monopolies are selfish driven,
And we the cattle to them,
Love abandoned every insipid work,
Set down by the hand of men.
Crave your freedom again,
But only within their design,
Choice is limited to allow,
Only what serves this cause.
Fables tell of ages past,
Where righteousness had lived,
Long forgotten are those words,
We keep in our line ahead.
Fallen angels took the lead,
To putrefy the land of love
And show disrespect and dishonesty,
In every sordid mental cue.
Do not worry, be their slave,
Rewards will never come,
Just stare blankly at the wall,
There's nowhere you can run..!

Stroke your hair.

Stroke your hair.

Gazing glassy eyed in love,
I feel a stirring deep below.
Some urgent craving to enact,
I want to stroke your hair...
Magnificent, this lustrous mane,
Scented, bowed and hanging low.
Filling me with sweet desire,
To hold you close to me.
Thudding breast I show adorned,
Brought fire and water,
To a mix and match place,
Where laughter fills my face.
You would know my adoration,
How I long to be.
Everything you'd crave to touch,
And how I love you, so
Very much.
So darling please
Don't let distance tease,
I want to stroke your hair...

Oh when the lights are flashing..

Oh when the lights are flashing..

Look now the lights
are flashing, I'm going
puddle dashing, see how
the coppers chase me,
they'll try harder yet,
to erase me.

Feel how the law
is dying, since justice
found them lying, watch me
I'm off to Ireland,
better to avoid their
soul asylum.

Hide and seek is
very funny, all they
care about is money, see
how this justice suits
them, sweet revenge
comes to boot 'em.


Could we conquer love?

Could we conquer love?

When the lines were drawn,
Were we even conscious?
Did we realise the cause,
Of what we'd be fighting for?

I feel sure we slept,
Awaiting the rousing war cry!!!
Something ethereal and pure,
A moment of utter joy.

Fighting is not ours to do,
Yet we could win the day.
All it takes is honesty,
Then love shall walk our way.

Better is the light of now,
Than all that's gone before.
Worry not for our rewards,
Let's be as children again.

Unfettered by the shackles,
Of everything we're told.
Come my darling, shout aloud,
Of love, before we're old.

Time has not a hostage,
Made of you and I.
Come to see under my way,
I'm loving you steadfastly.

Captive to the high salute,
We know a day in love.
Finding all we'd wanted there,
And more besides as well.

Help me conquer abandonment,
And stay with me tonight.
Share your spirit forever free,
Know joy of what feels right...


The Fear of Falling for You.

The Fear of Falling for You.

Thudding in my head,
Says all I need to do,
Is call your name aloud,
And some kind of magic,
Will touch me, by you.

Hammering heart flooding desire,
All the day competing here,
Finding excuses to wonder,
How lovely it would feel,
To always have you near.

Palpitating my skin responds,
To how wonderfully you smile,
The way your eyes glow,
And what happens deeper within,
When time we shared awhile.

Banging out upon my ears,
Are all the beautiful sounds,
Being close in your sweet heart,
Do ring forever peacefully,
And my mind spins round and rounds.

Stumbling for words to say,
That show no ill intent,
Because I crave you wantonly,
In body, mind, heart and soul,
And know just what is meant.

Falling swiftly as the rock,
I'm stoned in love with you,
To rest my head upon your breast,
And feel the peace contentedly,
Is all I want to do...

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

More than one!

More than one!

In the stream of time,
a sand of desert came.
Pushed the battle for life,
far out, far off into space.

Rich fountains of life,
sprang into the patient air.
Loving us both equally,
yet taking only you there.

I believed once, of you,
that I'd found my 'one'.
Teased by the fire of light,
a love shared with fun.

So sorry to leave you,
for a day of deep despair.
Lost in grief and sadness,
missing touches of your hair.

Inspiration could have won,
where creativity lost its power.
Somehow you'd been my life,
and beheld my finest hour.

Random chance now bring desire,
I sense another drawing near.
Guilt is holding back belief,
of how I'd make another dear.

I look around this field of corn,
where light has rushed upon me.
Knowing what it means to love,
and how my soul flies free.

Sore the pain of losing hope,
and betting love upon another.
Yet life goes on despite my loss,
for I crave her as my lover...

A word form the author:

When a relationship dies, this is not the end of LOVE, it is the beginning of a new opportunity to love and be loved in return. Stay alert and come to know love again.

Help! I need somebody's help.

I need somebody's help.

Why do they call this
a merry go round, when
I'm sick of the turning?
Get me the f... out'a
Heaven knows I'm miserable
now, said love, said faith.
More is he the good,
that whistled to me,
and filled my mind
with fateful and sad symphony.
Colder than,
an Arctic winters purge,
is the reality I'm facing here.
Time lost on pity,
wasted on days of pain,
on stirrings from an
empty heart.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Life's a bitch and then you die..!

Life's a bitch and then you die..!

I guess we thought it'd
be forever, 'cos that's what
we said we'd do.
How could we have felt
the wind change, when all
of it became new?

Solemn was a vow we
made, that love would be
supreme and eternal.
So how can it have ended
before the dawn, where we
never said goodbye?

Trusted friend I miss you still
in the silence, where love
had filled my void.
Can you feel this passion,
I still hold close, waiting
for death employed?

Fragile is my temperament
to be, something more and
live yet again.
Have you whispered love
to me, as I comforted
a heart going lame?

Presence came into my eyes
as if you were still
alive and singing.
How could I have fooled
myself into hope, where no
sound of lovers ringing?

Build in me a sweet
day to be, grateful of
what I hold.
Then in glory I will
rise into the sky, where
love is pure gold.

 I miss you. x

I Return To You.

I Return To You.

On turning the corner,
I am wandering aimlessly near,
Wondering will I see you here,
Will this love yet queer?

For in the twinkling,
Of your soulful eyes, lies, well,
What of it can I tell,
They burn hotter than fiery hell.

Goblin knew a force,
Of the temptations yet to see,
When you fell, beaten fatefully,
Reclining sated next to me.

Talking in open air,
I can smell the lilacs in hair,
Speaking secrets only I would dare,
Of forever that we'll share.

Castles in the air,
Bring sensations of a holy light,
Where loving you is all that's right,
My sword sullen no more to fight.

Sounds of silence cover,
Darkness becomes a precious shroud,
Star-fields show me how I'm proud,
When my lover screams aloud.

Moved by natures force,
We lose some consciousness of course,
And we're thrown beyond our source,
Before desire knows sweet divorce.

I return to you,
For it's my wish to overthrow,
All the doubts I'd ever know,
And make this true love grow.


Saturday, October 05, 2013

Turn on me, this life..!

Turn on me, this life..!

That road I walked girl,
Is a way long lonesome one.
Precious time may be lost,
Searching for the one.
Hauntingly harmonic melody rings,
To set out the way I'll roll.
Scorched desert and no life,
Feed me into abandoned hole.
Guilt racks my soul once more,
For all I'd never done with you.
How happy we'd have been for sure,
If I could have loved only you.
Dangerous chasms will be my home,
When I stride into the night.
If only I had been brave enough,
To stay and last till morning light.
Better off without such constant pain,
If I'd have walked a straighter line.
Nothing happens without a reason girl,
So I'll have to wait another time...


Dylan-esque in the Sunshine.

Dylan-esque in the Sunshine.

(Two Bob's tale.)

Bob can rock the square,
Castle mount sets in sunlight,
Upon moods of yesteryear.
Music from a golden era,
Where we remembered Carina.
And we worried not, about
Even the little things, nor
Three little birds singing their
Messages of hope.
Fingers flicking rhythmically
Can coax out our warmest
Wishes for a brand new world.
Let the music man guide our
Hearts skyward in a rapture.
Melody can be a soothsayer,
To the rebels without a cause,
Where a redemption song calls
Us to be singing as one...
One love...!

Phil Gray 'Music Man.'