Friday, December 23, 2011

Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary

Step out of the mould,
Move into the light of sight.
Be seen as one who dares,
Not one who retires,
Meek are the sheep that follow.

Let your image be seen,
Not from beneath the bushel.
But out on the road,
Public domain, places of fame,
Where people shall know, of you.

Don't hide the gems,
The worthy gold of dreams.
Of what, who you are, can be.
Defend to no-one the desire,
To be all that you can be.

Who will remember the deeds,
Of those that die ignorant ?
Becoming what love has given,
The power of splendid light,
You are so extraordinary now.

Follow your heart and love.
Kings and Queens have done,
No more worthy things than thee.
But let it be ever seen,
Like out, on a big screen...

Devils can dance on this,
When you have believed more.
Fail not yourself, your dreams.
Go large, go wild, go tall,
Let no-one forget your name !!! 

Martin a warrior of light...