Friday, December 23, 2011

Love Without Ownership

Love Without Ownership

Knowing the language of love,
Has great power to teach us truth.
For as we practice our purest acts,
We leave behind the stagnant love,
That cripples a chance to be happy.

I don't own you, nor you I,
We can come and go freely away.
But as the sunlight leaves the land,
And darkness settles over the earth,
I shall hurry home to you.

Sure that your words are your truth,
And that you cannot betray yourself.
My heart beats softly in memory,
Where you are my only daydream,
And forever the eternal voice of love.

I, my darling will carry this belief,
Training my soul to listen always.
Fearing nothing, fearing no one to come,
just as is written, Maktub...
You and I share this same soul.

The way of the world is compelled,
To title deed, each piece a trophy.
A land, a home, children too.
The woman who cares for his tribe,
And everything he desires to own.

But please be open, hear the voice
Calling on the scented desert breeze.
Where eagles roam and guard above,
I love you more than life itself,
Be free my love and call me yours.