Saturday, September 28, 2013

Push More Light.

Push More Light.

Around the day when
beauty came, I saw a blinding light.
Froze me
in a wide eyed stare, I
swear my heart did stop.
Sounds of all the dreams
of mine,
recalled the echoes
in my eyes. Oh that
my soul recognise true awesomeness
beheld in you.
Building now
are hopes in a power supreme,
for us to be made new,
and I will show my part in this,
where I can help to shine.
Essences of the right and good,
come in from everywhere, as
our efforts move the love, that
offers to bring more light upon.

Our world has cried, to save
it's children, all as one and free.
Did we hear the baleful
sound from inside her heart?
Friends and lovers, come
be the change, so all of life can
see the love, that will be a
saving grace.
We are charged to bring fear to nought,
and live a new adoring way, for
in the light of companionship,
we shall lose the need to fear.
Bless our earth our natural world,
and make our thinking clear.
Stop our selfishness and greed,
before we are no more..!
come along and push more light,
before we are no more..!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Anatomic Blues.!

Anatomic Blues.!

Too often I gladly see,
something flattering, helping me,
bouncing around and breaking free,
like rabbits fighting in a sack...!

studying the god given curves,
drooling again, like such awful purve's,
but you don't know, how it serves,
as we enjoy what eyes purvey...

delighted too, by your smile
reveals a beauty I won't revile,
and in this study we menfolk while,
adoring how you carry on...

I have longed to be real,
the man that you crave to feel,
where more than hope I get to steal,
beside you in the way of love...!

x's for 'C'

Mad as a March Hare.

Mad as a March Hare.

Do you desire,
more than your fair share
of madness covered in curly hair?
Do you believe,
in all the confusion flowing,
or do you want what is showing?
Can you not,
decipher the clues now revealing,
where she is peeled, off the ceiling?
Can you tell,
the truth from the down right lying,
or did you fold beneath her crying?
Is your wanting,
hiding from you a certain madness,
and will you leave her before the sadness?
Is your trouble,
the inability to look and recognise,
what becomes the madness when beauty dies?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Infinity of Heaven.

  The Infinity of Heaven.

Caught here,
Becoming ever more clear,
This my one truth,
Where I'll always see her,
Crowds belong,
Singing dirges from earth,
As a chorus ringing,
In my eyes, ears, and heart
Echoes courage,
Of the battle begun,
Soldiers of life fortune,
Holding a living dream as

Behind hope,
Moving into my mind,
Looking for a reason,
Something beautiful, melodic, real,
Adoring beauty,
Clearing the pain away,
Bringing more light upon,
The reason my heaven must
Amazing grace,
Something pure leaving trace,
Of love arriving here,
And the joy spreading across my

Slaves of Freedom.

Desperately we pray,
Some days are like fun,
Love flows but even then,
We don't understand the evil,
That our wanting has done.

Fuelled by the greed,
To abandon sense of reason,
Fall into disgracefulness and piety,
Finding no hope, only despair,
From each act of what we've become.

Bound into slavery,
Again to the chains of fear,
Never really aware of others,
Our bonds into the divine,
And the people we draw so near.

Sodom and Gomorrah,
We have brought into life,
Ruled by the darkness of pain,
Giving us no reflection of love,
Impaled upon our wicked knife.

Glorifying the wicked,
For they take nothing less,
Believing in the misconceived truth,
Stealing reasonable applications to laws,
Where we now wallow in this mess.

Shackled for eternity,
To a desire to destroy goodness,
The rocky road into Hades be,
Pulling for a will of enmity,
Matrix versus the woman in red dress.

Assuring our destruction,
Should we fail to act to change,
This type of freedom causes loss,
Where we become manacled again,
Yet don't notice something strange....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Could I Tell Her ?

  Could I Tell Her ?

Brimming with the wisdom,
Life has made me come to sound,
Should I venture into danger,
Or retire to safer higher ground ?
Devoid of heavens power,
All I feel is bound into my song,
Though I've known a joy to live,
Leaving her alone has felt so wrong.

Effigy around my head,
Has told me not to right a wrong,
For all the love within my heart,
Couldn't fix the bad deed done.
Life has furnished blessings,
To see me right and bequeathed a love,
So never could I fail to praise,
What was sent me from above.

Incredible the feeling grows,
When I have held her tender hands,
Walked with love and light beside,
Making journeys across fragile lands.
We have known contentment,
That was more sweet than anything,
How do I unveil my longing,
To be the one to wear her ring ?

Indeed time is passing,
Swifter than the seasons changing,
Every day holds out a purpose new,
For how my love she is engaging.
Reward is sweet unabiding,
And I flood with tears of joy,
So could I tell her boldly,
That her love I must employ ?

A Hit and Run Affair !

A Hit and Run Affair !


'Twas a spattering,
Maybe rueful thoughts,
Calmness lost beneath a fury,
Of when and where we gave.
Tirades of vehemence came,
Windows lashed and tearful.
Blustery on my new horizon,
Storms of the heart pale,
When seasonal aberrations fell,
To wet the skin of dust.
Precipitate nothing of fear,
When all I hear is loss,
Accosted by vehicular motions,
Forced me under involuntary shade.
Crystal streams flowed out,
From me, from she,
From pavements slick with blood.
And all I remember
Is the sound of my
Own vomiting pain.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Maple Syrup.

  Maple Syrup.

Sweet and a tasty treat,
Locked in light,
Where sparkling eyes meet.

Drew me instantly to my feet,
And dazed by you,
Listening to a rapid beat.

Spreading joy rising heat,
Cover me in love,
Watching as you illuminate my street.

Explode upon my palate sweet,
Rich flavour of passion,
Something you bring, I greet.

Smother me with love replete,
And be the fruit,
I will always beg to eat...!

Friday, September 20, 2013



There will be,
No-one left to see,
What is held inside of me,
Unless you come and set me free...

Once I went,
To places following scent,
Dreaming of a love this meant.
Searching on, till hell be bent.

Wanting you alone,
Shared where our spirits roam,
Reaping of the seeds I'd sown,
Finding me one I'd call my own.

Everything I thought,
Now more than I sought,
Revealing all life's lessons taught,
When you came, my blessings brought...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brutally Handsome.

Brutally Handsome.

Of what is spirit made?
Cast in mould of beauty,
Founded 'pon a love supreme,
Came the look of masons.
A chiselled fa├žade,
Hewn, rock-like power cut.
From aeons of time
Drawn forth into light,
Sacred yet prominent features,
Heaven from human perspective,
Cobbled under craftsmen hammers.
Fighting for the right to shine,
Once upon a golden time,
I had dreams
He'd be mine,
Take me in arms sublime,
Be the reason to my rhyme,
This brutally handsome
Who blows my mind,
With such tenderness, I find.....

Saturday, September 14, 2013



How my soul shouts now,
Cold are the sides of love.
Where were we when,
The theater threw thoroughly
Rare and rash reasons,
Into the mix we made?

Love was tithed to you,
Did we say how we knew?
Of the days in wonder,
When dreams became,
Torn asunder, under thunder,
Clouded judgements, our blunder.

For my part I ate fruit,
Sold my soul to Satan.
Did he know he'd long be waiting,
For the look of un-repentance?
Sucking air in torrid breath,
Watching how our bodies dance.

Awesomeness was brought before,
The court of my debating.
Surrendered to a hand of love,
Something wild but soft enough,
Held in trust until today,
Where all my veils be blown away.

Hope became a trusted friend,
Waiting for this heart to mend.
All the light we shared undone,
Left in tatters in the gutters,
Open wide these bawdy shutters,
So we see what really matters.

Honour is my foothold here,
Through time and space of one.
Given here no more truth,
Than all I find behind your eyes.
Take me with you, endlessly,
Arrest my soul in fantasy......

Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Ritual of Singing.

The Ritual of Singing.

Some ordinary gray day,
I eloped into Sweden,
A force of rich intoxication,
Full of love of fornication.

Such a splendid quiet location,
I began to sing aloud,
To a woman sitting in a chair,
The look of passion in her hair.

Did I really treat this stare,
With the respect it deserved?
Or had I chosen singing out,
That sounded like a drunken shout?

She stood and gave me such a clout,
For deafening her quiet day,
And stealing kisses from her mouth,
Where all desire was going south.

Sing much louder in the house,
With joy for all and beauty's light,
Know that all I'd want to do,
Is carry on the task of loving you.

You were shiny bright and new,
Before I learned your hidden side,
Then hell couldn't hold me down,
With stinging wreath a thorny crown.

Sell me not a pouty frown,
I wanted more from honey dew,
To taste the fruits of paradise,
See crystal dreams within your eyes.

Sing as if your life will rise,
To meet the Cockerel’s call,
Fantasize of what you'll hold,
And take it before you get too old....

You're Just The sweetest Thing !

You're Just The sweetest Thing !

A boy, spies the jewel,
Knows only social rule,
He won't become the fool,
Yet seeing her has made.....
him drool.....

Sweeter than desires eyes,
He knows for her he's paralyzed.
Something stirs beyond blue skies,
And in the folly his boyhood.....

Taken by a look he knows,
Inside his heart the flower grows.
The Lotus blossom's radiance shows,
And from her being, all beauty.....

Ain't Nececellery So !

Ain't Nececellery So !

Bold got somehow old,
Rolled was gold I uphold.
Hold me before I'm cold,
Sold the dream or so I'm told.

Uphold what we must scold,
Extolled all virtue left in mold.
Fold before I'll leave the Wold,
Untold, how our love unrolled.

Enrolled in types of beauty polled,
Controlled is power left unsold.
Remould the vision we unfold,
Patrolled by love or left resold.

Of course not..!

     Of course not..!

have you seen my sunrise?
did we stream together
along the way of paradise?
could we have chosen
another life?
don't be foolish,
of course not...!

oh that we had realised,
just how much love
could have made us fraternise.
you were golden all in joy,
was I insane to love you?
why ever-so slightly,
still, of course not...!

apples grew where blossom ruled,
in the passion of summer
had my eyes alone been fooled?
you and I had loved supreme,
something righteous like a dream.
had we sinned beneath our god?
don't be silly, of course not...!

sold the reasons to be true,
held in flames of desire
my body still aches for you.
have the dying moments gone,
did our light sail ever on?
Love never wasted time,
yet we? of course not...!