Friday, July 27, 2012

Edge of this Grave

Edge of this Grave

This chilled wind peaks,
Icicles rising in my cheeks.
Earth moved,
Exposed to humid loam.
Does a spirit roam ?
Would my heart have known,
Where my friend has flown ?

Open mouthed, inviting,
In we go, you and I.
Can I not follow,
Where you now go ?
For I want to fall,
Follow the sorry call,
Take the hollow all,
You tall, me small,
Oh yeah, fuck em all..!!

Brother you knew me,
Forgave my being odd,
Said even, I was a god,
But you're a lying sod..!

Happy am I still,
Even though you left,
We'd said what mattered,
Understood the painful truth,
No-one can stay in youth.

Never will I forget,
The love we have shown,
In friendship we had grown,
Together let our light be known.
An amazing treasure you were,
Filling the dullest of days,
And this truth I can praise.

As you are lowered in,
Part of me is, brea-a-a-a-king,
It feels like a shameful sin,
My body wracked, legs, sha-a-a-a-king,
I just know, I'll fa-a-a-a-all in.

And then the tears,,
Combines the love of years,
Sadness, pain, doubts, and many fears,
Aware you'll hear our cheers.

Hip Hip Hooray,
Ten thousand raucous cheers,
Heartfelt and grateful applause,
We kneel humbly, the celebration yours.

For you have touched so many,
Many lives with your grace,
You leave a big smile upon every face,
No-one left, to exchange your place....

Richard. L. Perry.