Sunday, March 29, 2015

The taste of Bounty.

The taste of Bounty.

Here I go out on a limb,
Are my thoughts becoming dim?
Do we all have power to be,
What we choose, to become free?
I do know, this urge to find,
Something greater than just my mind,
Lay on feathers soft and bitter,
When I would love our babysitter.

Older than the force of father time,
The urge for heat that came sublime.
Don the cap of a youthful man,
Eating the fruits of love if I can.
Spellbound ‘neath the sweat of grace,
I came to see this, on that sweet face.
Soft as silk and held much fonder,
We rode on air into the wild blue yonder.

Maid for a day to eat forever,
It don’t impress nor is it clever,
So no-one gained in this sweet vibe,
All on the notion of what I’ll scribe.
Be empowered for change to drive,
And build in love how we’d survive.
Drawn in minds of paler fettle,
She oiked aloft her shinning kettle.

Banging storm has blown my mind,
And on the floor my arse you’ll find,
Kicked and beaten till black from blue,
I’ll never know if I’d made two.
Victory has made me somewhat gentle,
Just to prove I’m mad or raving mental.
Gone the silence of how I’m winning,
It don’t matter as long I’m grinning….

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jamaica’s Son.

Jamaica’s Son.

Sublime in Trenchtown rhythm,
Three little birds were singing,
Hope of love becoming abundant,
Called forth a peace he’d bring in.
Mithered not by making money,
All his words reflected a truth,
Even though he fought with courage,
Despite his being yet in youth.

Deep indeed his depth of knowledge,
Proved in action, peace his cause,
He showed how to move a mountain,
Sharing love this iron lion roars.
Gifted more than most of men,
He strove to herald peace on earth,
Singing reggae in his last hours,
He showed us love and what it’s worth.

So don’t worry, ‘bout a thing’,
‘Cos every little thing’s gonna start,
The movement of his peaceful way,
Was motivated from deep within his heart.
He loved Jah who taught us patience,
And never forgot to praise his name.
Even when so many people loved him,
He wouldn’t fall to the drug of fame.

Nine mile, was heaven to this son,
Of a nation to nation, toured with song.
Full of light and love of nature,
And to a simplicity of life, he’d belong.
Finally crowned, the ‘king of Rasta’,
Bob was worthy to preach right from wrong.
He lived his truth and never wavered,
Showing how our world, can live as ONE!

Check out this song and know the love Bob was talking about.

Rise Above Hatred

Rise Above Hatred.

    R.I.P. Robert Nesta Marley

I do not justify malice,
Nor do I judge myself holy.
I simply walk in love’s shadow,
Where abundance greets the lowly.
Rastafar I for a force becoming,
Some reverence of my god above,
Music flows through my veins,
Where this message, is only of love.
Save for me no place in ego,
I live that your will be done,
Especially in the hearts of men,
Where we can learn to live as one.

I and I not be as strangers,
Take no pleasure in my fall.
Sing of love and peace together,
Hear the words that prophets call.
Blood is thicker than the water,
Mankind could make the fighting cease.
If only we act out our friendships,
The world could learn to live in peace.
Beneath the mighty god above,
All should learn to live in love,
We are made upon this image,
Where all true peace became a dove.

I am only a messenger,
But as an ambassador I’m known,
Preaching redemption on his grace,
For the forgiveness we’re being shown.
Carry on no more with hate,
Be courageous in the love we share,
Feel the emancipation of your spirit,
On Zion I shall greet you there.
Thought the light within is fading,
Remember how bright in love we are,
Stand up for, the rights of freedom,
Where love becomes a shining star!

‘Marley’ the movie about Bob’s life.

‘We’ll not forget your courage, a friend of love and ours’.’

When love was rubbing my nobility gently.

When love was rubbing my nobility gently.

Often times my love
Has come, to be mine,
To the sublime of wine,
In rest and inner luxuriation,
Holding on to my temptation.
Feeling the vein
Of my pulse and adoration,
She took hold gently squeezing,
The motion, rotation,
That is well known as pleasing,
Accompanying me to glory,
We endeavoured to share a story,
Climbing higher to whence we came,
Well oiled and sated.
Screaming wildly on heavens name.

A Nasty Gash

A Nasty Gash

Deep is this sore,
A wound of betrayal,
Evidence that won’t redeem.
For evil, pure evil,
Has foisted a veil over
The love-less-ness being shown.

Ravaged by diseased minds,
The end is finally come,
Stealing even the presence of air,
Without love, love absent.
And the cut seeping, weeping,
Taking the sweet relief of pain.