Monday, December 26, 2011

A Timely Bedathon !

A Timely Bedathon !

Storms are blowing gales,
Redeeming the light of life.
Casting my worries into the
Pillows and comfy duvet,
Chase away the devils work.

I needed to be near you,
And as luck would have it,
You're far away from here.
The baying of the wind,
Has shown a nagging doubt.
What life is there,
When I must go without ?

Safe beneath the cotton blind,
I hide my fears and rest.
Better to be snuggled, than
Chilled, a human sorely stressed.

I came to my pit,
A day ago, or so, who knows ?
I'm tucked well and truly in,
Couldn't care if it yet snows.
By virtue of no work to do,
I list and toss and turn,
What silence through me burns.

I do this more than want to,
To hide from living life.
The kind that kicked me,
Down again, before a fall..

Sometimes one needs a day of rest,
To say shit to getting dressed,
Sloth-ing in a feathered nest.

That's why I'm here,
Attending to my tranquil needs.
To escape the soulless daily deeds,
Performed when I'm not here.