Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You Again

In mid sentence I’m lost.
An echo came suddenly,
I have no idea what
I’m saying, nor where I am.

Like the ghost of past encounters,
You haunt my every move,
When I ought to have left,
The memories in their place.

But do your worst if,
That will let you rest in peace.
Count me out of caring less,
You know that won’t happen.

So I resolve to close,
My mouth and be silent.
No-one needs another fool,
 Crying for a love lost,
Where he should have known it then…

Walking over Lemons

Walking over Lemons

Dusty beauty of the source,
What I’m here for, yes,
Oh yes what I’m here for.

I can say things to you,
Maybe no-one will ever say.
And in your quiet company,
When things need no saying,
We will remember that day.

Crossing times, tides, miles
Had us tired yet wanting more.
The echo of a citrus tree,
Came blowing on your wind.
Forever displacing need to fear.

So comely as I saw you,
We strode into the setting sun.
Walking over lemons strewn,
A foretaste of things to come…

F. M.B’s

F. M.B’s


Go on girl let it show,
You strut your stuff for me,
And I relish in the thrill.
Always have time to kill.

Up high, as in my esteem
You stride with earthly grace.
The dipping rhythm of buttock flesh,
Has kept a smile upon my face.

I see your kinky tempting dance,
And hope for a night of love.
Is that what you’d expected,
F.M.B me with a sexy gait ?

So sway your tush for daddy,
And show me what you’ve got.
I’ve lost all control already,
Because you are so bloody hot..!!!

Instant Appeal

Instant Appeal

What I’d really like,
Is to be able to say.
Something kind, sincere, moving
And yet something unique.

Kind of the way,
That seeing you for the first time.
Had me falling like a fool,
Wearing my underpants on the outside.

Girl you should know how far,
My heart leapt to my mouth.
A thought of telling you this,
Saving my aching soul more pain.

A buzzer gone off in heaven,
For surely you have fallen.
Escaped the realms of fiction,
And come to save me now.

Please do to me your worst,
‘Cos I’d only ever see the good.
Take time to know you only,
‘Til we’d be known as one.

For forty years I’ve waited,
To feel your breathing light.
And hold you in the night time,
Working magic with my hands.

Come lay with me, softly
Gentle the love we’d make.
Take me with you always,
On this raft of perfect bliss.

Mug of Tea

Mug of Tea

Chilling blains tickle us alive,
Biting into the core within.
Every nerve ending has told,
Where is that winter coat ?

But favourably inviting us now,
Is the café on the square.
A slice of cake, homemade,
And a mug of steaming tea.

Sometimes that which saves us,
Are the simplest of things.
And who wouldn’t be warmed,
Fro that gift of refreshment ?

Delivering Dreams

Delivering Dreams

The clocks ticking, time elapses,
Standing still it cannot oblige,
Neither the hungry, the poor,
Nor the needy.
But it works well for the
Brave, the warriors of abundance,
Who challenge it virtuously,
Taking spoil after spoil.

What is often misunderstood,
Is the way to find the door.
Entrance into a wonderful world,
Where everything, desires will bring.
I find here a small clue,
Of what I failed yet to see.
I am the master of time and
My destiny yet striding ever on.

With the mighty sword aloft,
We shall slash at the wire.
Those bonds holding us down,
Believing we could not escape.
Because we see only a prison,
But never realised we have made,
All that it delivers, by way of
Denying us a chance to live.

Come friends, brothers, lovers.
Let’s not dwell in fantasies.
Take the yolk of true courage,
And pull with me towards hope.
A paradise where no illusion,
Can ever again hold us down.
Let us build the palace of dreams
Together, with our own bare hands.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The best for You!

The best for You!

Where my heart breaks,
In the silent breath of memory.
I know that I had been,
Loved and cherished by you.

Something recovers my dream,
Where I remember I had quit.
Yes, I had failed to be,
All that was in my power.

And in your eyes I knew,
Reflected was the sadness I gave.
When you had believed in me,
More than I would ever admit.

Cruelly now I have to see,
That you had never given up.
Yet I forced your only hand,
Leave or be ruined for love.

Yes I realise now, too late,
That you had been fighting.
To save me from my foolishness,
And I had pushed you away.

That door was a struggle,
For you to open my darling.
And yet I held it open,
Casting you to a perfect freedom.

Though you tried even then,
The eleventh hour was being lost.
And you were rejected by me,
For nothing more than your pure love.

Typical, my own worst enemy,
And I was so utterly blind.
Even in the face of gold,
Shinning upon my earthly face.

Now, despite all having past,
Can you do me just one,
More tiny favour, please love ?
Listen to my foolish apology.

You are well rid of me,
And the pain loving me caused.
I see you living better now,
In the arms of a gentleman.

I feel so grateful to you,
For helping me to have known.
And I wish the best for you,
Looking upon how you’ve grown.

I sincerely do pray for you,
And say my thanks again.
Knowing that you’ve found love,
That will not cast you out.

(To all the girls I’ve loved before, I just thought you should know, how very grateful I am now. X)

Call my Bluff

Call my Bluff 

Won’t it be super,
If you should ask me out ?
I could play the waiting game,
Or you could lark about.

Because the worlds conventions,
Say men should ask the girl.
I wonder if you have a clue,
Just how to see the pearl ?

A wisdom that’s uncommon,
Would surely save the day.
Where I’d pretend not to notice,
Even turning my head away.

So come on please,
Be my onetime darling.
Sweet will be our romance,
If tonight you come a calling.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Where the wind blows strongest.

Where the wind blows strongest.

Gail, she must have been Gail for she blew me well.
Yes oh lord of heaven’s love I came to know her graciousness.
Filled with hope of giving peace my vessel of love she helped release.

Upon the sands where time rolled slowly, ever, deliberately on,
I laid beneath her warm embrace,glazed deeply by her wondrous face.
Cool yet warming with her very protective caress she helped change me.

Here in Norfolk’s tiny corner, gazing out upon the ebbing tide,
My mistress covets everything fondly, my big toe dipping in the brine.
And here with all love of mother nature, I am finally sated.

A myriad of seagulls dive into her face and come again.
But she keeps smiling, showing no malice, only being our friend.
For her whole love is divine when she causes smiles to rise.

Upon my face, my manly chin, she comes again and again low.
My whiskers ripple with this delight when she could tease me still.

And all of heaven sing applause, to be taken where she’ll blow



You know how, how it feels,
When the eyes studying you,
Begin to burn bright,
Filled with almost spectral light ?
Well this is what I too,
See smiling down at me here,
And it’s making me feel queer,
That sense I am knowing oh so clear.

The energy of the ‘being’ alive,
May be what I witness from within.
But for sure it glows precious, strong,
When I look for somewhere I belong.
Some days where clouds would cover,
And the power of sun has gone.
I know could be safely replaced,
When your energy I have embraced.

I might be lost forever,
If I should not declare a truth.
This love I’m feeling from my soul,
Shall strike the bells of heavens toll.
For what I am seeing here,
May be just the reflection of my soul.
Transformed between the silent breath,
I’d hope to see before untimely death.

So angel divine, clear eyes so blue,
Tell all you’d take from me.
That frost shall thaw before our love,
And we shall come to rise above.
If what we share can save,
Or render the love to something Holy.
The days of life have been sustained,
Where you and I, all that remain.

Not What I Expected !

Not What I Expected !

About one thought per second,
Can cripple a man’s resolve.
Thoughts of pure love and sex,
Are most of what is involved.

But here in front, behind
I’m doubting all my waywardness,
Could fold beneath your demand
Over powering me now, I must confess.

A trim and subtle lithe petite,
Has gripped my wanting you.
Far more than reasonable dictates,
In the goal of winning through.

You’re not what I expected,
I’d seen no-one so strong like me.
Coming into the arena of love,
To set my true love ever free !

Go for Gold

Go for Gold

Oh but thy fair and prime,
Lines, style and facial allure
Caught me knapping half awake.
Your innocence I’d have to hold,
When ninety nine percent takes gold.

You are such an incredible thing
Of beauty, rare as topaz eyes.
Caramel is sour, compared to you,
When I hold my gaze upon,
The marvel of gods design,
Perfect, every detail, each line.

Half the man I used to be,
Going for gold, I’m full of hope,
That with me you may elope.
Take the bus on eastern lines,
Arrive in bedsit hotel, Palestine.
Or as near as damn it with you,
A look of love upon your face…

Road for Fools

Road for Fools

We are all here willingly,
But blame it on another.
Came to see the end of it,
But began the long journey on.
Never ending happiness can be,
A right or a wrong, depending.
Just where you study the map,
And where you believe you are.
But me you see am right.
Right here, right now, right on !
Coming undone in foolish pride,
Ahead I stride, never been denied,
For loves unknowing ways again.
Catch me if you can, I ran,
To know the hope, I grope.
Kissed on the pope, hanging rope,
Smoking dope, and the antelope.
Bearing pain to cope, loosing hope.
The road then rolls out far,
I forgot to think or take the car,
And ended my life in public bar…..

Mad the Hatter

Mad the Hatter

Alice lost in spiral hole,
Going towards a shining role.
Where all the dice of life,
Come rolling up so close the knife.
Heaven lost upon a mad lust,
Yes, she’s been at the angel dust…

The rabbits dance without a song,
For in this play, they all belong.
But our girl Alice, who is she ?
Has eyes so wild and spirit free.
To take the blast into her past,
Where hope had left and love not last.

A Jester, Clown, Kings and Queen,
She laughs in joys Kaleidoscope dream.
Before the party, based on tea,
A Princess grand she’d hoped to be.
But enter the hatter, mad as I,
And all is gone, the end, goodbye !!

I the Pauper

I the Pauper

Please Sir,
Can I have some more ?
Stale morsels of prayer or.

As sun rises,
Slowly aloft on a sky,
Ashen and cold, giving cruel.
No hot soup only ancient gruel.

Piped as dreams,
For lonely children’s bent hopes.
What could come to save the day ?
Taking over from the dismay,
Here where no nippers can play.

Bellowing great giant,
Leaving us all quaking in fear.
The others hide, safe, not I,
I’ll push my luck for today I die.
One last chance of getting high,
Tempting that my end be closing nigh.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Coincidental Tale

Coincidental Tale

You missed your train ?
Well so did I, maybe fate.
What matters now is what
We do with this coincidence.
From the view of traffic,
I could not have changed it,.
The lady dropping her shopping,
Causing chaos on the rails.

Is it still eerily strange,
When our eyes meet in hope.
Answers to the dynamics,
Would wash over us yet again.
Have you not loved less,
And known a feeling of more ?
Where kinetics and quantum leaps,
Control no elements of your.

Take it as you find it,
Please, soul calling on heart.
Let’s just go with the flow.

Edin’s Nymphette.

Edin’s Nymphette.

You certainly describe,
To me, a wandering spirit,
Sprightliness, nimble and quick,
Are the hands clapping,
For an audience being here.

What magic hath bewitched,
A simple notion of thy love ?
Nothing of commonness bequeathed,
Beneath a halo of divinity,
Where eyes covet-eth my sign.

Hath my lady softly fair,
Been made more happy, anew ?
For a noble knight with head,
May have lost it overnight,
For that wonderful smile you give.

Mellow Cello

Mellow Cello

My mind is far away,
I float to and fro’,
And notice my feet tap,
To the rhythm of a Jazz band.

Sexy saxophones, double bass,
And that truly triumphant cornet.
But here and there overlaid,
I soothe for the mellow cello.

This is almost big band high,
When I’m sitting here in Edin’s.
Comfy sofa and funky arts,
Letting the good times roll on by.

Though I’m half my age,
I languish in the pallid glow.
Tormented no longer, at peace,
Where the beat will yet allow.

Have we grown?

Have we grown?

As I see you, I know,
Great changes manifest in sloth.
Not that this matters at all,
I just hoped that you’d grown.

We are of an age you know,
Where time waits for no man.
So lets not pretend to admire,
How progress became lost before.

I remembered a smiling shy girl,
Once so full of painful doubts.
Could I believe that undone,
Where your eyes opened to truth?

And me, am I better?
Larger than life or full of pride?
I go out into the cool evening,
Holding your hands, caring, warm.