Thursday, December 01, 2011

Rebellious Boy

Rebellious Boy

Sit down, shut up, don't move !
What sense this order ?
Have we yet idea to prove,
This commanding has proficiency ?
Don't mock me please,
Your pettiness and bawdy rules.
Free men have died for less,
Have these warriors died in vain ?

Me you see, am a rebel,
Raising a merry hell abroad.
Bring down the pomp and ceremony,
When it chastises pure endeavour.
Have these governing schemes,
Thrown arms around the world ?
Shared peace, shared love,
Shared anything, with you,
With me, with anyone ?

So NO ! No more, no less,
Can I sit by in silence,
Ignoring a growing demand,
Bourne out in futile laws.
Don't tell me I'm nothing,
For you rule over nothing then.
And no-one can be heard,
In the arena of intolerance.

Though I will not fight,
Violence only beg-gets violence.
Don't think me a coward,
I tell you in sober tones.
Serve me, serve you, serve all,
Where love becomes the law.
And my rebelliousness is known,
As the fruit of awaking dreams...

'Let politics serve the dead.
Let love serve the living'.