Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You're the poet in my heart.

You're the poet in my heart.

In the sea of love,
Where everyone,
Would love to drown,
I know a girl,
A wonderful girl,
The poet in my heart...

Wait a minute baby,
You said you'd give me love,
But you never told me,
About this fire,
This bloody wonderful fire,
Driving me beyond desire.

And you are just like,
A great song on my lips,
Divine, sweet, cherished,
How I knew it,
Absolutely knew it.
Never change..!

Hold on sweetheart,
The night is coming,
And you shall hold me down,
Take me to tinsel town,
Even if I'd be your clown,
In your eyes I drown.

This love can never stop,
No it'll never stop,
Whilst breath is in my lungs,
Your image will live on,
It'll stay with me for life,
And hold me like a wife.

Drowning is a blessing,
When my spirit soars aloft,
Held in the perfection of you,
Every tiny thing you do,
For I am in love too,
Grateful for knowing, beauty true...

A special tribute to the lyrics and melody of this song,
Fleetwood Mac.

I am the Lotus.

        I am the Lotus.

   (Not the muddy pond)


In the center of this pond,
A beautiful light I shine,
From the gift of the universe.
A love outside of time.
Happy am I to share this,
Truth is not revealed in the dark,
Though my reflection is muddy,
Contrastingly my image is stark.
Purity cannot be judged as this,
By a measure outside of love,
Nor can it be proved lower,
If there exists nothing greater above.
Know that we are warriors true,
Of the rainbow we can share,
Sending the beauty of the Lotus,
With peace and love everywhere.

Doesn't Recognize A Diamond.

Doesn't Recognize A Diamond.

what a blind stupid fool..!
he knows not what he,
can see, everything for free.
Before him a crown,
not of thorns but of beauty,
worth more than money,
more than all his toil.
Something precious,
more than gold, silver,
even this diamond carat cut.
Life has not been kind,
he has lost not only,
his mind,
but his ability to feel,
missing out on what,
light could not steal,
something more precious, real.

The flicker of candles,
blows out his flame,
he dumbly fails here,
to even recognise her name.
The power not his to tell,
he staggers, heady,
unaware of the glory,
her wonderful ethereal smell.
God he's an idiot,
a joker in her sight,
someone foolish and trite,
walking crookedly alone,
sleeping restlessly each night.
If only he'd take off,
the veil, his blindness,
and cherish this view.
But he trips into the well,
drowned once more alive,
sent straight to hell,
with season pass for
bumbling, crazy fools.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Come to Me.

Come to Me.

For so very many places,
The essence was of you.
Echoes of a light,
Somehow very old, very new.
Tainted by a curse of
Love unrequited,
I may have overlooked,
A cranny or two,
Whilst searching high and low,
Wanting always the same,
A picture, something heavenly,
Something like you.
My honour has betrayed,
The hope of finding out,
All about what would be,
And what about love,
Will make me rant,
Cry, laugh hysterically,
Whilst setting me free.

And in the remote past,
I had seen this light,
Felt safe, one particular night,
High on a hill,
High on the flow of life,
Knowing always you'd be,
Someone real to end my strife.
As the angels call out,
Sing their choral praises,
Show me lover,
Something sweet, something pure,
That will show my heart,
What your smile amazes.
Come to me honey,
Walk fire on the wind,
Prove how love conquers,
Every ounce of my body,
Each pure breath of my soul,
Come to me body and soul...

I'm On The Edge Of Something.

I'm On The Edge Of Something.

Feel my seat,
Drop looming.
Knife blade,
Hope waiting.
Ledges cracking,
Fighting panic.
Light bulging,
Moments persist.
Growing pains,
But not alone !

Friday, July 19, 2013

I Forgot To Say.

I Forgot To Say.

What I forgot to say,
You are going to be
Someone special in my eyes.
Classically, stereotypically,
Random and by design,
You woman,
Are going to be mine...!

In the silence of noise,
A passion beating for you.
Have you ever known more,
Someone loving what you do?
Can I take hold of
You woman,
In the still of this night...?

Paused is my life now,
The signals that will come,
Where your breath is all mine.
Look into my Hazel eyes,
And see what love has brought,
For you,
And all that you have dreamed...!

Giving, the will of my heart,
A flash of pearly white,
Exotic smiling, fascinating affection.
You have all that I desire,
And my life I'll give away,
For you,
Which I forgot to say...!

Sam' Davies....

Upset Stomachs

Upset Stomachs

the spell had already begun,
when eagles flew to sunrises.
summit of the breaking morning,
east and west was coming,
and we danced for relief,
yes, we knew truest love.

from the furnace of heaven,
light bore forth a tumult,
to be felt under every rock,
save those of my romance.

how many hours would be,
amassed to hurt us both?
the fires moved on down,
pierced with passion to come.
love me for a reason girl,
till freedom be our revenge.

pangs could reveal all and,
then there were your eyes.
sadness rose with that horizon,
burning into our held beliefs.

Orion came to savage me,
I fell into the expanse seen.
were you real or a dream,
when my hands became cold?
and have I known desire,
where you brought even more fire?

the sunset could not save us,
and we fell under the stars.
covered in an awesomeness there,
my stomach churned because of you.


Save Julia July.

Save Julia July.

Phenomenal attraction,
poles apart with true smiles,
some catcher of my eye,
sends me sailing,
so very, very high...

cautious to be sure,
advances of heart go slowly,
laid tender with the lowly,
oh my words,
she's something holy..!

fault is in my wanting,
not at all in her,
nor in that cutting wit,
for she extols real beauty,
shaking sexily her shapely booty...

how proudly I attend her,
filling up from hottest notions,
gyrating slowly through the motions,
when she's unleashed
all love's true locomotions...

summer heat will raise desire,
some tender heat becomes a fire,
she begs me still
to take her higher,
Julia screams, she loves a trier...

force of passion overcome,
to where I lay, buttons undone,
she has fed from what she saw,
and drives me crazy,
still begging for more..!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sands Tilting.

Sands Tilting.

You were an hour glass,
figure, sand running,
my absolute interest
to observe your timing.

I hope to feel you,
know the relation of love,
where your mechanisms,
could fill my days.

Somehow nothing yet moves,
empty are the echoes,
all I'd wanted now gone,
reduced to a pile.

Let the winds blow me,
renew all I'd beheld,
a taste of your smiles,
and how good your hair smelled.

Lack of decency.

         Lack of decency.

Save your petty excuses,
what good shall they do?
I waited an hour,
so where were we, where
was you?

A promise to be kept,
but where is your will?
Have you forgotten manners,
whilst I passed time,
clock ticking still....

Detained by a reason,
could it not have been said?
I twisted my mind,
every possibility gone over,
where you tread.

A hasty sent message,
arriving way behind time.
Did you really think
so little of my interest,
writing that line?

An half hearted attempt,
to save some of face.
Am I supposed stupid,
no reason to furnish,
lost decency trace?

So go with my blessing,
but none of my grace.
Your lack of decency shown,
will never again know,
my face..!

Knots of Love...

  Knots of Love!

Ahoy land lubbers,
Shiver me timbers,
Mottled milk of hope,
Causing my soul to grope.
Thick and sturdy,
Ends in bindings,
Gnarled and warted,
Something evil now thwarted.

Make love happen,
Be bolder than brass,
Take the lead,
Supple kisses I need.
Bind me again,
Stow your commands,
Hold me tightly,
Love me daily and knightly.

In This Heat!

            In This Heat!

Skins of glue, sticky souls,
only waiting causes palpitations.
Rhyme nor reason prevent,
a whetted brow, a weeping.
The tiny rivulets that stray,
to places of erotic sensations,
what has heaven said,
to cause a fire from hell.
Under over causing friction,
always with a potent edge.
Suffer on a silent mission,
scream the house down
in a fractured sentence.
Come to know a barmy virtue,
falling on a deafened post.
Wisps of summer ream
like a planted desert,
only to bring about desire.
Too much rain should steal
the courage, where the love
has known my name...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frustration Guaranteed

Frustration Guaranteed

If hot headedness is you,
Then now's the time for some.
Cloudy minds and foggy deeds,
Bring on the challenge of ire.

Do you really expect sense,
On the land of the wild?
Under duress of a firey globe,
Flowers wilt and we all rage.

Days lived on the raw edge,
Coveting a sample of deceit.
Walking with a slanted gait,
No-one knows who will be late.

I once felt the tempest.
Crown sorely born onto temples.
Beating me for all I'm worth,
In a land of make-believe.

Dave's Fourth Proposal.

Dave's Fourth Proposal.

So wild the Priest in practice,
he came form youth to be,
offered to a fair few maids,
before he knew what he'd see.
At first a childhood sweetheart,
longed for his best desire.
Next the shotgun wedding,
saw him running as if on fire.
Third a girl at choir school,
was bent over pews of oak,
and by the fourth he parried,
to get wed before it broke.
His life a story, a pantomime,
so much we had to laugh,
yet Dave sincerely felt our scorn,
though we'd only heard the half.
He left the priesthood under cloud,
for living life without restraint,
we could see what they had not,
a fool for love, he ain't.....

On My Random Road.

On My Random Road.

Journey on fair friend,
Hello and how'd you do?
Come with me to pastures
New, and set my heart to be.
Whilst we walk and roll along,
The rhythm we shall feel,
Cold on darkened winter eve,
And warm 'pon summer morn'.

Life will sell me always
How, to buy your perfect gift.
Save for me a wined reward,
And hold my heart aloft.
Take my hand as we walk on,
South nor North are equal.
East and West are leaving now,
We love to lose direction.

Upon the dales of rolling hills,
Evensong we'll hope to hear,
Singing, ringing in the valley's
Low, can make us sing along.
Told of people being fey,
Is light to camera action,
Bold are legs who carry I,
Beyond the lens of infraction.

Rambling is my life long joy,
I held the hand of you.
Where we danced in fields of
Corn, and tasted mountain dew.
Slept 'neath stars of eastern skies,
Beneath the Orion belt.
I had know how good it felt,
And how heavenly you smelt.

Every turn and each new
Town. Told us all a story.
Learn we had to be adored,
When living life's new glory.
Bold as brass we started
Along, to ports of raging storm.
Laughed in riots of the soul,
When beauty held in form.

You and I we soldiered
On, when pain has sold us
Short. Kept the reason held
Inside, beyond battles that we fought.
Rose to meet a challenge new,
For it was what we owned.
Yawning from the choral morn',
The herrings we ate boned.

In all the days of knowing
You, my life was ever long,
True and tall was your way,
our friendship grew so strong.
Late the dreaming of a
Hope, for children to behold.
Still, our walk and journey old,
Was more than purest gold.

Life was the journey, and
Journey gave us a life.
We wanted nought for fun,
Nor suffered none of strife.
And all the days of being
Yours, were the perfectest I could
Be. had you gone alone again,
A lesser being, would'st I be.....

Saturday, July 13, 2013

He R.I.P.

     He R.I.P.

It's been a year now, since
The wind rustled into town,
Song a doleful tune,
Blew out your beautiful flame.
So much suffering endured,
On so few days of life,
When the end came calling,
But you always smiled.
In my minds eye,
A friend gave me such hope,
Whatever prevails upon me,
Surely I could still cope.
Powerfully you fought back,
But death has you now,
Took from us, blessings,
You were an amazing friend.
So many people miss you,
'Cos you brought out the best,
Gave till your hands bled,
You were never an idle friend.

We move on into the challenge,
Life would have us live,
Fortified by the certain knowledge,
You had loved us devotedly.
I cannot forget your light,
So bright was it's flame,
Passion was your mantle,
How I loved your spirit.
You walk with me Richard,
As ever you did in life,
I hold dear your memory,
As do your children, and wife.
Departed in body eaten away,
But still here in spirit,
Whilst the candle flickered,
We knew how we'd miss you.
Now you're walking with angels,
I still smile at the wind,
Never will I forget you,
For you were my best friend..!!

Richard Lesley Perry.

Remember this ?

Monday, July 08, 2013

You're responsible, but it's not your fault...

You're responsible, but it's not your fault...

how the wind blew in,
here a stray moments, win.
caught me unawares again,
someone in the aged frame,
a golden one, face and name.

flame has kindled from desire,
over my head rising higher,
taking me by storm once more,
chin drops fast, hitting a floor,
obviously now, je t'adore.

stolen the silence from within,
alive and poised to be, akin.
flooded with a total lust,
having you becomes my must,
before I've time to readjust.

guarded like a silly boy,
dreams take over, angels come.
did they speak of destiny,
are you really meant for me?
your eyes alone I crave to see.

once upon a lonely time,
heaven said, “you'd be mine”.
was I asleep for a reason,
when passed, every sorry season,
the light of rational treason?

bathed in golden honey soap,
I smell a love on which I hope.
tell me how it feels for you,
when wanting you is all I do,
expectant of a powerful view.

knowing not for definite promise,
I wait a sign of proof.
love and flights of fancy,
grip me feeling somewhat ants y,
you leave me, becoming very dancy.

hold my hands and run,
to places of awesome fun.
share the gifts you possess,
show me love without duress,
before I fail, a wounded mess.

tell me of your mind
some place of peace to find.
living for another blessed day,
knowing you in every way,
finding all these words to say.

how very glad I've become,
believing you, were my 'one'.
time nor space, lessens this,
my wanting desperately, your lips to kiss,
and die, having known such bliss.