Saturday, December 28, 2013

No we mustn't.

   No we mustn't.

My god I so want to kiss you,
And my heart is beating faster.
The night has been so glorious,
Where desire had been our master.

Kissing would imply a consenting role,
Of the mind alive inside of me.
For the girl who stands beside again,
And who holds hands where spirits run free.

Taken to a place higher than want,
Where the beauty is pure and serene.
Melting quickly into her eyes once more,
Becomes precious, precious more than any dream.

Touching her hand ignites this fire,
For a passion to burn even my soul.
In fact the light from within perfection,
Is the reason I again feel whole.

The cravings of our carnal flesh,
Will drive us both to wild distraction.
Unless the act of self control,
Is not thrust forward, put into action.

Denial is not such a friend of mine,
For he ought to be cast aside.
And when this girl comes closer still,
My hopeful resolve is yet being tried.

Take a moment, consider the truth,
Of what must remain forever sacred.
Despite our insane desire to become
Hand in hand and wild, running naked.

Though beauty is born between us,
We should remember to act demure.
Yet what good is resolve without reward,
When your presence has become a lure?

Live for the moment I always say,
But how I fear to act shamefully.
For honour and respect to remain alive,
And where love is guarded steadfastly.

The flesh is weak under proximity,
For I'm mad to touch skin on skin.
Would loving you with tenderness
Be counted forever as my worst sin?

Believe me I'm in awe of you,
And for the power behind your smile.
You've stolen into the heart of me,
Where my senses you can now beguile.

I want you more than anything,
To have, to touch, to kiss and to hold.
Please lay beside me in gloriousness,
Touching my spirit as we grow old.

'M' x

Butterfly Collectors.

        Butterfly Collectors.

Half the time,
as I sit and wonder why,
I am thinking
of a dream I've never had.

Days go by
and I see you come alive,
I am thinking
could the glow be of my hope?

Souls of the gentle combined,
loves to be known in beauty.
Emancipating our spirits we bow,
to the wondrousness of life.
Cared for by the power of how,
one beautiful thing changes,
and another more beautiful
comes colourfully into existence.

Once a time,
surrendered to the changing light,
I am thinking
of the dream before thine eyes.

Come as one,
for a place to call our own,
I am thinking
did you know how glad I've sung?
Forever have the yearnings bore,
fulfilled in only this moment.
Butterflies have stirred deep within,
creating a whirlwind of desire.
To be taken so fondly inside,
on the bosom of beating heart.
Coldness of the empty place beside,
thrust out in the heat of change.

Say you're mine,
for I may yet beat a drum,
I am thinking
of the place you cannot come.

You and I,
bear the colours of a true kind,
I am thinking
of a way that you'd be mine....

Like destiny's role now fulfilled,
the butterfly collectors have come.
To take up the precious beauty,
and bind it upon weary souls.
Lovers to become forever friends,
time healing, letting love make amends.
Shoulder to shoulder living as one,
something of love, we can depend on...

For my beautiful friend!

Yuletide Solstice.

Yuletide Solstice.

O'er all the land
A darkness races,
Claiming victory of fear in men.
Daunted by the
Prospects of shortage,
They cower beneath the moon, when.

Taste of light
Will remain haunting,
For a festive season brightly lit.
Sense of foreboding
Of troubles coming,
Captivates my attention I admit.

Cold the night
Stars will shine,
Filling heart with mirth and joy.
Blessings for love
Of always hoping,
Upon the god who became a boy.

Land of freedom
Cannot bring peace,
Until our selfishness will have end.
Or until desire
To be different,
Is what our honour shall defend.

Man and woman
Children of love,
Know I love thee endlessly on.
Believe in doing
What can be done,
Fill our world again with pass-i-on.

Push out darkness
Praise only light,
Make fear flee this solstice time.
Live better lives
Of sharing friendship,
Make peace on earth, yours and mine...!!

I don't hear bells ringing.!!

I don't hear bells ringing.!!

Solemnity at this yuletide,
Gathered like a Robin's call.
Though joy is ringing nationwide,
I hear no ringing bells at all.

Lost to frozen winters past,
I'm bereft of joy tonight.
Nothing life has seems to last,
Without you nothing else feels right.

Hark the herald angels sing,
But I'm too afraid to smile.
Remembering she who wore the ring,
Like walking the eternal mile...


Pures ex.

Pures ex.

Flat hands
bound to go between
the wanting
and the watching,
eyes burn for this
in quiet desperation.
Yearn to learn
submission to craving
where joy for pleasure
will be amazing.
Wanting is the beginning
for desire,
the fuel for finding
a hot wet
body grinding,
mounting joy together
the muscles tense,
no recompense
nor end shall come.

All night long,
finding hands, gripping,
no soft cotton slipping,
flesh dripping in sweat.
Hard rock meets
palpitating to release
yet still increase
Man gone crazy,
slick body, once lazy
now drives the long way
through and through
for all he knew.
Invigorated for more fire
she grips the edge
hell bent her pledge,
swallowing for air
through matted
tangled hair.....

Naughty Girl.

Love, a very splendid thing,
passion for touching
the soul and more,
her pert breast,
comfort to a man in who life
had robbed such
joy of pleasure.
Prettiness for his soul to see.
Delight in the way that
her eyes wanted him
Fond for his kisses too
the love they make
true or blue ?

Naughty Boy.

Naughty Boy.

The world turns,
I'm being span around,
See a smile of confusion,
As I fly to a place I never was,
Or never thought I'd be.
All my thoughts are full of her.
A woman,
Who's love I crave,
And with whom,
I'd desire to misbehave....

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Opportunity Knocks.

Opportunity Knocks.

Emotional man who loved the world,
Could fall so hard
In between the rugged rocks.
Light of the world shone true
Upon the softly mortal,
Learning the school of hard knocks.

What is in the plan for life
Subservient to this law,
Now holds me in limbo.
Discouraged as I had been before
My spirit returns alive,
To remind me I'm a dimbo.

Shaggy mane of provocative joy,
Behold the passion on
Which my life is a journey.
If I fail to breathe responsively
In the face of beauty,
My life will end upon a gurney.

Called to a mission of love,
Where I could become
Exempt from pain or pass.
Not in my lifetime or hers
I now understand it,
Will I meet a sexier lass.

Forgotten the trial and tribulation
Of yesterdays open wound,
Erased so easily now I find.
Lost in the presence of beauty
Unlike any other one,
Caught watching all that behind.

See now a beacon for new hope,
Held not to account
But in the arms of fair maiden.
Dreams follow on as a reminder,
The breast is alive
And a heart loves to be laden.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hallowed be thy name.

Hallowed be thy name.

Art for thou, art 'pon eyes
'pon flesh of my own bones.
Special sentiment became
announced, on holy day arriving.
Glory be to they on high,
whom friendliness endowed
'pon me, and thee, we three.
Seasons festive bright
with baubles dangling some,
I spied the mistletoe
right where ye stood,
and music and carols rang.
Singers of heaven have
matched me now to cry
the sense of joy begun,
holy angels calling me
who swear she be the one....

Good days, Bad days.

Good days, Bad days.

It's up to me. If they be offering,
A ray of joy or something other than.
Good days sunshine!

The wind is up, the leaves are blowing,
A sight of you, can't leave me knowing.
Bad days raining!

The lights are on, and I feel love again,
You smile so free my heart is tumbling.
Good days sunshine!

It's like the bell, the noise is deafening,
The hole is deep my world is crashing in.
Bad days raining!

The chance to fly, is something very clear,
A love for life is moving very near.
Good day sunshine!

The sound of fear, is on my mind again,
So close to you but all I feel is pain.
Bad day raining!
Bad day raining!

It's nice to know, how we live with fun,
I give my heart a chance you'll be the one.
Good day sunshine!
Love refining!

The wave of joy, is downward tumbling,
A deja-vu of loss is letting fear back in.
Bad days rising!
Bad ways calling!

The fall is great, I'll not get up again,
The damage done I can't escape the pain.
Bad days timing!
Bad days rhyming!

It's like a flood, where I am drowning,
A type of joke performed by clowning.
Bad days feeling!
Bad ways healing!

The vice is tight, yet I lift up ahead,
There's something more before I'm really dead.
Good days calling!
Good days calling!

The light is bright, and I feel warm inside,
A place to love where I'll not have to hide.
Good days sunshine!
Good days are mine!

It's like a drug, that feeds my appetite,
I'm holding you and every things perfect like.
Good day my way!
Good day today!

Falling from the bridge.

Falling from the bridge.

controlled by such fear of,
not owning the spirit of
life, and losing someone of,
the will to be cared for.

Slipping off the edge, doubt
for what a life is all about.
Folly for the superficial dolly,
sends you falling off your trolley

who sold his voice to them,
demons wearing pinstriped suits,
some also wearing marching boots,
all fashioned by the lie,
wearing Eton Oxbridge tie.

Concerned to be too early,
finding the train was late,
missed out, even by this fate,
broken and mashed upon the

Fucking great,
he senses the over-planning,
signalled by the signal man in,
who closes the violet valves,
of what was his final hour.

So now, losing all his power
the tightening of supple muscle,
he falls away from metal shelf,
broken, bruised, smashed to hell,
bottom well!

Catching this train.

Catching this train.

It's far too late to get away,
'Cos in the end
It doesn't even matter.
Ride this train with you,
How I'm always in the gutter,
Does this make a lot of sense,
Because you'll never ever matter?
Cruising to the end of life,
Who do we know and what is
Ever of much importance?
Go for gold and taste the edge,
Build faith for what can never
Offer submission or surrender....
This train has journeyed
From my station, to towns of
The kind, my heart so longs
To find, where you and I are
Kind. Rolling stock, something akin
To couldn't give a flock, is
How your timing makes me feel,
If only your love were real.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Such Power From Noise.

Such Power From Noise.

Roar.... I hear the pounding....
Scream..... is where a sound
Is breaking through......
And then the voice,
Can tear through concrete
Walls, have only sense
To bounce again....

Adolescent joy, can sound
The force of making noise.
Tribulation for the power,
Of only you and I
Demand, as if our soul
Was guided through.......
Where power drives the people

Go for the bass,
Lift up the treble, now....
Rejoice in how we find
Our spirit voice
It's what we......feel....
You know it's what we feel.....

Vibe.......I see the power lifting.....
Roar..... to be a manic lover...
And breaking through.....
It's in her voice,
She shows energetic fury
How, calls down a demon...
To grind us down.....

The sin of adolescents
Bring force to bear again.
Fighting for the power,
When only you and I
Command, the violence pounding...
Which is guiding you......
I sense the hour of living

Twist in smoke.

     Twist in smoke.

The dancer is swaying,
Smoke rises almost saying,
Take the temptations
Of my shapely legs, to
Be a bold and
Righteous statement,
Applause to override
The noise abatement.

Cabaret is somehow perfect,
And the dance always worth it,
Called to change
The face of men, whom
Lie and cheat
On wives and girlfriends
With girls they meet,
Where on cash it depends.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

So it really is No!

    So it really is No!

Fought have I, to save the day,
Rose to meet adventures new.
Calmly I now stand and stare,
Watching tears flooding out of you.

Why has life begun to stink,
And am I destined to sleep alone?
Could the hope prove full of virtue,
And will my heart yet find it's home?

The days of holding out for love,
Seem fated to always be so cold.
Oh for how I'd change my fortune,
To be loved by you before I'm old.

I stand before you as if pleading,
My eyes still wet my heart is bleeding.


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Every cloud has a silver lining.

The heavens opened
And fell a star,
To earth, to live to shine,
But not forever be observed.

Pretty eyes
Sparkled as they had
Before, when upon us here
That beauty shone.

Swept away
By love, or so it
Would seem, some days
Long and happy filled with fun.

'Twas new years eve,
That fun was gone,
The light had faultered,
And clouds had swiftly overcome.

No word arrived
To tell the story,
What had happened, and
Why love had been betrayed.

A year long battle
To find some reason,
Why that love
Had moved out of season.

But now the winds
Of change are moving,
Brave enough to fight
And shove dark clouds away.

A subtle clue
Known only to them,
Who are courageous
And who understand the signs.

Power to move on,
Boldly blows these clouds,
Show us heaven
Where this star shone from.

Coveted by many
For this very precious light,
And a heart once
Broken, now being restored tonight.

Oh that star
Would not lose the courage,
To let this light
And warmth, return once more.

And from the west
Came soldiers marching,
One who vanquished
Love for this pretty star.

The new horizon
Fled with the cry,
When darkest clouds
Ventured off to new sky.

And saw that star
Her chance to be free,
Loved again by truth
Washed away by the sea.

And from a cloud
Arrived her silver lining,
Which revealed to her,
As a bolt of lightening....

Idd9 x

The recurring question.

The recurring question.

When shrapnel tears flesh from bone,
And famine welds their skin to bone,
All I ask is the question.
When love that's pure is torn asunder,
And hate grows more vengeful causing plunder,
All I ask is......this.

When deserts are filled with dying cattle,
And life itself becomes the cruellest battle,
Don't we wonder something?
When children born in a world losing hope,
And the struggle to grow is too large to cope,
Do you also not ponder this?

When money is more desired than love,
And our polluting reaches the skies above,
Have we no desire to ask?
When competition defeats our best intentions,
And companies hoard our very best inventions,
Have we not rights to know?

When Versace suited people walk the street,
And pass people dying with nothing to eat,
Good god can't we bare to ask?
When murder is heralded in open view,
And truth is a dirty secret kept from you,
Good lord isn't it time to know?

When material things are being created,
And the planet suffers by this want related,
Should we all not ask....
When people are planning futures elsewhere,
And live here selfishly and without a care,
Shouldn't it be prudent to see?

When law is forced maliciously on the poor,
And freedom and liberty have been shown the door,
Isn't it time to act?
When human life is no more worth than dust,
And the promises of our leaders die and rust,
Is not now the time to know.....

Why ?