Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dawn's Eve

Dawn's Eve

For on the rise of day,
Came pictures swelling eyes,
Mine, yours, the proverbial ours..
Here were tears too,
For days of joy to follow.

A light breaking rules,
Knowing how to engage.
My little spirit flew so high,
Coming closer to you,
In mysterious silences.

The dawn brought here,
A courage without the fear.
Believing in strong hands,
A wild night to take away,
The desperate love betrayed.

Come again like Eve,
That rested all my hopes.
Telling of the way we go,
Falling ever into dreams,
You were my delight.

Brimming with the excitement,
Of what you knew could be.
Like I, singing softness,
Voices of the breeze,
Drawing my ears homeward now.

Cherish all we knew,
For I will not let go.
Damned the memory echoes,
The time away from you,
When I call out your name.

My Original Sin.

So Many Pressies

So Many Pressies

Gifts galore,
What a lucky boy,
To receive your thoughts,
Your ever loving kindness.

They bring,
More than just a joy.
My heart has laughed,
Your love, the greatest.

Piles of boxes,
All day to unwrap,
I have remembered you,
An army of friends.

Stalk my Mentor ?

Stalk my Mentor ?

God forbid I act untrue,
Telling stories ever new.
Of what I've been,
And what I've seen,
My mentor left a clue.

He is one of many,
Tho' not so 'ten a penny.'
I saw the light,
And strove to fight,
As pure a heart as any...

My life is ever changing,
I've done some rearranging.
To be the peace,
New life give lease,
And go ahead in training.

But I won't stalk my mentor,
Despite he is an inventor.
Of fables meant to move,
Challenges sent to prove,
My actions are my centre.

A golden age of movement,
Will bring a huge improvement.
To lead the way,
From where we lay,
And yield our best engagement.

I believe to honour show,
I live the truth I know.
Strive to bring peace,
And our wellness increase,
All fruits of seeds I sow.



Ooh my giddy god god,
Vat am I saying please, isn't it ??

An echo falls,
Of one who laughed,
Of one who japed.
A time of merriment,
Come and gone, returned ?

Years rolled by,
Why ?
We talk no more,
Sadly I,
Would love to fool, for you.

Desolate the source,
You are the Ebro queen.
As if I could forget,
Your spirit in my dream.


Pride of the Ordinary

Pride of the Ordinary

Before a fall is pride.
Yet I have pride to be,
Me and, an ordinary guy.

What riches give,
This sense of worth ?
A meal to eat,
Friends to share a laugh,
Neighbours who polite would be.

Making the ends meet,
Rewards the humble soul,
Sharing even more.
For we, the poor
The lowly working man,
Are proud to be, free.

A walk from Nottingham to the Shetland Islands 2012
inspired by the kindness of ordinary folk.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Woman from the Desert

Woman from the Desert

She is golden,
As the sand, warmer
Than the shade of trees
Filling the oasis.

She is a beauty,
Not seen here, prettier
Than the desert moonlight,
Filling the oasis.

She is sweeter,
More than the, honey
From the honey making bees,
Scent of the oasis.

She is smarter,
Than the women, here
In the world of mankind,
Building the oasis.

She has never,
Known how to, fear
That I will return to her,
Waiting in oasis.

She seeks hope,
For the return, of
Her man from searching treasure,
Coming to oasis.

She reads secrets,
Written of ancients, looked
For by the desert warriors,
Camping in oasis.

She shows me,
What is foretold, when
I know the soul of the world,
Is the oasis.

Waiting for Fatima.