Friday, December 16, 2011



It might as well have been,
A stifling heat from summer sun,
The dry and airless parched meadow.
For my breath was stolen away,
And my eyes fell upon an oasis.

Here in this moment after midnight,
Where only ghouls roam free.
You appeared as if from thin air,
Drawing my gaze towards heaven.
Your smile lifted me so high.

Who knew a tingle pleasing,
A heat following your furtive glances.
And in the pit of my soul,
You were moving in. Wonderfully warm,
A golden age flowing where shadows lived.

Fragile, Elfin yet attractively strong.
Commanding the room of eyes,
Searching a consensus to be loved.
But they, I, long for Nirvana
Within your soft evocative agreement.

Fire-storms cascading to cover gentleness,
Scintillating the grace, your curves,
In ribbons of Celtic excitement.
Bands, gold, talisman of petite light,
Filling my teary hazel eyes.

Oh perfect Brida, my desire.
Can you yet be the lover,
I had dreamed you would be ?
Serene in my daily presence,
I would beg you take me.