Monday, November 28, 2011



Purse those lips,
Smile, re-pucker again,
And blow the froth !!

The room has fallen,
Silent in expectant hope,
That your eyes rest,
Upon us with such love.

A form so very perfect,
Your lips dictate desire.
For all us wormy hopers,
To be the pillow down,
That you puff up, tonight..

You grip with passionate care,
Such tenderness a plastic cup,
Containing all your dreams.
A chocamento heaven gift,
And reflect the way we'd feel,
To be within your touch.

That velvety potion covers,
A brief moment of vision.
We ache to be so close,
Where you swallow smoothly,
The fragrant rich aroma.
Good graces we have forgotten,
We just tense, your sweetest smile.

And as the dream evaporates,
All the eyes have shed a tear.
Perfection in a simple act,
Has bound us all still here.
No reasons to be sorrowful,
You chose the best of men.
And keep us in a world of hope,
Where your lips make love again.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Some girls do, some do,
Like all that fanciness.
Pleasing to the eyes of course
Your colour scheme announces desire,
Of knowing you, a seasoned way.

The first and last I saw,
Was the beauty of your smile.
Twice in one day a gift,
I noticed how you noticed me,
And it brought a healthy grin.

I hope this is the beginning,
Of many times knowing you.
Believe me when I tell this,
It was more than pleasant too,
To have spent the time with you..

Damned If I Can

Damned If I Can

Remember the reason why,
A testy conversation of ire,
We stated something above a fact !
But darling I still love you,
Despite the wordy fight.
Better we make up again,
Making love to heal a wound.

We always laugh, the merit,
Of falling out in the heat.
Becoming closer is the clue,
For how my pain lost you.

So tell me if you want to,
The reason we should fight.
Is pain the only stimulus,
To get you in the mood tonight ?

My Miranda

My Miranda

Where is my sweet precious girl,
The woman of my waking dreams ?
A life time I have known you,
The scent of your love unique.
Come save the anguish of time,
Better spent remembering only you.

What would I learn from this,
Were you not to be a part of me ?

Days, nights, years, seasons go,
And all I long for is you.
Spending the essence of your light,
On canvasses blank to the eye.
For unless you come back to me,
We will never ever know real love...

I am the Answer

I am the Answer

Questions nearly always beg,
That I be brought to bear.
What you don't know ask,
And I am the resultant call.

You may not know it yet,
But I will be your answer.
If only you would be aware,
Open up your eyes to see how.

Contemplate where I come from,
In everything you ask to know.
Sometimes I am coming from within,
Places you dare never to go.

But sure as houses I am,
The one you need to possess.
In ways way beyond your questions,
And I am the answer you need.

Move It !

Move It !

Here we go, the beat comes,
Thumping, pumping, flowing vibe.
All the way across the floor,
I can't help but watch you dance...
Transfixed by sheer appeal and desire,
I watch you move, watch you move, it...

I get lost in a vision dancing,
Before me a whole world turns.
Competing for the air to breathe,
I watch your fine body writhe.
And you have no knowledge of
The effect you are creating here...

Girl I want you, in every way,
No fighting this feeling at all.
I'm no fool, but I'm sure I know
When you move it the way you do,
I am a man lost to the unknown.
For here I believed in a new passion.

Eva Flavour

Eva Flavour

I much prefer the cone,
To the tub, not for shape.
Of course who would deny,
It is what is within that counts ?
But as I see the prettiness,
Glowing like a tasty beacon,
I want if all, I want it all....

All the nicest of fruity flavours,
Passion, a newly desired fruit,
Comes flooding to tease me now.
Would I scatter nuts all over,
All the layers of submissive joy,
To know an ice cream style heaven,
Before the day goes cold on me ?

From across the ether a clue,
No-one dared, 'cept me, 'cept she.
The deliciousness still on my tongue,
I savour all the notable aroma.
Golden and sweet like honey dew
Melon, were all my dreams,
Coming together without pain, only joy.

Beyond the scope of a world
Asleep and without hope of desire.
I feel as though you had noticed,
But for all the good it would do.
I have to satisfy a pressing need,
This incredible bonanza of fruit,
Must prove to bring my taste buds alive.

A kind of caramel, exotic spice,
Taken to intoxicate my only vice.
Could leave me feeling really nice,
I don't want to give, don't take advice.
But depending upon where we roll the dice,
We could taste heaven at a bargain price,
And live with our new erotic spice.

I bow to pressures, mine to know,
When tasting the blessings coming in.
Flavoured richer than a curry pot,
I know Eva flavour, so very hot !!
And in the still of morning light,
I know we'd passed a most awesome night,
My eyes have closed, I've lost the fight...

Delicious more than anyone can see,
I felt this connection holding on to me.
Believing in a flavour bringing through,
Hope of a future is what I knew.
And finding it has been my dream,
Keeping it maybe would be the cream,
That which makes my smiling face now beam...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time Funnel

Time Funnel

Years come, years go,
I stand no more in doubt.
That we would make it last,
Walk easily on a paper moon.
Scorched feelings can yet mend,
If only I light a candle.

Suppose my days were wrong,
Whence lier's were an instrument.
Melodic as the verse of heaven,
Sharing your innocent touch again.
Clothe me in your light,
Ever a petitioner for what's right..

Drawn into the interminable now,
Of who did what and when.
Is not all it's cracked up to be,
For how can I see the end ?
But believe me darling, even now,
I miss you more than life itself..



Escape seemed like paradise,
Before the strangle holds.
Restricted from the light of day,
I run but hide myself away.

What pleasure can I come to know,
Where I fight the law again ?
Reaching home seemed a treasure,
But I'll never see her colours now.

Racing through the deserted town,
I miss the touch you gave.
Saving me from desperations way,
Where no-one came to notice me.

How long must I keep running ?
I hope to find secure times.
Away from fear of betrayal,
That can lead me back to that hell.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Wow, so pretty.
You have been reborn
In an innocence we see.
Joy upon your face a clue,
We notice everything is new.

Brighter than a sunny day,
Your aura beams abroad.
What has evolved from within,
Is manifest from every smile,
You explode a precious grin.

Live for the day,
It's time to feel loved again.
Though we always do believe;
A girl as wonderful as you,
Fills our lives with rich reward.



Such a tragedy of life,
When this almost evil grips.
Tainted, all purity in the fear,
A mood of naïve uncertainty.
Why not allow the reality,
To teach a valuable lesson ?
Before the love turns sour,
Hatred comes to deflower.
And all good is lost because,
The jealousy becomes blindness.
Who could read a sign ahead,
When tears filled your eyes ?
Without a clearer perspective view,
How can you think so straight ?
Don't put fidelity so high,
Ridiculously atop a lofty mount.
For in the end you'll cry,
No-one can climb that high...!

Sonnet For Emily

For Emily

Caring about you, caring about me,
Deeper than a bottomless pit,
Is my love for you dear Emily,
And I pray it won't change a bit.
Never could I forget about you,
As on my mind you tend to be.
Sharing wonderful adventures we knew,
Would bring us closer and free.
You have been the joy of my life,
Each day I'd blessed to know your face.
And holding your hand, my darling wife,
No other fancy girl could take your place.
In life as in death I keep my vow,
I'm so sorry I'm not there to hold you now.


 Inspired in part by this song.
Simon and Garfunkel.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Why would I want
The world to see me ?
Falling into despair is,
Not as attractive to the eye,
As were you my sweet.

Here is a world being,
Broken on stony promises.
I just want you to know,
Who I was and who I am.

You were the apple to my
Eye, full of hope darling.
Iris a girl, golden and true.
Loving me until the end.
Losing you to this illness,
Has robbed our world,
A glorious precious jewel.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011



In this unused life,
Could you ever have been,
A wife, my life and more ?
Oh, dear sweet Laura,
Perchance to dream again,
The throes of young loves' passion.

Given to a foreign land,
You waited there, I came.
We ate, we drank we danced.
As a teenager you left,
Bereft, a lover lost, leaving,
But surely only this time.

Come my love and find me,
Where I had been awhile,
Talking of the dreams ahead.
Your smile, your eyes open,
Never better seen for me,
I held a captive fortune.

What gave away the present
And let it become the past,
Have we settled for less ?
I saw a tiny glimmer then,
Of all we'd hoped to be,
Our lives open to adventures.

Did you feel the breeze
Upon your scented orange skin,
My love left only for you ?

Miss Valentine a tease,
So perfectly honed to touch,
And more, my esteemed belief....
Too clever for an idle man,
But I had seen a light,
You glowed as a lanterns wick.

The seasons came and went,
For ever I had been lost,
And now more, a nightmare.
Where did you go to forget ?
Away the place has known
Silence of the wicked beach.

We walked and talked romance,
As if it were our blood.
Drained as an empty vessel,
Year upon year I feel.
No more the sunset of you,
Setting on my lonely soul.

Despite my being lost again,
My life unused, becoming faint.
I hold out a hope to be,
Governed more, by your sweet voice.
And all your wisdoms old,
Where I have trust in you...

This was the day

This was the day !

                                 Who would know my mind ?
                                 There I was,
                                        High in spirit,
                                                Low in hope of failure,
                                   But aware the painful toll.

                                 Where I am now,
                                         I could not have
                                                 Known just what would be,
                                  But I longed, a year ago.

                                 Complete the circle,
                                         Fill the blanks.
                                                  Dot the I's and cross the T's,
                                   What have I known of life ?

                                  The days belie,
                                         All changes here.
                                                   Of the errors made,
                                    And learning about the curve.

                                  My passions met,
                                        On a craggy rock.
                                                   With metabolic nausea-tic failure,
                                    And then some. Overload ahead.

                                  Walking into life,
                                         Full throttle open.
                                                   Built only to feel pain,
                                     I had known a higher goal.

                                   Uncanny to be
                                          Here today alone.
                                                    A place I've come to love,
                                      And fear not the days to come.

                                    Strange notions come,
                                           Laughing yet again.
                                                    For my heart does know,
                                       How my loyalty was beheld, and..

                                     Comforting the mind,
                                           Weeping no more.
                                                    Alive as never before,
                                        I build bridges between mountains.

                                      Forging ever on,
                                            Knowing my truth.
                                                    Years to come will bring,
                                        Kindness and a rewarding blessing.

                                      Where you and I,
                                              Live this life.
                                                     As both sides the knife,
                                         Cutting into the bonds of strife.




A full circle recurring,
Prophet of a time gone by
Drawn into the present.
No shame, only pride
For crossing the Straits.
A huge leap of faith,
Flown onto a lonely man.
Growing in the autumn air,
'Til the wandering he had done.
The last efforts of a boy,
Became the first of a man.
Where challenge fell to defeat,
Of all the dreams begun.
A year to the day,
The rock was fighting me.
And here I sit in comfort,
Remembering how that all
Made !!

Gold Star

Gold Star

Asiatic essence,
A flow a style, the look,
Held up in your poise.
Elegant, stylish and demure,
Enticing a notion of passion.

Could we set sail
Upon a Yacht of dreams ?
Where my love and your spirit,
Would proudly announce desire,
To be naked to encounter this.

You cannot hide,
Beneath a Lycra taut cloth,
All the magnificence you are.
Each blessed curve is true,
As the arrows I now release.