Friday, December 16, 2011

Chemical Provocation

Chemical Provocation

Something powerful, unseen,
Sometimes as elusive as mystery.
Sweet scented, warm, waiting,
Willing when teased, heightened
When aroused by a look,
A touch, a glorious smile.

Tempting in the secrecy, hidden
Yet on full display before me,
Evoking a craziness in my mind.
The eyes collate the hint,
The lines, the divine,
A scent of something new.
Something wonderful about you.

Echoes of a fire, deep, deep,
Out of control if you knew.
The glistening of moisture here,
There upon a parted lip.
The curve, the fascinating hip,
My senses grip, the tip
My tongue pressed, biting lip.

Heaven from a gland I knew,
Wanting more to be with you.
Created as a gawping mad
Man who craves your dew,
Like nectar sweetened, ever new.
My passions rise because I knew,
The provocations sent by you.
Into a grappling, here I drew,
To savour closeness, my heart flew.

So potent is the drug you use,
Though you're not always aware.
How effective are the secret
Smiles, the aura hanging there.
From which, you can choose,
And my resolve has gone, I lose...

Beyond the craving of the flesh,
A point to live as if I had,
Built a life within these gates,
Preparing heaven to send me mad.
Revolving round a dewy mound
The sense of lust becomes profound,
Saving where I lay, I'm found,
Above the clouds I touch no ground.
Yet my need has, forever bound,
My cravings to become unwound,
Listening the scents of your sound.